Say Hello to the Ultimate Backup Tool that Doesn’t Require Root

If you currently own a rooted Android device, or flashed a custom ROM, chances are you’ve taken at least one nandroid based or titanium based backup of your system settings and application data. As you know, in order to take either of these backups, root access is required.

What about if you want to unlock your bootloader after you’ve been using your device for several months? Since it’s unlikely that you would already have root access, you were forced to lose this precious data.

Well not anymore. Thanks to XDA Forum Member Gigadroid, a Windows based tool is now available for taking full backups without root access. This tool backs up apps, apps data and information stored on the SD card, just like Titanium Backup would do with root access. It should be noted that this isn’t exactly like a nandroid backup or a snapshot of your device, but it will effectively backup all the important stuff.

So far the tool has only been tested on a Galaxy Nexus, but it should work on devices running Android 4.0+. So if you’re device isn’t rooted, and you would like to back up your app data, this tool might be for you.

Source: XDA Forums