Android 7.1 gets a second developer preview build for Nexus devices


The Google Pixel launched with Android 7.1 Nougat ahead of its release on the Nexus phones, marking the first time we’ve seen Google officially update another device to the newest OS before its Nexus line. Obviously that didn’t mean the Nexus phones were getting left behind permanently, and now we’re finally seeing 7.1 make its way to the older generation.

Google has released a second developer preview of the latest Android OS to Nexus devices that brings them up to speed with the Google Pixel. It’s quite a bit of under the hood stuff like newer APIs, but also things like app shortcuts and everything else that was announced during Google’s Pixel unveiling.

This developer preview is still beta quality, but Google hopes to release this build to users as a stable release. That means that while there still may be bugs, there’s a pretty good chance this will be polished up enough for a release later this December. That includes the Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X, plus the Pixel C devices.

This release also marks when the Pixel and Pixel XL will get the 7.1.1 update, and we’ll start to see it become available for other OEMs to use to update their devices.

source: Android Developers

About the Author: Jared Peters

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  • tabatt13

    Where’s the preview for the Nexus 6 we were promised?

    • Michael

      Just wait for the final version due next month. The Nexus 6 has guaranteed software updates through October 2016 and
      security updates through October 2017, however, Google announced that
      the Nexus 6 will receive the Android 7.1 update, expected December 2016.