As Sony sells VAIO PC business, smartphone sales rise


Sony has a lot going on right now and there are a lot of rumors surrounding them, but with the recent release of their Q3 2013 results we should be able to learn a bit more about what lies ahead for the company. Sony enjoyed a 44.8% increase in sales in the Mobile Products and Communication division, with the total sales coming to $4.396 billion. It also managed to have an operating loss reduced by $120 million.

The success in the mobile division is mostly due to a “significant increase” in smartphone sales, and comes despite being put together with the Sony PC business.

Sony has also announced that they will be selling their VAIO PC business, although they will keep the TV part of the company and spin it off into a separate unit. This huge change in Sony will cut around 5,000 jobs, and is expected to be in place by March 2015. The changes that are taking place in the TV business will be in place by July this year.

Looking ahead, Sony’s mobile division will be solely concentrating on smartphones and tablets. While it will take a while for everything to solidify, Sony is sure to come out with some great products with this new focus.

Source:  Sony

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