Google’s “My Tracks” gets first update in a year, now revamped with Holo UI

Remember Google’s open sourced app called “My Tracks?” If you do not, we don’t blame you as the app hasn’t received an update in over a year! For those who are unfamiliar with the app, My Tracks is an application for your Android powered phone where you can record GPS tracks and visualize your hiking, running, biking or any other activity while watching live performance statistics. The app makes it easy to archive and save your training history with Google Docs and Google Maps, as well as share your activities with anyone you’d like anywhere in the world.

My Tracks is ideal for fitness junkies, or even for a casual walk around a city. After one long year, it has finally been updated with some really cool features including the ability to play back your tour directly on Google Earth. Other new features include:

  • Major UI update (Holo UI)
  • Simpler, faster user interface
  • Improved flow for sharing a track
  • Improved flow for inserting markers
  • Option to use track location as the default track name
  • Aggregation of statistics over time to show trends in your performance
  • Improved charts and stats tables that are easier to read
  • Bluetooth and ANT+ sensor bug fixes

For my outdoor fitness apps, I have always used Endomondo Pro. Although with these new enhancements, especially in the UI department, I’d definitely give My Tracks a shot! What’s your guys’ experience with this app? Hit up the dowbload link or QR code after the break for a free download in the Play Store!

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  • endomondo connects to my HRM so there is no way I’m leaving that program.