Samsung Galaxy S 5 to have the same plastic structure, but with faux leather back


With rumors of the Galaxy S 5 landing in January, it’s no surprise that there are already hardware rumors coming in as well. Today’s tidbit involves the body of Samsung’s next flagship device. According to GalaxyS5Info, the handset will not have the metallic casing that everyone was hoping for since the GS4’s announcement. Instead, the plastic will stay; however, the backing will be made out of the same faux leather found on the Galaxy Note 3. Samsung may launching the newest incarnation sooner rather than later because reportedly the GS4 is missing internal targets.

Source: GalaxyS5Info
Via: SamMobile


  • jack

    The leather is pretty nice, I like it on the Note 3. It also shows they’re doing their own thing rather than just slapping metal on their phones to please the critics who favored the One.

  • Todd Brown

    who cares anyways, most people will put it in a case anyways. The argument of plastic vs. metal is so overrated.

  • GraveUypo

    who was hoping for that?
    metal casings are stupid and unpractical.
    i’d like to see some BETTER plastic. preferably rubberized which is my favorite smartphone material.