Google breaks fingerprint sensor for Pixel, Nexus phones with latest Android Nougat update

Keeping things in-house should be a recipe that prevents problems from cropping up when a phone manufacturer decides to update a device. After all, they have all of the software code and hardware specs. Unfortunately, that does not seem to be the case, even after extensive testing. Google is the latest example of an update going awry once it starts landing on actual user devices. Several reports are coming in from owners of Pixel phones and Nexus phones indicating the Android 7.1.2 Nougat update breaks the fingerprint sensor on the devices. This leaves Android support staff and developers scrambling to identify the source of the problem and figure out a fix.

On both of Google’s support forums for Pixel and Nexus devices, a large number of users are reporting that their fingerprint sensors no longer work after the latest Android update. Several of the users are savvy enough to have already tried steps like factory resets and removing stored fingerprints on the devices in an attempt to force their devices to start working properly.

These efforts seem to be for nought though. Some users indicate they can get the sensor to work briefly – like for about one minute – after they tried these different fixes, but the fingerprint sensor returns to a non-working state.

Prior to these problems, users hit by this bug report the sensor was working just fine. Thus far it does not appear to be affecting all Pixel and Nexus smartphones, yet, but the number experiencing a problem seems to be growing. This is almost certain to trigger another update being pushed out by Google once they have a patch ready to go.

Have you been hit by this problem with your device?

source: Nexus Help Forum, Pixel User Community
via: phoneArena

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  • Gary Warner

    My fingerprint reader is dead as a doornail after updating to 7.1.2! I can add and delete fingerprints, but the sensor does not work. Here we go again, folks!

  • Fernando S

    Mine is working ok, and I’m on 7.1.2 on my nexus 5X. It just stopped working once, while I was on 7.1.1, but with a simple soft reset it came back to life.

  • Steen Petersen

    Never had any problems with my N6P. Simply the best phone I’ve ever had. I’ve been an Android usersonce version 1.6.

  • Goran

    Google is becoming a monster. Android becoming wreck. I’ve​ had enough of problems on “best android phone”. 7.0 was the worst and most problematic android ever that gave headache to all, Google and all other manufacturers. And especially enough of reviewers who praise shamelessly already mentioned phone.

  • Walter Wood

    My Pixel XL fingerprint reader is working fine with 7.1.2 however the Bluetooth is worse than before the update.

  • Joshua Howard

    My Bluetooh and finger print scanner are working just fine after the 7.1.2 update. The only time my fingerprint scanner doesnt work is when its plugged into the charger.

  • harrybarracuda

    Noticed nothing here after the update on my XL. Fingerprint sensor works fine and I use Bluetooth every day to stream in the car without problem.

  • Sandra

    This leaves Android support staff and developers scrambling to identify the source of the problem and figure out a fix.

  • dominion rapson

    please me i need android phone my own got burnt while cooking