Sprint is officially selling the BlackBerry KeyOne

The BlackBerry KeyOne is a very solid Android device, whether or not you care much about that physical keyboard. It offered great performance, excellent battery life, and some key BlackBerry enhancements for productivity and security. 

Regardless of how good a phone is, though, it’s going to struggle to gain traction in the US without carrier support. BlackBerry has managed to snag a deal with Sprint, making Sprint the first carrier in the US to carry the KeyOne starting today for a pretty reasonable price. You can order it online or over the phone for 18 monthly payments of $22, which ends up costing about $528. If you’re not a fan over online orders, Sprint stores should start carrying the device in stores later this month.

Sprint is also still running some competitive promos, including four lines with totally unlimited data for $90, plus a free fifth line. If you think you might be willing to make a carrier switch to get a phone with a physical keyboard again, now might be the time to do it.

source: Sprint