Google clarifies UFOs were not seen in Kentucky, merely a Project Loon balloon


For now on, second guess yourself if you saw an unidentified flying object (as if you don’t already). Over in Pike County, Kentucky in 2012, residents believed they saw some UFOs soaring in the sky. Those residents were wrong. A year after the alleged sightings, Google has stepped forward to claim the blame.

A Project Loon balloon that was launched in California somehow made its way eastward to Kentucky. Something went wrong with the controls and Google had no chance to recover the it. Despite Google providing an explanation saying that it was a prototype with a lengthier body, some of Pike County’s residents still believe they saw something much different than a balloon.

Source: Space
Via: BGR

  • Guillaume

    How were the residents wrong? Until it’s identified, it’s just that: an unidentified flying object (UFO).

    • Justin_Herrick

      Now it has been identified.