Samsung might use a sound emitting screen to kill the bezels in the Galaxy S10

Every year it seems like bezels on phones get smaller and smaller. We’ve already seen the Vivo NEX phone that manages to have a body that’s nothing but screen thanks to some tricky camera mechanisms and displays that can emit sound on their own, and it looks like Samsung be the next company to take a stab at that kind of thing.

Samsung demoed a concept similar to what’s on the Vivo NEX that would allow the Galaxy S10 to completely do away with an earpiece on the front of the phone, creating a nearly entirely bezel-less phone. The display technology is able to emit sound on its own the need for a standalone speaker like what you see in basically every phone on the market.

With this type of screen you’d only be able to actually hear sound by putting your ear right up to the section at the top half of the phone, but it would be a pretty low-power and futuristic way of hiding the speaker behind a display. And most importantly, it’d give the Galaxy S10 a cool standout feature.

The only other thing that would be left to hide on the front would be the camera, although I don’t see Samsung taking the Vivo route there. We’ve got a few months for some rumors to fill in the gaps, though.

source: ET News

via: Phone Arena

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