Moto X4 will join the Amazon Prime Exclusive program for those who tolerate lock screen ads

Back in June 2016, Amazon started the Prime Exclusive program that offered Prime members select smartphones at a nice discount, but just being a paying member wasn’t enough. The phones came with Amazon’s ads and offers plastered all over the lock screen. For many users, the lock screen is just a speed bump to get into the phone, so who cares if a bunch of ads are rotating around there. For enthusiasts, however, it can be a deal breaker and not worth the discount. The Moto X4, which is ironically also offered as a “pure” Android One phone, is joining the list of Amazon’s “ad phones.”

The Moto G4 was among the first discounted Amazon Prime Exclusive phones in 2016 and the list has grown significantly in the last year. Eight phones are currently offered with lock screen ads, with several aging ones already dropped from the list. The Moto X4 will be number nine, discounted to $329 from a retail price of $399. Are persistent lock screen ads worth a $70 price cut? For many, the answer is a resounding yes.

Amazon has found its Prime Exclusive program to be a big hit, so you can expect a lot more discounted devices in the future. Keep in mind that all phones in this program are budget devices, with the Moto X4 being the most expensive. An unlocked Samsung Galaxy S8 or LG V30 will likely never make the cut.

Source: Amazon

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