T-Mobile successfully tests new LTE tech, rolls out LTE-U to customers

T-Mobile is hard at work improving their LTE network for customers, this time by bolstering the bandwidth with unused 5GHz spectrum. That sounds like fancy technological mumbo jumbo, but don’t worry, it means you’ll see drastically increased speeds if you’re in one of these new locations for the network enhancement.

This 5GHz spectrum is typically used by WiFi routers for bandwidth-heavy applications like video streaming, and using this typically unused spectrum should help alleviate congestion and bolster speed. It’s currently available in Bellevue, WA, Brooklyn, NY, Dearborn, MI, Las Vegas, NV, Richardson, TX, and Simi Valley, CA, with several more locations set to follow later this year. Oh, you’ll also need a Galaxy S8 to take advantage of the extra speeds, since that’s the only phone available on their network that has a modem to use the tech.

T-Mobile has also successfully tested License Assisted Access, which is a next-generation version of LTE-U that managed to pull download speeds of 741 Mbps. That’s some crazy fast speed, even if it’s not going to be commercially available for a while.

source: T-Mobile

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