Samsung is offering a major Galaxy S9 smart home bundle for Amazon Prime Day

If you needed a good promotion to finally jump the Galaxy S9, Samsung is bringing something huge. Exclusively for Amazon Prime Day, if you purchase a Galaxy S9 through Amazon today you’ll get a bundle worth over $400, including some smart home monitoring stuff and some Echo devices. Dollar for dollar, this is easily the best value promo we’ve seen on Samsung’s 2018 flagship.

If you purchase the Galaxy S9 in any color or size, you’ll get a bundle that includes an Amazon Echo, Echo Spot, and a Samsung SmartThings home monitoring kit. That covers your smart speaker needs, plus creates a backbone to add more devices on to the SmartThings hub.

That will cost $719 for the Galaxy S9 and $839 for the Galaxy S9+, and both phones are still eligible for Samsung’s free 64GB microSD card promotion through the month of July.

Yeah, you might want to check this one out.

Buy it now: Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+

Samsung MicroSD Card Promotion

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  • pda96

    If you’re into Amazon devices, this is an awesome deal. But for me, I have zero need for them. And selling them is a hassle.