LG G4 to Sport 5.6-inch Screen

The LG G3 was widely regarded as one of the all-around best phone of 2014, but the Korean tech giant can’t live off of last years success in 2015. The LG G4, which is due out in May, will hopefully be an improvement over the current aging model, with all of the neat specs of 2015, and the handy features we’ve come to know and love from LG. The device will also increase in size, according to an online twitter tipster named @OnLeaks. The screen will be 5.6 inches, which puts it smack-dab in between the LG G3 and the Note 4, but still in phone territory.

As far as phablets go, although the G4 is pushing the limits of flagship phones’ sizes, LG apparently may have even bigger plans for the second half of the year with a genuine phablet of around 5.8 inches, coupled with its own stylus.

Source: Twitter/OnLeaks

  • Shane

    No. No no no no. Let this be a leak for the Note competitior they say is on the way and please make the G4 something that competes with the Galaxy S6 in size. Thank you

  • justafew

    STOP making it bigger. 5.5 is perfect for this phone with the small bezels, but every year it’s getting bigger. If form factor is the same size, I’m sold, but I wonder how much more than can increase the size of the screen w/o impacting the overall size. Any larger in overall phone size and it pushes itself out of my consideration.