Clock Widget from Atrix HD Now Available via APK File, Looks Awfully Similar to Rings Digital Weather Clock [Updated]

The “3-ring style” clock widget from the Atrix HD has been pulled and made available for your device via the .apk file. The clock is broken up into 3 different parts and are all interactive, showing you time, weather in multiple cities, your battery and data plan percentages. Sadly, this widget is proprietary to the home launcher which means you have to install the Atrix HD’s home launcher in order for this widget to function. Instructions and a download link will be available after the break:


  1. Download and unzip the .apk files from the .zip.
  2. Use any File Explorer app to install ALL 3 .apk files.
  3. Launch the Atrix HD launcher and install the widget.

Download Link: Atrix HD Widgets

UPDATE: It looks like it’s been pulled at the request of Motorola, try the app below for something similar.

Does this widget look familiar to you? That’s because an eerily similar set has been available on the Google Play store for quite some time now called “Rings Digital Weather Clock.”

This app is free on the market and unlike the Atrix’s HD widget, you can use this widget on any home launcher. Head over to the Play Store via the QR code or download link!

QR Code generator

Google Play Download Link

source: Droid RZR

  • Albert Rabuyo

    Link seems to be dead.

  • ode

    Will it works on my HTC One V with WVGA?

    • Albert Rabuyo

      You need to be running Moto’s new ICS launcher to use it. At least, that’s what the source says.

  • Albert Rabuyo

    Links seem to have been taken down due to Motorola’s request.

  • Ah circles, the most efficient shape for the homescreen….