Kobo to release Arc 7″ tablet featuring Ice Cream Sandwich and Tapestries

Even though Kobo’s last attempt in the 7″ tablet market didn’t go so well, it isn’t stopping them from going after that two-headed monster – the Nexus 7 and the new Kindle Fire. Last November Kobo released the Vox tablet to very little fanfare and while it wasn’t a terrible tablet, it just didn’t offer anything special to separate it from the Kindle Fire or Nook. Well this year is a new year, so maybe they’ll have better luck this year beginning with a name change from Vox to Arc.

The Arc, which is due to arrive in November in 8GB ($199.99) and 16GB ($249.99) versions will be somewhat comparable to the Nexus 7 in some aspects. The Arc 7″ tablet will run on Android 4.0 and sport a 1280 x 800 display. It’ll also come with a front-facing camera and 1GB of RAM, however it will not have 3G capability or GPS. Additionally, the tablet will not have its own app store, but it will provide access to the Google Play Store. While none of these features are particularly cutting edge, Kobo is hanging its hat on one exclusive selling point in what they’re calling “Tapestries.” This feature builds a library of recommended apps, books, and games based on your habits. We’ve obviously seen features like this before on other products as well as third-party apps so we’ll have to wait for a hands-on before any further judgment is passed. Although, the first impression is that it’s not providing anything too revolutionary here.

We aren’t quite sure where this tablet will fit into the hot 7″ tablet market. With the Nexus 7 coming out of the gates strong and the announcement of a cheaper new Kindle Fire today, it’ll be tough sledding for Kobo and their Arc to get a foothold in this market. However, we will find out for sure come November. What are your thoughts on this piece of hardware and it will fit into this crowded market?

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