Casio preparing to enter the smartwatch field


The smartwatch industry has a new player ready to enter, this time coming from the world of watchmakers hoping to add some “smarts” to its devices instead of a tech company looking to cram smarts into a watch form factor. Casio has revealed plans to produce a smartwatch for release in 2016. With the company’s history, the move to finally get into the market should probably not be a surprise. Read more

Samsung testing Samsung Pay with local companies to address difficulties


Samsung is believed to be targeting the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 in September as the official launch of their new Samsung Pay platform. Samsung Pay was already delayed from a joint launch with the Samsung Galaxy S6 earlier this year. However, Samsung reportedly is struggling with technical issues prompting the company to test with local companies to get more “real world” feedback. Sources indicate Samsung is having trouble getting the system to work as smoothly as desired, especially with older equipment still used by retailers. Read more

Chevrolet will introduce a new Active Phone Cooling feature in its future vehicles to assist wireless charging

Active Phone Cooling

Automotive manufacturer Chevrolet has today announced a new feature it will be implementing in its upcoming 2016 Impala, Malibu, Volt and Cruze models called Active Phone Cooling. This feature will come as standard with automobiles that are equipped with wireless charging docks in order to ensure that the phones stay cool whilst juicing up.

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