Samsung to unveil Galaxy Note 3 with curved display next week, LG to follow up with the curved LG Z


Since Samsung confirmed a Galaxy Note 3 with a curved display for this month, we can’t be too far off. Samsung Sinjonggyun representatives told reporters that it would be “released next week.” Expect it to very expensive and to be very limited.

Earlier in the week it was revealed that LG will not sit back and watch Samsung take center stage because they will unveil their own smartphone with a curved display. ZDNet in Korea found out it will be called the LG Z. The Z series will most likely be used for these type of phones moving forward. They are also reporting that it will have a 6-inch display, which contradicts the report we heard earlier in the week indicating that LG was going to mass produce 4.5-inch flexible displays. No word on when LG will officially announce the Z just yet, but one as to wonder why they would go with “Z” since it’s already being used by Sony?

sources: DDailyZDNet Korea
via: UnwiredView

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