What I need to see in the HTC 10


HTC isn’t doing too great right now. Last year, the company saw a 35% sales drop year-over-year, forcing its CEO to assure fans that the brand would never go away. This assurance is nice, I suppose, but a company’s main goal is to turn a profit and HTC hasn’t been able to do that for quite some time now. Many point to the underwhelming One M9 as a big reason for the brutal 2015. The phone looked basically identical to its predecessor, and that dastardly overheating Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 scared a lot of potential buyers away.

So can the HTC 10 turn around the company’s fortunes?

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Giveaway: Win free access to Poweramp 3.0 from Talk Android!


Anyone with an Android device from back in the day knows Poweramp, the music player that has been around for years and served millions of people worldwide. To this day, over 2 million people are still using Poweramp. It simply remains the very best music player for Android devices because of the features standing unmatched by the competition. Poweramp plays all of your music in a custom layout with controls that are deep as possible.

If you want to try out the service for yourself, Poweramp’s $3.99 price tag is preceded by a 15-day free trial; however, the developers of Poweramp are gladly giving 20 lucky Talk Android readers free access to the latest version.

That’s right… We’re hosting a giveaway for free access to Poweramp 3.0!

Hit the break to enter.

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[TA Deals] Win a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2!

galaxy tab s2 black angle

By now, Talk Android Deals is a familiar section of our site. It’s the place where we can save you a lot of money on high-end products and services. Saving money is great, but not spending any money at all while getting the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is way better. We’re hosting a giveaway right now on Talk Android Deals that will have one very lucky winner receiving Samsung’s flagship tablet for no cost at all.

Let’s send you a Galaxy Tab S2 for being so loyal to Talk Android.

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Best Android Wear watch faces


It’s official: we’re living in the future. Smart watches are overtaking the technology world, and with good reason. They’re a perfect fit for the businessman who needs to be professional and present in meetings, and they’re awesome for the runner whose phone is too much bulk to run with. Whether you’re a teacher, a tour guide, or a an on-the-go mom who needs her hands free, Android Wear is the right choice for you, and today we’ve got a few amazing watch face styles to show you.

With so many Android watch face choices out there, there’s something for everyone on every occasion.

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Galaxy S7 sales are a hit for Samsung thanks to an early release

samsung_galaxy_s7_edge_titanium_silver_front_TAAfter nearly unanimous reviews praising the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, it looks like Samsung has finally managed to capture that spark again that they’ve been trying to nail down since the Galaxy S III. Early estimates suggest that Samsung has sold 9 million units in the first month of availability for their 2016 flagship, which is almost three times what the Galaxy S6 managed to do last year. Read more

Today is the grand opening of the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas

t-mobile_arena_exterior_nightlife_renderIt’s been a few months since the T-Mobile Arena was announced, but today is finally the day that the venue goes live with its grand opening. T-Mobile is obviously boasting about this opening with a ton of fanfare, and with good reason. It’s an incredibly impressive arena right in Las Vegas, so you can expect it to host a ton of concerts, sporting events, and everything else. Read more