JerryRigEverything tears the Pixel 2 a new one in durability test

As sure as the sunrise that follows after the moon, so is the torture that follows a newly released phone. This time around, it’s the turn of the smaller of Google’s new handsets, the Pixel 2, to face up to the softly spoken serial smartphone mangler, JerryRigEverything. And let me tell you right here, the scenes are borderline graphic. 

As one of Google’s new premium flagships, you might expect that the Pixel 2 would take everything that JerryRigEverything could throw at it and come out virtually unscathed. Unfortunately, that ain’t so. While the Pixel 2 doesn’t offer an unconditional surrender in the burn, bend, and scratch test, neither does it pass through with aplomb.

First, the good news, as is customary with a display with the Gorilla Glass 5 protection, the Pixel 2’s panel could only be scratched with a level 6 pick or higher. The front camera lens resides under the glass panel, and so also benefits from the same protective coating. The rear camera’s glass cover is similarly protected and boasts a metallic housing which may lend itself to increased protection if the handset is dropped. The front speaker cutouts are made of metal which means increased protection compared to the fabric cutouts featured on the original Pixel.

On to the not-so-good news. Despite Google saying that the Pixel 2 has a metal unibody, you aren’t actually holding a metal surface when you have the phone in your hand. Instead, the metal frame is covered with what Google calls a premium hybrid coating. If you think back to the plastic finish seen on the LG G5 last year, the Pixel 2’s coating is pretty similar. As the video shows, the premium hybrid coating can be scraped off with a craft knife.

The Pixel 2’s power button is made of plastic for some reason. For such an expensive smartphone, it seems like an odd corner to cut. In the mixed news segment, although the display managed to withstand an open flame for around 15 seconds, the damage suffered was permanent.

Finally, the worst news of all is that Google has, in its wisdom, placed an antenna break on the side of the handset where the glass meets the ‘metal’ rear panel, just under the SIM card tray. As such, the Pixel 2’s side casing actually snapped during the bend test, negating the handsets claims of being water-resistant. While the phone proved resilient to the reverse bend test, it’s still a worry.

Will the durability test affect your decision to order the Pixel 2? Do you think the Pixel 2 XL will fare better?

Source: JerryRigEverything (YouTube)

About the Author: Peter Holden

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