AT&T HTC One X And Sprint EVO 4G LTE Imports Delayed By Customs

It looks like we’re about to have a major snafu in regards to the anticipated arrivals of the AT&T HTC One X and Sprint EVO 4G LTE smartphones. HTC recently confirmed the imports of both devices have been delayed at the U.S. border due to a “customs review”. The reason for this hints in the direction of none other than Apple. Apparently, the cause may come from the ITC exclusion order Apple was granted last December over hyperlinks in the messaging app and browser. HTC claims the issues raised by Apple in front of the ITC were more or less silly and would be removed from their various products. Unfortunately, customs must review the shipments coming in after the April 19 deadline set in place by the ITC whether HTC likes it or not. HTC added an official statement regarding the matter:

“The US availability of the HTC One X and HTC EVO 4G LTE has been delayed due to a standard U.S. Customs review of shipments that is required after an ITC exclusion order. We believe we are in compliance with the ruling and HTC is working closely with Customs to secure approval. The HTC One X and HTC EVO 4G LTE have been received enthusiastically by customers and we appreciate their patience as we work to get these products into their hands as soon as possible”.

While HTC is being professional and handling the matter as quietly as possible, there are many individuals who are offering vocal opinions for the latest turn of events from Apple. Rene Ritchie of gave additional insights of Apple for the matter:

“Apple’s lawsuits against HTC — and Samsung and Motorola — stem from Apple’s feeling that Android was “grand theft” of iPhone intellectual property. Basically, they believe Google partnered with Apple, had their then-CEO Eric Schmidt on Apple’s board, and then not only stole Apple’s ideas about smartphone technology, but gave them away “promiscuously”.

The late Steve Jobs reportedly vowed to go “thermonuclear” over Android, and spend every dime in Apple’s tens of billions of dollars in the bank to reap horrible vengeance upon them.

Current Apple CEO Tim Cook has thus far been much calmer, but every bit as deadly about patent litigation, saying Apple shouldn’t be the developers for the whole world”.

As it stands, the AT&T HTC One X is currently listed as “sold out” on AT&T’s website, while the Sprint EVO 4G LTE is still due to go on sale this week, but the available stock in-store is unclear. So it’s more than possible we may not see either device for the foreseeable future.

Ladies and gents, feel free to let out a deep sigh at this time.

source: Android Central




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  • RTWright

    This is disgraceful that the US Court system let Apple have their way considering how wrong Apple is and that none of this so called intellectual property was theirs to begin with.  Everything here is Open Sourced since the beginning.  The code used to make anything a link is an XML based code.  Which is what has been the very backbone of the Internet long before the World Wide Web was ever created.  The Hyper Text Markup Language has been around longer than anything Apple has created, especially their precious iPhone/iPad.

    The first handheld devices that had the touch screens with all the functional aspects of smartphones including ability to log into the internet and get email, was not Apple.  The first MP3 player was not an iPod either, Creative Labs had one long before Apple did.  So who is really stealing from who? Hmm?  I got news for everyone, Apple is NOT by no means innocent here.  They’ve taken from giants in the past just as much as they claim that others have taken from them.

    I can go back as far as Xerox, who had a GUI that Apple based their original OS off of.  For that matter, the Amiga was the very first full color computer graphics UI based OS on the market for desktops.  Which by design was built into the chipset and had to be flash upgraded.  Apple was not the first in a lot of places that the die-hard Apple followers would like to really believe in.

    Now let me clear something up as far as my view is on this. I personally do not care if Apple took something from another and improved upon it.  That’s how things are done, you look at what someone else has done and you improve upon it with your own twist and come up with something hopefully better.  Apple has done no wrong in doing this.  Where I feel they’ve done wrong is, claiming everything to be theirs and going after Google because they through Android have become such a huge threat to them.  They do not want competition, they want to be the Monopoly here so that they can dictate how things get done across the board.

    So I do hope America wakes up and stops catering to the two year old fit throwing child known as Apple and puts them in their corner for punishment. Stop with the constant crying and actually do something for once.  Like here’s an idea…. Why not take your proprietary devices and make it so people can change out the battery, put in an SDcard, give a bigger screen, give them some kind of a reason to really choose YOUR product over an Android!  Instead of sitting here thinking of ways to cause more trouble, do what Google has done and expand your horizons and get in with being more flexible.

    Another thing they could do, is allow people the ability to customize the looks of their iOS on the phone itself.  Android offers all kinds of different Home Screen Launchers.  Apple, can’t you see what you’re NOT doing that would help you maintain your status without having to throw your childish fits?  No, you’re too hard headed for this and have been for years even on your own Desktop OSX.  You’ve done great things but you refuse to allow anyone to customize anything you create to fit their desired look and feel and this is why you’re not #1 in the computer world and have fallen from the leader in Cell Devices on the market.  Android offers something you don’t….. Freedom!

    • Mei

      Couldn’t agree more, Apple at their worst.

  • Blett70

    My words exactly. Now let’s see some Iyuppies opinions

  • dtw

    Kids like Apple for status symbols and style points.  The smart college kids have iMac running Windows 7 – they seem to really enjoy the freedom (OS, software) albeit good hardware.  Then they find that the iMac can do so much more without the handcuffs.  The folks that have iPhones and really love them (the ones in-the-know) jailbreak the device and run an OS that looks strikingly similar to  Android  – they seem to really enjoy the freedom…..then they find it can do so much more without the iron bars (albeit good hardware).  Let’s remember we are dealing with developers that still haven’t figured out (admitted) that a mouse needs more than one button.  Oh, they say you just have to hit the apple key when you click to mimick a right-click but what good is a mouse if you have to use a keyboard to operate it?  I own an iPhone and an Android – one is for work and one is my personal preference (you guess which).  What I like most about my Android is the fact that I can do with one key press what takes three key presses on the iPhone, i.e. go back.  I can’t even dial-by-name on the iPhone even though I can do that on my childrens dumb phones.  The iPhone map navigation is useless unless you purchase an app.  What I like about the iPhone is that the battery lasts sooooo much longer (again, good hardware/sloppy OS and fw).  Freedom of choice is really what this should be about.  Apple needs to face the music and improve its weaknesses.  Competition is what makes all this stuff improve and evolve into more useful devices.  On problem has always been that the US courts will call MS a monopoly if Apple screams while Apple works on creating their own monopoly.  How does the court allow this?   Hmmmmm.  Can you smell payola?