Bored of your icons? Check out kovdev’s latest icon pack – NOX!


Icon packs in the Google Play store are a thing of beauty. A simple download can drastically change the look of your Android home screen. If you’re running a custom launcher such as Nova or APEX, then I’m sure you’ve dabbled a little bit with changing out your icons. There’s hundreds of them in the Google Play Store, but in my opinion only a fraction of them are very good. Kovdev is certainly in that group and has made some brilliant icon packs and today has launched quite possibly their best yet in NOX.


NOX gives you a very polished set of over 1200 icons (and counting) as well as 10 matching wallpapers. Each icon provides a nice shadow effect that really gives them some “pop.” I’ve been using them for a couple of days now and it has easily become one of my favorites thus far. To apply, just simply open up the app, then promptly select the 3rd party launcher that you’re using, and that’s it!


NOX is priced at $1.99 and is available in the Google Play Store. Just hit one of the download links below.

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Play Store Download Link

  • KrisDiss

    Bought it yesterday. It’s awesome!

  • howardbamber

    Re. Knox. The way you write up stark, which I have and love, plus the tone of the piece you would think it’s a huge realise. His last moved 10,000 in the UK. Hardly worth the hype. If he is a mate? Of yours, fair enough but say in the piece before you plug so shamelessly please!!

  • Dt Bell

    5 years? going strong, my daily, never changed it.