Want the HTC One A9 from Verizon? It’s coming in December


The HTC One A9 can be bought directly from HTC for $399, a price that will soon increase. Among the Big Four U.S. carriers, Verizon is the only one without a dedicated variant; however, the handset will work on the carrier’s network and likely its 4G LTE network alone. Still, as of right now, you cannot buy the One A9 from Verizon. The wait to get the new HTC flagship from Verizon will a bit longer.

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Alto Mail marks AOL’s return to mobile email


The life and times of AOL, formerly known as America Online, have been anything but dull. The company debuted with a service to get people online. That quickly turned into a multitude of other services and attracted Time Warner to commence a merger leading to the ill-fated AOL Time Warner. AOL was spun off in 2009 as its own company and has since focused on digital content and advertising, apparently performing well enough for Verizon to acquire it for $4.4 billion. Email, one of the pillars of AOL’s success, basically evaporated with the rise of competitors. But now AOL is back with a brand new mobile email app that doesn’t care which service you’re using.

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PSA: Google Keep now allows you to draw on notes


Google Keep today in a new update now allows you to draw on your notes. For example, if you had a note with an image embedded in it, you could draw on that image. To initiate drawing, you’ll just need to tap on the pen icon, which will open a action bar with a handful of other drawing options.

The update is rolling out in stages, so expect to see it over the next couple of days.

Happy drawing!

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Alcatel OneTouch’s Idol 3 is heading to Cricket Wireless


Next week, Cricket Wireless customers will be able to purchase Alcatel OneTouch’s flagship phone, the Idol 3. For the first time ever, the Idol 3 will be sold by a carrier online and in stores from Cricket Wireless starting November 6. The two companies announced today that the Idol 3 is a Cricket Wireless exclusive priced at just $149. This price is down from the unlocked price of $249 directly from Alcatel OneTouch. Cricket Wireless, in addition to offering the handset at a lower price, is emphasizing its 4G LTE network as an advantage over the competition. In case you forgot, Cricket Wireless is owned and operated by AT&T.

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WileyFox launches the Storm smartphone in the UK for £199


UK startup WileyFox revealed the Storm and Swift Cyanogen-powered smartphones in late August. Meant to take on the likes of OnePlus’ devices, the Storm and Swift are both smartphones with very nice specifications at a low price point. After opening up pre-orders in late August for the Storm, WileyFox’s more high-end option, it’s now available in the UK for £199.

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Google Play Games enables recording and sharing of game action


I remember a time in the past when it was frowned upon to post videos of gaming action forcing users to find a variety of workarounds. Things have changed though and now over 144 billion minutes of live game streams and recording activity are viewed on YouTube each month. Google appears to have figured out that instead of fighting against the current of mainstream culture, they should take advantage of it and hop on board. Today they announced a new feature for the Google Play Games app that will enable users to record and share gaming moments along with commentary. Read more

Sunrise team helps Microsoft overhaul Outlook mobile client


Near the beginning of 2015, Microsoft went out and acquired the company behind the popular Sunrise Calendar app. As the end of October approaches, the fruits of that acquisition are starting to show up in the form of an overhaul of the Outlook mobile app on both iOS and Android, with a Windows phone update pending. According to Microsoft, the Sunrise team has been rolled into the Outlook product team where they will help bring a “fresh approach” not just to the calendar portion, but the entire user interface for the app. The bad news for fans of the Sunrise Calendar app is that Microsoft plans to end-of-life the product once all features are fully integrated into Outlook. Read more