App drawer comes with latest update for LeEco Le Pro 3, Le S3

Both the Le Pro 3 and Le S3 from LeEco were missing a simple thing at launch: an app drawer. There’s good news today, though. The company is rolling out a software update for its two U.S.-sold phones that includes an app drawer and other enhancements. It’s all part of the UP2U initiative in which LeEco gets customer feedback and adjusts its user interface through software updates.

Ecosystem User Interface (EUI), which is LeEco’s in-house software overlay, will get an app drawer that appears like one you’d fine on just about any other phone running Android currently. Prior to this, the Le Pro 3 and Le S3 had an entertainment app locked into the spot. The app drawer is pinned in its former location at the center of the dock on the bottom of the home screen.

These are the other enhancements:

  • Improved the picture quality in low light situations so you can capture brighter photos in those spontaneous moments (Le S3-only)
  • Improved the HDR functionality so that it’s now even faster to capture and process HDR photos (Le Pro 3-only)
  • Enhanced fingerprint sensor so the phone only vibrates once if your fingerprint is not recognized
  • Added parental control functions and other improvements to streaming quality of the LE app
  • Improved the LIVE app’s interface and streaming quality
  • Improved Bluetooth reliability and increased WiFi download speeds on the Le S3 when using Bluetooth and WiFi simultaneously

LeEco says the software update will be sent to devices over the next couple days. The same approach will be used moving forward as well. The customer-focused program known as UP2U will continue collecting feedback from users as LeEco decides what to change with future software updates.

Source: LeEco

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