Samsung wants iPhones banned at the Winter Olympics

Apple vs Samsung

Samsung is a major sponsor of the upcoming Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, and they’re reportedly wanting a ban on iPhones and other competing devices during the games. Specifically, Samsung has requested that all athletes cover Apple and other logos during the opening ceremony while using devices to record video and take photos. This news has also been confirmed by the Swiss delegation.

Samsung has also been offering athletes free products such as the Galaxy Note 3, which is likely to be heavily advertised during the games.

Not only will Samsung be placing a ban on competing products, but athletes might be banned from mentioning personal sponsors according to Rule 40 of the Olympic Charter. This rule states that athletes cannot mention sponsors that are not also sponsors of the Olympics. In fact, if this rule is broken there could be very severe penalties including possible disqualification from their event.

Much of this news is still yet to be confirmed, so take it with a grain of salt.

Source: Bluewin
Via: BGR

  • fredphoesh

    Samsung are about as “bad” as Apple Corporation… megalomaniac companies have a lot in common…

    • brian

      you need to blame apple for this, they started the war, now samsung is taking actions against them, im not a big fan of samsung but i hate apple for what they have done, this is samsung revenge

      • eric

        You are right

      • dheeraj

        KARMA is a bitch!!!