Samsung Galaxy S8 version rumored to come with 6.2-inch bezel-less display


The rumors keep pouring in for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 and a new report is quite interesting. It is now being suggested that Samsung will release two versions of the Galaxy S8 larger than previous iterations: one with a 5.7-inch display and another featuring a 6.2-inch display that could do away with virtually all bezels.

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In the aftermath of the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung is certainly working very hard to bring back confidence in its brand as well as continue to push the boundaries of cutting edge features. A possible Galaxy S8 with a 6.2-inch bezel-less display is the real focus here. Samsung is known for putting large displays into a smartphone that has a comparatively small physical size overall, thanks to an already high standard of small bezels. To make a smartphone with a display as large as this, Samsung would have to push the limits even farther.

The first step for this, according to the report, is that Samsung will remove the physical home button entirely. The home button, like with Apple’s iPhones, has become a signature feature for Samsung phones, but it also requires the company to allow for a certain size bezel, at least on the bottom. Many Android phones use onscreen navigation buttons versus the capacitive ones used by Samsung, but the question arises about the fingerprint scanner. Will Samsung move the fingerprint scanner to the rear of the Galaxy S8 as we’ve seen with many Android phones? Or will there be a fingerprint scanner embedded in the display itself?

One of the highlighting features of the Galaxy Note 7 was its iris scanning technology allowing the user to unlock their phone simply by looking in to the scanner, so Samsung is already giving users a variety of ways to secure and unlock their devices. However, fingerprint scanning is the most common method and, unlike iris scanning, does not run the risk of not working in darker environments. Unfortunately, we do not yet know of any methods Samsung would use for the fingerprint scanner in this 6.2-inch version.

So why do this? A more immersive experience is certainly an idea especially with the rising popularity of virtual reality and augmented reality. But how would a practically bezel-less phone feel in the hand and affect interacting with the display? We’ve already seen Android phones with almost no bezels from Sharp and most recently with the Xiaomi Mi Mix, and while they certainly look beautiful there is a certain level of benefit to having bezels. Handling the phone without accidental touches is one benefit, and smartphones with no bezels tend to shatter more easily if dropped. So it will be interesting, if this report is true, to see how Samsung approaches a design like this.

The report also mentions that both version of the Galaxy S8 will feature a curved display and that Samsung will do away with the flat model going forward. This isn’t too surprising since Samsung has placed a big focus on the software features of a curved display.

We will keep an eye out for any updates regarding this latest report. How do you feel about a possible 6.2-inch Galaxy S8 with almost no bezels?

Source: The Investor

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  • rbfx4x

    If it has a curved screen that costs half the whole phone cost to fix, I’m out.

  • Alan Goldman

    The glass to the edge or even over the edge is already commonplace on high end phones, so the drop/shatter factor is already with us and should not be any different in that regard. The holding factor is tricky and based on the S7 Edge, can be a bit of a nuisance. But hopefully that can be addressed somewhat.

  • Wandering_Spirit

    With that display size add a pen and sell it as a note. I am tired of waiting for a decent note and my note 4 is starting to look tired

  • ChuckN007

    I would go for a 6.2 inch screen if the phone fits into my pocket as well as my Note 5 does. That’s probably what Samsung is aiming for as the overall size of the device.