Facebook forces its employees to use Android phones in hopes they realize how awful the Facebook app is

To be honest with you all, I rarely have a problem with Android’s official Facebook app. While it may be slow at times, causes some errors here and there, it’s rock solid for me 95% of the time and does everything I need it to. Even more odd is that I’ve had a couple of friends who recently switched from an iPhone to an Android device and find Android’s official Facebook app much better and doesn’t crash like the iPhone counterpart. Nonetheless, I realize I’m definitely in the minority as most people always seem to have problems with the app. Facebook headquarters have seemed to notice this and has taken a step in hopes of improving the app. Facebook has now forced its employees to give up their iPhone’s and forced them into using an Android phone in hopes they realize how sub-par the Facebook for Android app is.

Perhaps actually using the app on a daily basis is what the Facebook app engineers need in order to realize its poor performance. What’s your guys’ experience with Android Facebook app? Is it really as bad as everyone says it is, or are you fine with as I am?

source: Business Insider

  • I rarely used the facebook app as it is very slow in every single aspect
    I find that the browser works better
    so who need facebook app anyway?

  • David

    It is realy realy bad..the worst app in my phone..

  • jcauseyfd

    I haven’t tried the Facebook app in a long time due to it having been so poorly made. Never really had trouble with it crashing, but it seemed to always have trouble doing simple things like figuring out my location. I never really liked how it formatted things like pics when posting – using the browser just worked better.

    That said, I have iPhone using friends who complain that the iOS version is just as bad (maybe even worse). Just amazing that a company like Facebook couldn’t or wouldn’t put resources toward their mobile device apps.

  • I would use a 3rd party app, because Facebook’s native app is somewhat of a joke.

  • Jusdi

    It it otherwise quite good nowadays,but widget doesnt update.

  • the thing is it’s good when it has better data speeds,but it’s the worst when it’s on not so good data speed…it doesnt handle the images well,as a result on low browsing speed,most of the time i get ‘loading’…

  • They should have versions of it as per phone compatibility.. The apps eating 20 mb of memory.. Makes me rethink about keeping facebook installed on my wildfire!

  • ligu

    Facebook app only verdict: painfully slow!

    I am on S3 with 4G network. Now I am using Friendcaster – no without it’s problem, but WAY faster. Facebook should consider trashing their app and acquire Friendcaster instead.

  • seth

    Worst app on my S3. Pictures wont load on any network and uploads often fail, even though the app claims they were uploaded

  • Man, I’m surprised that not one of you guys likes the app lol. I guess it really is that terrible. :(

  • bedwa

    I use messenger and tweakdeck. My wife has constant issues.

  • ketcdx

    Its terrible!

  • Erik26154

    It’s the worst Android app I have on my phone. It behaves very inconsistently, uploading pictures never seem to work, and checking in with a photo has never been successful for me. I really hope they make a native app instead of the HTML5 browser it is now.