UKarbon skin review

UKarbon LGG3 (10)

When it comes to protecting our smartphones and tablets from scratches, many of us choose to put them in cases that all too often both hide the design of the device and add a fair amount of heft to them. There are other options though, one of them being from UKarbon, a company based in the United Kingdom that offers a protective skin made of carbon fibre textured vinyl. You can buy a UKarbon skin to protect your smartphone, tablet, laptop, gaming console or even your Beats headphones from scratches as well as enhancing the item’s appearance.

I was lucky enough to receive a skin to review on my LG G3 from Harry Hextall, who along with Tom Summerfield, runs UKarbon whilst completing university. Read more

Moto 360 price drops permanently to $149 through Motorola and the Google Store


Moving forward, the Moto 360 will cost less from two of its sellers. Both Motorola and the Google Store have knocked the starting price of the smartwatch down to $149, a drop of $100 compared to the launch price. This, however, is not just a sale or temporary discount. The price of the Moto 360 through Motorola and the Google Store is permanently $149 to start.

This price drop could indicate that a successor to last year’s model is one the way. Based on Motorola’s current release cycle, the new Moto 360 should arrive in late August or early September. Until then, an Android Wear device at this price is quite the steal.

[Google Store] [Motorola]

YouTube mobile app now supports 60fps video


Mobile device users looking for the smooth video performance of high frame rate videos will be glad to know that Google is bringing support for 60fps video to the YouTube app on both Android and iOS. Support for HFR video has slowly been added to the YouTube ecosystem, starting with the addition on the desktop last fall. This May YouTube added support for HFR to their live streaming service. The next step in the expansion of HFR support was announced yesterday by the YouTube Creators team as support will now be included in the YouTube app on mobile devices.

source: YouTube Creators (Google+)
via: Engadget

Sony launches “First Flight” to encourage employee innovation and invention


Sony has announced a new phase in their Seed Acceleration Program, “First Flight” which merges crowdfunding and e-commerce site features to help promote ideas and products generated internally by Sony employees. The Seed Acceleration Program is Sony’s means for encouraging new business ideas by employees and if good enough, eventually transforming them into a full-fledged business. The new First Flight initiative is meant to help “move people emotionally through innovation” by connecting creators with possible customers. Read more

Virtual reality sci-fi movie coming to Android on August 3rd


Although still a tiny portion of the mobile device market, virtual reality devices continue to get a lot of attention from the industry. If consumers are going to invest in the technology good content is needed and Roddenberry Entertainment, a media group established by none other than Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, is hoping a new project will answer that call. They are slated to release a new “movie” called White Room: 02B3 that will actually be an app providing a 360-degree view, will be interactive, and will target VR headsets. Read more