Android Wear 2.0 coming soon to select Moto, Huawei, and other smartwatches

Google’s smartwatch OS, Android Wear, has come along way with its update to version 2.0, yet numerous delays led to stalled production of new wearable devices as well as increased competition from the likes of Samsung with its own Tizen OS. There are a number of smartwatches already running Android Wear 2.0, and thanks to a post on the Google Support forums we now know which wearables are next in line for the update and, more importantly, when they will get it!

Community Manager Ernest took to the support forum to give us an update on where things are with Android Wear 2.0. He stated that every new smartwatch released in 2017 and onwards will come with Android Wear 2.0 out of the box and also listed the devices that have already seen the update. And if you are the owner of the smartwatches listed below, you can expect to finally see Android Wear 2.0 come to your device by late April/end of May:

  • Moto 360 Gen 2

  • Moto 360 Sport

  • LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition LTE

  • Huawei Watch

  • Huawei Watch Ladies

  • Asus ZenWatch 2

  • Asus ZenWatch 3

Of course, more specific dates would be even better, but this still is great news as many consumers have been in the dark for weeks or longer about when they would see any software updates.

Android Wear 2.0 is a pretty massive update that includes a new Material Design interface, improved watch faces with direct actions and shortcuts to your apps, improved messaging input, and Google Assistant baked right in. After all the rollout delays that plagued the platform in 2016, it’s nice to finally see the pace speeding up and hopefully even more smartwatches will see the update soon.

Source: Google Support Forums

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