Telegram users can design their own custom stickers


The millions of people around the world using Telegram can create and send their very own custom stickers. The messaging service announced this week that artists can send submit their custom sticker sets to the Telegram @stickers bot for approval. In return, users are provided with permanent link for the set to save and share with others.

Sharing a sticker set can be done either by sending the direct link or the receiver can select ‘Add to Stickers’ upon receiving one. The entire set is then added. Within Telegram’s settings, users can remove entire sticker sets.

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HTC’s rumoured 7-inch H7 tablet gets spotted with Quad-core CPU and Dual-SIM support


If you discount manufacturing the Nexus 9 tablet for Google, HTC has been out of the tablet market for quite a while, with its last offerings being the JetStream and Flyer devices. Thanks to a recent tumour and today’s spotting of the HTC H7 tablet on India’s import-export database, Zauba, it seems that HTC are gearing up to re-enter the tablet market before the end of the second quarter.

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Google Maps offers up new traffic alerts just in time for the Memorial Day weekend craze


Those of us here in the U.S. are excited for a three day weekend as we celebrate Memorial Day. However, the one downer is traffic. Since this weekend is kind of like the unofficial start of the summer, a lot of people travel to visit family and friends which results in a lot of congestion on the roads.

Finding your way is the easy part if you use Google Maps, but finding the best route with the shortest delay is no easy task. Google Maps already helps with traffic alerts, but a new update might makes things a little easier.

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