[TA Deals] Master Microsoft Excel with the Ultimate All-Level Bootcamp Bundle

It’s always great to pad out your resume with new skills, and right now you can add Microsoft Excel to that list thanks to our latest discounted bundle. The Ultimate All-Level Excel Bootcamp bundle offers four courses to help you master this part of Microsoft’s Office suite to make better business decisions and impress potential employers.

  • Course 1: Microsoft Excel Course
    • Learn about 38 core Excel units w/ instruction completable in as little as 12 hours
    • Use key functions ranging from sorting & filtering to configuring graphs & charts
  • Course 2: Advanced Microsoft Excel Course
    • Dive into advanced Excel concepts w/ 160 video tutorials, completable in 27 hours average
    • Learn powerful techniques such as using complex graphs, automating spreadsheets, etc.
    • Tease insights from raw data w/ the PivotTable & PowerPivot tools
  • Course 3: Business Analysis
    • Learn business analysis techniques w/ instruction completable in 20 hours average
    • Apply 60 professional spreadsheet models (included) to your business’s purposes
    • Collect, analyze & forecast data to generate valuable insights for your data and effectively present it to clients & stakeholders
  • Course 4: Pivot Table Course
    • Make sense of large data sets w/ instruction completable in 10 hours average
    • Filter, sort & group PivotTable data to maximize its usefulness
    • Clearly present your findings w/ PivotCharts & Conditional Formatting

Right now you can snag this bundle for just $29, a huge discount from its usual $250 price tag.

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