Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 overheating issues may be exaggerated


In a recent study using side-by-side comparison, online blog STJS Gadgets Portal is reporting that overheating issues with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 may be blown out of proportion. The comparison uses one smartphone running a Snapdragon 801 processor next to a pre-commercial smartphone running a Snapdragon 810.

Talk Android has been covering all the news about the possible overheating issue with the Snapdragon 810 for a few months now. You can see how this new study falls in with the previous reports by clicking “Read more” and continuing after the break. Read more

Samsung Galaxy A7 now available in India


Availability of the Galaxy A7 has not been widespread, but Samsung has consistently launched the handset in new markets over time. Now, the Galaxy A7 is available to consumers in India for Rs 30,499 (or about $491) with color options being gold, black, and white. The company setup a page for the Galaxy A7 in its India eStore and it is already out of stock there. Whether it is due to low supply or high demand, Samsung must be happy to see the Galaxy A7 sold quickly in India.

Source: Samsung India eStore
Via: Fone Arena

[Deal] Amazon selling the NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet with $30 gift card and free games


This weekend, there is a little bit of an incentive to purchase the NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet. Amazon has the tablet in both WiFi and LTE variants available at their usual prices, but a $30 gift card and free games are included. The three games included at no extra cost are Half-Life 2: Episode 1, Half-Life 2, and Portal. So, combining the gift card with the free games, consumers taking advantage of this deal will save north of $100.

Amazon has not specified the end date for this promotion.

Source: Amazon [WiFi model] [LTE model]

Best apps for analyzing and improving battery life on your Android device

Android Battery Life

Battery life is one of those features that just hasn’t kept up with rest of the hardware on our Android devices. Our phones have extremely detailed picture quality, they’re nearing video game console levels of graphical fidelity, and they keep up with all kinds of health information and statistics about us, but getting one to last an entire day away from the wall charger is a tricky endeavor. Many manufacturers include their own power saving modes, and Google has recently added its own spin on power saving into Android with Lollipop, but there are a handful of extra steps and apps you can use to squeeze a little more life out of your device.

We’ve already covered a few of these apps, but things have changed drastically over the past few years. So this guide will let you know how some of those apps have improved and we will also let you know some new things you can do to extend the battery life of your phone. Read more

New Hi Locker app offers custom lock screen options


A new lock screen app has hit the Google Play store offering users some of the feel and features of past lock screen apps combined with the Material Design of  Android Lollipop. Hi Locker gives users the ability to enter a name or favorite status to be displayed on the lock screen as well as some app generated greetings to help brighten your day, providing the apparent inspiration for the name of the app. Read more

Lenovo plans to update 7 of its smartphones in Q2


Lenovo has just published a list of smartphones it hopes to upgrade to Lollipop in the next quarter of this year. The A5000, A6000, P70, S90, Vibe X2, Vibe Z2 and Vibe Z2 Pro are expected to receive the update somewhere between April 1 and June 30, whereas the S856, S860, S930 and P90 are set to get it shortly after.

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Metal Moto 360 variants will be available in Canada in March


If you’ve been waiting to pick up a Moto 360 with a metal band in Canada, your wait is almost over. The company is set to release the metal-clad variants of its smartwatch later in March this year at a few different retailers.

The dark and light metal Moto 360 will be available for $329, and you’ll be able to pick up both options at Future Shop or Best Buy. TELUS will also be carrying the dark metal 360, and they’ll exclusively sell the champagne finish watch with the 18 mm strap, if you’re looking for something a little thinner. Read more

Samsung awarded design patent for refined Galaxy Camera


Samsung’s Galaxy Camera is a cool concept, but the actual design of the device is pretty clunky, to say the least. It looks like Samsung is working on updating that, though, as they’ve been awarded a design patent for a new camera phone device that’s much sleeker than what you can get right now.

The patent shows a device with a more refined body instead of the awkward grip that you’ll find on the current Galaxy Camera. The headphone jack on the device also appears to have been moved to the top and center, and it looks like Samsung has possibly found a way to integrate the flash into the camera lens encasement. There’s a small hole on the outer edges and no hole on the face of the device, so going by this single patent design, that’s the most likely conclusion. Read more

IKEA Emoticons brings kindness to the keyboard no matter the message


To IKEA, customers should live comfortably with its furniture and communicate effectively with others. Oh, you didn’t know about the second part? The Swedish company released a keyboard packed with kind emoticons for Android (and iOS) devices. The IKEA Emoticons app is all about sending a message in the most productive way. The emoticons will “bring a smile to your loved ones faces” because of just how impossible it is to be offended by them.

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