The Razer Phone is now available at select Microsoft Stores

The Razer Phone launched a couple of weeks ago with a US availability date set for November 17th through Razer’s online store. Sales of the phone started a couple of days early on November 15th and Razer had promised that Microsoft Stores in the US would also carry them. As of today, select Microsoft Stores do have them in stock, selling for $699 unlocked for GSM networks (sorry Verizon and Sprint customers).

To find out if your nearest Microsoft Store has a Razer Phone in stock, simply go to Microsoft’s site and search for “Razer Phone.” It will give you the option to buy online or search for in-store availability by city.

I found plenty of stock at several locations around Los Angeles and shot a couple of pictures at the Century City store. There were no demo units available so you probably can’t go hands-on just yet, but I was able to shoot a friend’s in-store purchase.

The Razer Phone is the gaming company’s first attempt at a smartphone and it’s definitely an intriguing effort. The highlight features are a 5.7-inch Quad HD (1440 x 2560 pixel) IGZO IPS display with a screaming 120Hz refresh rate for smooth gaming, huge 4,000mAh battery, Snapdragon 835 with 8GB of RAM, massive front facing stereo speakers that are THX certified and a Hi-Fi DAC. The phone follows Razer’s acquisition of Nextbit and there’s clearly a resemblance to the previous Nextbit Robin. It’s a larger, heavier, all black and all metal follow-up that’s quite literally the Batman to Nextbit’s Robin (couldn’t help myself on that one).

The phone is being sold GSM unlocked in the US and unfortunately carriers haven’t picked it up, so buyers are limited to paying the full $699 retail price. However, Microsoft does have in-store financing via a partnership with Dell, so that could help lesson the initial blow if you go that route. I haven’t had much hands-on time with the phone, but from what I’ve seen, it could be a winner.

UPDATE (November 18): Razer just tweeted that all US Microsoft stores now have the Razer Phone in stock.

Source: Microsoft, Razer

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