Koush develops video recording utility to record device’s screen

Video Recording Android

By now, taking a screenshot on an Android device is almost second-nature. Simply press the down volume button + power button simultaneously. However, taking a video of the device’s screen presents a trickier problem.

CM developer Koushik Dutta is currently working on a solution that will allow users to do so on their Android devices, by pressing the up volume button + power button simultaneously. Audio and touch indicators are added in for extra utility.

The new feature can present many helpful additions, including allowing developers to demo their app’s features, and also for users to report bugs/errors, or record instructional content.

The feature should be on CM 10.2 soon. Check out Koush’s video after the break.

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Press image for Sony Xperia Z1S leaks

Evleaks Z1s

This phone remains a mystery. While the Z1 was released not that long ago, it’s unlikely that the Z1S is another Sony flagship. This could, however, be the US version of the Z1 mini. The Japanese version is known as the “Z1 f.”

Other rumors suggest that this is the T-Mobile version of the Z1, because of the styling of the 4G LTE logo on the screen.

An official announcement is expected to come in the next few weeks, with more details as well. We’ll keep you posted.

Source: @evleaks

HTC One Max press images for AT&T and Verizon leak



While we already saw press images of the Sprint and Verizon HTC One Max variants, it was unknown if any other carriers would be getting the latest phablet. But now according to Twitter’s @evleaks, AT&T will also get the One Max. In the image above, you may notice something different. Just like Verizon, AT&T will opt to stamp their logo on the bottom bezel. This differs from the Sprint version as HTC’s logo will remain. And as we eluded to the last time, notice the dates on the devices. That may hint the release date for the different carriers. Hit the break for the Verizon press image (it is identical to last week’s).
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TalkAndroid Weekly Recap for October 14 – October 20, 2013


We had another busy week at TalkAndroid so here’s a recap of all the top stories. There was a lot of Nexus and Kit Kat news this week as we inch closer to the release. We still don’t know exactly when either will be unveiled, but some sleuthing points to October 28. Meanwhile, HTC finally unveiled their One Max, which will probably be another unsuccessful offering from the struggling company. Google is giving iOS users lots of love by providing a major update to Hangouts, but have no fear, it’s coming to Android soon. At least they gave some international love with the Chromecast app. It’s time to get caught up and get ready for another exciting week.


Top 4 Android password manager apps [October 2013]


HTC One Max will have a power flip case to extend battery even longer

Samsung exploring magnetic resonance wireless charging

Apps – New

Samsung releases OLED World app to showcase AMOLED displays on newer devices

Google “Mobile Meter” app will allegedly reward users for allowing usage tracking

BBM should be available in the Play Store “within days”

Innovative new home screen Aviate enters private beta

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Chromecast’s Android app now available overseas


Although the Chromecast itself is only selling in the United States, those of you that imported a Chromecast overseas are in luck. The Chromecast’s Android app is now available internationally. (Confirmation that it can now be downloaded in the UK has arrived, as well as some other countries.)

While the Chromecast still can’t be purchased in the UK, the app availability change may signal something coming…

Source: Android Central

New Google patent reveals the possibility of Android having pressure sensitivity


In what could just be a meaningless move by the company, Google has obtained an interestingly bizarre patent for Android. It involves pressure sensitivity on a phone’s body. The actions presented in the patent are squeezing, splaying, and shearing. As you can tell by the names, they would all initiate some sort of function. Squeezing is simply applying pressure to the phone. But splaying and shearing are a little more interesting.

Shearing is when you go up on one side of the device but up on the other and vice versa. Splaying is when you spread your fingers outward to the edges of the screen. The functions highlighted in the patent are to launch apps like e-mail, music, web browsing, and phone. Hit the break for a gallery of two other images from the patent.

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Galaxy Note 10.1 – 2014 Edition to cost £499 for 16GB in the U.K.


According to a tipster over at Android Central, the 2014 edition of the Galaxy Note 10.1 will cost £499 for the 16GB version with WiFi in the United Kingdom. The tablet launched last week in the United States and now retailers in the U.K. are getting them as well. The tispster snapped a photo of the device on display at Currys/PC World. Although the Galaxy Note 10.1 is on display, they aren’t expected to start being sold in the U.K. until next week. Also, note that it says there is a “quad core processor” rather than the octa-core one in the United States. This is likely just a typo.

Source: Android Central

AT&T to merge Aio into Leap Wireless if Leap acquisition is successful

aio wireless

AT&T’s Aio prepaid service may not have a very long lifespan if the acquisition of Leap Wireless is successful. According to AT&T, if the acquisition goes through, they plan on merging Aio into Leap’s business under the Cricket brand. While it would be good news for AT&T in building up brand recognition for their prepaid service nationwide, it would likely mean Aio customers would have to switch over to a new plan and carrier.

Leap shareholders will vote on the acquisition on October 24th, and we’ll keep you updated on what happens. Any Aio customers disappointed to hear this news?

source: Fierce Wireless

Oculus Rift dev kit to be available soon, consumer model expected to run Android



The revolutionary Oculus Rift virtual gaming system should be making waves when it’s released— it markets itself as the one true virtual-gaming  headset that immerses the user in the experience.

Oculus’ CTO, John Carmack, (the lead programmer on many pioneering video games including Doom, Wolfenstein 3D, etc.) said, “The way I believe it’s going to play out is you will eventually have a head-mounted display that probably runs Android, as a standalone system, that has a system-on-a-chip that’s basically like what you have in mobile phones.”

While the company plans to release their consumer version at some point next year, a new dev kit will be available soon. We’re looking to see how this new project pans out— it looks like it’ll definitely be something to keep an eye on. Check out a video after the break.

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Photos leak of upcoming white Nexus 5, iPad 5, iPad mini 2

White Nexus 5

Incoming news from China this afternoon— some press images of a white Nexus 5, the iPad 5, and the iPad mini 2. It is expected that Apple announces the upcoming tablets on October 22nd.

If you’re interested, it looks like the iPad 5 will have the Touch ID fingerprint scanner, while the iPad mini 2 will not— the mini will also not feature a Retina display.

You can find the iPad photo after the break.

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