Carriers will be able to hide signal strength numbers from users in Android P

Here’s a “feature” you probably weren’t asking for in the next version of Android: no signal strength numbers when you’re using a certain carrier’s network. Despite that being pretty anti-consumer, that’s probably what you can expect starting with Android P.

According to some commits in AOSP, the signal strength in the settings of your phone may be blocked out depending on what carrier you use. You’ll still get the signal bars next to your notifications, but those won’t give you any kind of real detailed information. This will theoretically affect any phone, too, including unlocked devices that are brought over to a carrier that restricts this information. The change happens when you insert a carrier SIM into your device.

This isn’t exactly a huge, deal-breaking kind of change, and most people won’t ever even notice it, but it’s still not a great move for transparency.

Apparently the reason for the change is that some carriers requested it from Google, and Google is simply putting the code in place. We don’t know who asked for it, and at this point we can’t even say who will take advantage of it (although I can think of some pretty good guesses) but it is something to keep an eye on when we start to see devices running Android P in the wild.

source: XDA Developers

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