[Deal] Motorola taking $100 off purchases of $499 or more even without coupon code


So you missed out on obtaining a coupon code from Motorola for Valentine’s Day. It’s alright! There is still an opportunity to save money on Motorola products. The company is taking $100 off of purchases totaling $499 or more from now through February 14 and a coupon code is not required. It is not the $140 that the coupon code would save, but $100 is better than nothing. Just make sure your cart is at least $499 before checking out and enjoy putting some money back in your pocket.

Source: Motorola [Moto Maker]

Google releases ‘Best Friends Furever’ video to promote Android’s togetherness


“Be together. Not the same.” That is the tagline Google has been running since the launch of Android 5.0 Lollipop. It embodies everything that the operating system is about while speaking on a bigger level. Devices (and people) do not have to be identical in order to work together. Everything and everyone has something unique to offer. The latest way Google is promoting the togetherness of Android is with animals. A new 60-second video was published and circulates through various scenes of different animals bonding: a cat and dog opening a door together, a bear and a tiger snuggling together, an elephant and a sheep digging together. Do you get it? Animals are working together with ease, something that humans have not yet mastered.

Hit the break to watch the video along with brief clips.

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Qualcomm working on three successors to the Snapdragon 615

Snapdragon 800 SoCAfter the controversy surrounding the Snapdragon 810, some leaked information suggests Qualcomm is planning three new processors to supplant the Snapdragon 615 CPU that was announced roughly a year ago. It’s a pretty odd strategy, but at least they’ll have several options if one of the chips runs into any kind of issues.

The three new processors actually sport some pretty high specs considering where they fall in Qualcomm’s lineup, which is great news for someone looking for a mid-range device in 2015.
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New laws for unlocking phones go into effect February 11th

Unlocked_DeviceSIM unlocking phones is something that comes up in the legal world every so often, with the most recent event making it completely legal to unlock your device. Like any other law, though, the fine print changes, and on February 11th there will be some slightly tweaked rules to go by when getting your smart device unlocked to use on other networks.

Most of the rules generally stay the same, but some of the details have been altered to keep up with the changing landscape of buying phones. When purchasing a subsidized phone, if you sign a 2-year contract for your device and it’s paid off, your carrier is still legally obligated to unlock the phone for you. This now extends to installment plans, too. Prepaid phones are similar, but the carrier has up to a year to unlock the device.
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AT&T ranked #1 in J.D. Power 2015 Wireless Customer Care survey

AT&T_Logo_01_TAAT&T has picked up some new bragging rights with the latest J.D. Power rankings. The Wireless Customer Care survey scored AT&T at the top, ranking them above other wireless carriers for the third time in the past four surveys spanning back to the second half of 2013.

I think it’s safe to say the pressure from some other carriers probably helped spur AT&T to step up their customer service game. Either way, it’s definitely a win for the consumer.
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Samsung to begin selling Gear VR in some Best Buy stores on February 8th

samsung_gear_vrSamsung’s Gear VR headset was announced at the same time as the Galaxy Note 4, but getting your hands on one has been tricky. So far, Samsung has only been selling it online through¬†Best Buy’s online store and in some European countries, so it’s hardly widely available. Fortunately it looks like that’ll change in February.

Starting February 8th, a select 100 Best Buy stores will begin stocking the Gear VR with a demo Note 4 for customers to test drive. The demo units will have four experiences to check out, including Milk Video for videos, TheBlu for gaming, Transformers for a virtual reality movie, and 360 Photos for viewing images. Those should cover most of the bases for someone that’s interested in buying a Gear VR.
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RadioShack files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, Sprint moving into some stores


After struggling to find any sort of success in recent years, RadioShack has officially filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The entire process includes plenty of moves and changes for various parties. General Wireless, a subsidiary of Standard General, will absorb most of RadioShack’s assets and existing leases for retail stores. Most notably, Sprint has agreed to move into approximately 1,750 stores across the country. It will allow Sprint to have a store-within-a-store setup. The agreement provides Sprint with around a third a retail space within the co-branded stores. While Sprint, Boost Mobile, and Virgin Mobile have primary branding on marketing materials, other carriers and products will continue to be sold.

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Nexus 6 for Verizon has Big Red’s logo stamped on the rear


Branding is very important for carriers in the United States. They feel that putting their name and logo everywhere and anywhere will help sell the device. Among the nation’s four largest carriers, Verizon has been the worst with branding. So people are worried that the Nexus 6, when released through Verizon, will have excessive branding that takes away from the Nexus experience. Well, we have good news. Big Red will only place its logo at the bottom of the back panel on the Nexus 6.

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Leaked Samsung Galaxy S 6 dimensions note 6.91mm thin body


We are just weeks away from seeing the Galaxy S 6 introduced to the world on March 1 and there are many aspects that remain a mystery. The measurements, for example, have remained under the radar despite various reports on software and hardware. There was a leak of case schematics last week but the authenticity seemed a bit questionable. Today, alleged dimensions of the Galaxy S 6 appeared once again. The most notable measurement with this schematic is how thin the handset will apparently be. The schematic, provided by Underkg, has the Galaxy S 6 being 6.91mm thin which would make it comparable to the Apple iPhone. Calculating the given display height and width, it would span less than 5in; however, we highly doubt that Samsung is going with a smaller display.

Hit the break to see the leaked schematic.

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Sprint updating the HTC One (M8) and LG G3 to Android 5.0 Lollipop next week


Sprint is on fire when it comes to updating devices to Lollipop. If the HTC One (M7) and the Galaxy S 5 wasn’t enough, how about the HTC One (M8) and the LG G3? A leaked document shows that the HTC One (M8) will get Android 5.0 Lollipop on February 13 and the LG G3 will get the tasty treat on February 16. If you happen to own the Harman Kardon edition of the One (M8), don’t fret, because it’s included in the update as well.

Of course, it should be noted that “subject to change” is listed so if anything goes wrong with the final testing, Sprint will delay the launch. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

source: Android Central