LG officially announced the V40 ThinQ packed with five cameras and more AI

LG has finally announced the heavily leaked V40 ThinQ, offering a phone with a staggering amount of cameras and AI bravado. While LG has struggled to release a phone with the “it” factor to really take on Samsung and Apple, if you’re looking for something that can deliver a phenomenal multimedia experience, this might just be it.

You’re getting a phone that still looks similar to previous V series devices, although the 6.4-inch display has been improved with slightly smaller bezels on the sides of the device. A Snapdragon 845 CPU with 6GB of RAM is here to chew through just about anything you throw at it, and with up to 128GB of storage you’ll have plenty of space to keep all of your photos, videos, and music.

Five cameras, tons of options

But what’s really exciting here is the camera setup LG is going with. You’ve got three sensors on the back with a 16MP super wide-angle lens, 12MP standard angle lens, and 12MP telephoto lens. There’s a ton of magic that you can pull off with this combination, including truly wide angle shots, 2x zoomed photos, and moving photos and videos that all three sensors at once.

On the front side LG is using two cameras to allow for portrait mode style selfies, and the individual cameras have been improved to allow in more light and take quicker shots. You probably won’t be using those as often as the rear cameras for your serious photography, but portrait mode on the front-facing cameras makes perfect sense.

AI meets top-shelf hardware

There’s still the highly-touted LG AI features on the cameras, so the phone will be able to intelligently adjust scene settings for you while you’re shooting. It’ll even automatically adjust the white balance to make sure you’re getting the perfect lighting in your images. LG is also including a ton of extra features like makeup modes, AR emojis, and custom backdrops in the camera settings, so even if you’re not looking to do serious, professional level photography, there’s still going to be some features here that you’ll enjoy.

And, of course, the V40 ThinQ is sticking with a Quad DAC for pristine audio paired with LG’s Boombox speakers. Paired with the incredibly high resolution P-OLED display and you’ve got a phone that’s custom built to make your videos and music look great.

You’ll be able to buy the V40 ThinQ in New Aurora Black, New Platinum Gray, New Moroccan Blue, and Carmine Red, although they haven’t disclosed exact pricing and availability just yet. We’ll keep you posted.

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