Get an Iron Man version of the Galaxy S6 on the cheap


Did you see the recent announcement that Samsung is producing a special edition Samsung Galaxy S6 edge tied to the Iron Man character? If so, you probably are aware that not only is the special edition not available for the regular Samsung Galaxy S6, it is currently limited to Korea with no announced plans to expand to other markets. If you were really hoping to get your hands on one or you already have a Galaxy S6 device, Slickwraps has a new option that is a lot cheaper and ready to ship right now. Read more

The Xperia Z3+ has a slightly brighter, warmer display than the Z3


It was just a couple of days that Sony announced that the Xperia Z4, as it known in Japan, would be released to the rest of the world as the Xperia Z3+. One of the main complaints is that the Z4/Z3+ isn’t much different than the outgoing Xperia Z3. Apart from the handset being ever so slightly lighter and thinner, its processor being upgraded to the Snapdragon 810 and its MicroUSB socket changing position and making do without a protective tab, there isn’t really much to talk about.

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AT&T’s LG G4 will be available starting May 29th

LG G4 Variety of coloursWe’ve been waiting and waiting for all of the major carriers in the US to announce availability of LG’s G4, and AT&T is one of the last to make something official. It’s kind of a last minute announcement, but AT&T will begin selling the G4 starting on May 29th. Today is May 28th. Odd move, but hey, at the least the wait is over. Plus, AT&T customers should be able to buy the device ahead of Verizon customers. Read more