Sprint Galaxy Nexus Rumor: April 15th Release Date

We told you the Sprint Galaxy Nexus was one step closer after it passed through the FCC a couple of days ago. The latest rumor, which s4gru.com says comes from an inside source at Sprint, is that the carrier has decided to release the device on April 15th. That’s a Sunday, which would normally seem like an unlikely day for a phone’s release, but Sprint has been known to do Sunday releases in the past. Also, Sprint’s Galaxy Nexus contest ends on April 14th, along with a few promotions for older WiMax devices, giving some more credence to the rumor.

Other interesting details the source provided centers around the phone’s LTE capabilities. First, the phone will come set to 3G connectivity by default. This makes sense since Sprint’s LTE network will not be anywhere near fully rolled out. A toggle function will be available to switch between 3G and 4G. This can be seen as an advantage since the LTE radio can use more battery power than 3G. Verizon Galaxy Nexus users have been asking for an LTE toggle, so it would be nice to have it built-in by default.

Second, the Sprint Galaxy Nexus will support eHRPD, the protocol used to allow for seamless handoffs between 3G EVDO and 4G LTE. This will be greatly useful while users go in and out of 4G areas during Sprint’s LTE build-out.

I hope these rumors are true. The sooner Sprint releases the Galaxy Nexus, the more likely it will be a successful device for them. If they delay too long, other phones, like the HTC One X, may steal the thunder. Though I am tempted by HTC’s latest, I have to admit the allure of a Google Experience phone may be just too much to ignore.

source: s4gru
via: phandroid




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  • PizzaFan

    I cant see picking up a nexus at this point. The device is lackluster, at best.

  • Unlocked nexus or bust.

  • I do hope that the rumors are true, too! I hope Sprint can release Galaxy Nexus as soon as possible, or they may be eaten up by other network providers. I have always been a fan of Samsung Android phones!