[TA Deals] Cut the cord with a discounted SelecTV subscription

If you’re itching to cut the cord and ditch your expensive cable bill, SelecTV is an excellent service to help you along.

One of the biggest pain points of having tons of apps and services for your content is how scattered it can seem, especially compared to a convenient DVR or cable box, and that’s where SelecTV steps in. It aggregates movies, TV shows, and other content in an easy-to-use interface so you don’t have to search tons and tons of apps to find what you want to watch.

And it covers just about everything; movie rentals from different services, new TV episodes the day after they air, and radio stations from all over the world.

  • Access a massive library of TV shows, movies, live channels, radio stations & more from over 150 countries
  • Watch 300,000+ TV episodes (250,000 free) & 200,000 movies (10,000 free), plus unlimited video on demand from any device
  • Streamline your options w/ Pay-Per-View deal Finder
  • Save your favorite shows & movies for easy access
  • Enjoy over 2,000 curated channels, w/ latest episodes from top networks, as well as classic TV from the last 50 years
  • Stream over 50,000 world radio stations
  • Compare & save on thousands of movie rentals using the Comparison Shopping Engine
  • Broaden your horizons w/ thousands of on-demand TV shows
  • Unify your entertainment by combining all of your subscriptions into one easy to use guide
  • Access a full calendar of live events, sports, concerts & more, all streamed live via the web
  • Watch 100+ live local channels in HD w/ a free HD Antenna
  • Search across 100+ popular streaming services/networks simultaneously, seeing content from various apps all in one place
  • Play thousands of free online games – Arcade, Puzzle, Multi-Player, Sports, Casino & more
  • Connect to your home TV via Google Chromecast or HDMI cable

But best of all, right now we can also save you some money on your SelecTV price in addition to your cable bill, and it includes a free HD antenna rebate. What’s not to love?

The lifetime subscription will cost $59, while a one-year and three-year sub will cost $19 and $29, respectively.

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  • Daylon Rankin

    You misspelled the name of the service in the title and throughout article. It’s “SelectTV”, two T’s.