LG announces the V35 ThinQ to compete against itself

LG just announced the G7 ThinQ a few weeks ago, but they’re ready to shock and awe us again with yet another brand new phone. This time it’s the V35 ThinQ, marking the second upgrade to the V30 that LG has made, putting their second flagship on par with the G7.

Is it a confusing product strategy? Yes. Absolutely.

Upgraded Hardware

The V35 is essentially an LG V30 with a Snapdragon 845, more storage and RAM, and the software enhancements of the G7 ThinQ, which in turn lifted some software from the V30S.

That means you’re getting seriously beefy hardware with loads of AI software like Google Lens integration in the camera and Google Assistant to power everything. There’s a 6.0-inch QuadHD+ OLED display, 6GB of RAM with either 64GB or 128GB of storage, and Qualcomm’s incredible Snapdragon 845 CPU. It’s IP68 certified for water and dust resistance, has a 3,300mAh battery, and uses the same 16-megapixel pair of cameras like the G7 ThinQ.

Facial recognition is here to complement the fingerprint scanner, and for the music enthusiasts LG is keeping the quad DAC that makes everything sound so much better on their phones. That also means there’s a headphone jack on this phone, if that’s your thing.

The screen itself is slightly smaller, but LG is using an OLED display with the V35, which they did not do on the G7 ThinQ. Is that a huge deal? Eh, probably not, but that’s really the only way LG can justify the massive $900 price tag.


From what we’ve heard in previous rumors, the LG V35 looks to be an AT&T exclusive device, so anyone on Verizon, T-Mobile, or Sprint will have to stick with the G7 ThinQ. There’s still likely to be an unlocked variant at some point down the line, but I’m scared to see how expensive that’s going to be with LG’s current pricing expectations.

We’ll still have to wait on LG or any participating carriers to fill us in on the details, but from the size of the press release and the way LG is handling this, I wouldn’t expect the V35 to get the spotlight over the G7 this year. Does that we’ll still get a V40 or some other device in Q3 or Q4? Tough to guess at this point, but clearly LG’s up for anything that they think will work.

source: LG

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