Take a look at Samsung’s canceled Project V folding smartphone

We’ve seen plenty of rumors over the years of Samsung’s mythical folding smartphone, but nothing ever actually surfaced in the form of an actual consumer device that you could walk in a store and purchase. Samsung was definitely working on one, though, and some new leaked photos prove it.

The device, called Project V with a model number SM-G929F, took a stab at the folding form factor but was canceled for unknown reasons. The phone actually looks very similar to ZTE’s Axon M but with some signature Samsung flair like the physical home button. That could be part of why it was canceled, too; ZTE went for on-screen keys that made the dual-screen approach more versatile, but you can’t move around a physical key that’s only on one side. I’m speculating here, but actual usability seems like it’d take a hit with Samsung’s idea and that’s always a fast track to a cancelation.

It’s likely several years old at this point, judging by the software design, so Samsung could’ve also scrapped it once they found out ZTE was doing something exactly like it. It’s also pretty freaking hideous and would’ve been right around when Samsung was doubling down on making phones better designed and more attractive, so this would not have helped that cause.

Either way, it’s fun to imagine what could have been. And hey, just because this thing got canned doesn’t mean Samsung isn’t cooking something up that’s equally as weird and off-the-wall.

source: MMDDJ_ (Twitter)

About the Author: Jared Peters

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