HTC One (M8) Prime development halted indefinitely


If you were the purchaser of the new HTC One (M8) only to be miffed by the fact that HTC was working on a prime variant of the device, you may not have to be miffed anymore. According to evleaks, HTC has suspended development of the device indefinitely. The reasons behind this decision are unknown. Perhaps it’s because HTC is focusing on one of the other rumored variants of the One device, specifically the rumored “Plus” version of the device that’s supposed to be water resistant, come with a bigger display and have updated specs.

One thing is for certain, in a world full of rumors, nothing is ever concrete until it’s official. HTC One M8 owners, you can rest easier knowing that your flagship will continue to be HTC’s cream of the crop for a little while longer.

source: evleaks

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