Two Xperia Z6 models coming from Sony next year


The mobile division at Sony hasn’t been very successful in recent years, but the company still tries to be a big player in the industry. Sony continues to release waves of new products, sometimes with odd variations that don’t have a clear place in the world while largely ignoring the United States and only sending aged devices there for no one to buy. Because of its struggles, a new focus has been put on image sensors. Both Softkinetic Systems and Toshiba’s entire image sensor business have been purchased in 2015. And as we’re approaching a new year, a report shows that Sony will not be slowing down its efforts to flood the world with new hardware.


Since the company will keep its mobile division operating for the foreseeable future, you can expect to see the Xperia Z6 launch in 2016. CnBeta is claiming that Sony plans to release two Xperia Z6 models with an emphasis on metal being prominent in their design. This would be a departure from practically ever other Xperia device released that is a plain slab of glass. Inside, the source says that Sony is going with Qualcomm’s upcoming Snapdragon 820 processor. But it’s unknown if we’re looking at a Compact, Mini, Ultra, or Premium models in addition to a regular Xperia Z6.

It doesn’t look like we’ll be any of Sony’s plans for the Xperia line at CES 2016 next month, though. The invite to the company’s press conference and booth place no emphasis on phones or anything from the Xperia line.

Source: cnBeta
Via: SlashGear

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