SwiftKey users have been seeing predictions from other people’s personal data


SwiftKey is one of the oldest and most popular third-party keyboards on Android. It has almost unmatched text predictions that sync with various apps and services (such as SMS, Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter) allowing the user to quickly type up a message, often using the prediction bar alone. Combine that with the ability to sync your predictions in the cloud so your data is available across all devices your signed into and you have a pretty powerful service. However, in the last several days some users are reporting that the predictions they are seeing are not their own, and appear to be from other people.

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Sony posts surprise profit, mobile unit turnaround


For a while it looked like Sony may be dropping out of the smartphone market. The belief was so strong that last year there were several instances when industry watchers believed an announcement was imminent that Sony would shut down their mobile communications division. After some waffling, Sony executives committed to turning the unit around. Those efforts may be paying off for Sony as their latest financial results for the recently completed quarter show their Mobile Communications Segment actually generated a small profit, part of a larger positive and surprising result for the company. Read more

Best multiplayer games


The ultimate goal in the creation of smartphones and tablets was one thing: connection. They’ve paved the way to make connecting with others a cinch, but app developers have taken it even a step further by creating content and games that people from all over the world can play together. Sure, this introduces us to great people we might not have met otherwise, but it’s also helped bridge the gap between friends who are geographically too far away to hang out on a Friday night.

The apps in this list vary—some are designed for friends to be sitting right next to you, and others are meant for connecting you with new people, while some have features for both. But either way, they’re all perfect for the age-old tradition of bringing people together!

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Exclusive: The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has a barely-curved display, plenty of new software features


Next month, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 will debut in front of a live crowd in New York City.

We’re sharing exclusive information today that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. Our information comes from a trusted source who has indeed used a consumer-ready version of the phone that will be Samsung’s flagship moving forward. If we’re wrong, we invite you to laugh in our faces.

Hit the break for our story.

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SoundCloud hoping to find buyer willing to part with $1 billion


SoundCloud started out as an alternative method for DJs and artists to get their music and other creations streaming on the Internet without relying on big services like Apple Music or Spotify. Despite those roots, the company is increasingly moving towards a more mainstream model. One step in that journey is the possible sale of the company, a move the owners hope will yield a $1 billion sales price. Read more