[TA Deals] Manage your projects with the discounted Aeon Timeline 2 for Windows and Mac

Working on a major project for work or something personal? The best way to tackle any kind of productivity challenge is to be more organized, and we’ve got just the tool for you.

Right now you can pick up the heavily discounted Aeon Timeline 2, a powerful piece of software for Windows and Mac that will organize your project and make the entire process significantly easier.

  • Manage events, entities & relationships, dependencies & more in an intuitive interface
  • Link events w/ images & external documents & websites to better track research & supporting documentation
  • Divide events into groups based on their relationships w/ other entities
  • Filter events based on dates & durations, tags, individual properties, & relationships w/ specific entities
  • Work w/ either pre-configured or fully customizable templates, calendars & display options
  • Import CSV, export images, & sync w/ Scrivener & web-based publishing timelines

Whether you’re writing a book, managing a project for work, crafting your next YouTube video, or just about anything else, this is a great program to have in your toolbox. To make it even better, though, we’re knocking it down 60% so you can own it for just $20.

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