[APK Download] – Inbox by Gmail gets a slew of features in newest update, now open to everyone


It’s I/O keynote day today and Android enthusiasts see it as an Android Christmas in May. With good reason, too, as we have seen a number of updates for apps, new releases for apps like the Photos app, Android M, as well as a number of other things yet to be discovered. Given it’s I/O day, Inbox by Gmail is getting a number of updates that make the app even more useful.

Some of the biggest news for Inbox is that it’s no longer invite only. That’s right, starting today it’s open to everyone. Those who use Google Apps for Work who are waiting for Inbox to come to them, Google is also expanding the Inbox early adopter program. And for those of you who have yet to use Inbox, now might be a good time to try as the app itself is getting a bunch of handy features.

Starting with the newest version of Inbox (we have the APK download below) you’ll be able to undo send for the first time ever on your mobile device. You can also make deleting emails a default swipe option rather than just archiving them and something that people who use Inbox have been begging for; you can now create custom signatures for your emails. About time right?

Inbox is getting smarter with more Keep integration, allowing reminders you set to be visible in the app. If you get emailed a to-do by someone, Inbox will also suggest a reminder for it or for those times when you get an email from HotelTonight or Eat24, you can now open up the reservation or food orders within their app, directly from Inbox. Another added feature is trip bundles, allowing you to see your itinerary for a trip bundled together and available instantly when you open Inbox.


Like we said early, Inbox 1.8 is now available for you and we have it below and as always, keep it locked here for your Google I/O 2015 needs.

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source: Inbox by Gmail Blog 

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