LG Watch Urbane heads to the Google Store in 13 countries by end of April


Next on the Android Wear release schedule is the LG Watch Urbane. This evening, LG issued a press release that states the smartwatch will be available through the Google Store in thirteen countries by the end of April (or next week). Along with an unspecified date, LG did not provide a price. Also, this is merely for the rollout of the Watch Urbane and that means shipping will likely take place at a later time. It could be June before anyone gets their smartwatch.

The wait could be worth it, however, as the Watch Urbane has specifications to put it at the top of its class. The completely round 1.3-inch display has 320×320 resolution and P-OLED technology. Inside is the usual Snapdragon 400 processor and collection of sensors. Two unique feature are LG Call for viewing recent calls and LG Pulse for monitory heart rate with no pause. And, right out of the box, the Watch Urbane has the latest version of Android Wear.

Being that the G Watch R has a $299 price tag, the Watch Urbane could reach $349.

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Good Technology announces expansion of Android security support


The focus for Good Technology has been mobile security for nearly twenty years and now the company has a new offering that Android hardware manufacturers can implement with their devices and installed apps. Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) is an interface that secures applications for work that can be accessed through compatible hardware. The access comes from secure key storage through enterprise mobility management that hardware manufacturers are already using today. Good Technology claims that its Good TEE covers everyone involved in an enterprise and end users can forgo the long process of entering password after password.

Good Technology will launch this offering in the form of a beta program next month.

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Android Auto supports Samsung Galaxy S6 upon Google Play Services update


Two of the world’s most popular devices were not able to work with Android Auto prior to today. An update to Google Play Services, which is rolling out right now, bring’s support for Google’s automobile-focused platform to the Galaxy S6 (which we reviewed) and Galaxy S6 Edge. Other devices were (and still are) left out from Android Auto support, but Google did the right thing by adding two Samsung devices that millions of consumers will purchase this year and next.

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John Legere praises Project Fi for contributing “fresh blood and fresh thinking”

John Legere

There are existing two wireless networks that Google’s Project Fi operates on in addition to more than one million WiFi hotspots. They belong to Sprint and T-Mobile. So those two carriers are bound to receive their fair share of attention in the coming weeks and months as people in the United States explore what Google has to offer with Project Fi. John Legere, the CEO of T-Mobile, is really excited about Project Fi because of its ability to deliver a new, alternative approach. That is something that Legere feels the wireless industry lacks.

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‘Plunder Pirates’ sets sail for Android devices


Put on your eye patches and grab a map. Rovio Stars, a publishing division of Rovio Entertainment, has brought Plunder Pirates to the Play Store. This game from Midoki has players building island strongholds and ravaging enemy lands, taking whatever they can wherever they can. Players have to put together crews to carry out attacks and fight for their islands. For assistance, players can join or create guilds and share rewards after completed attacks. Plunder Pirates is exactly what you would expect from a pirate-inspired multiplayer game.

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Microsoft Outlook for Android exits preview


The Outlook for Android app has been updated seventeen times while in preview, but now everything seems ready for primetime as Microsoft has removed the ‘preview’ tag. The performance and stability of Outlook for Android has been tweaked and the company feels that it matches the iOS version. The non-preview release of the app offers an improved design, IMAP support, unified contacts viewing, directory search, three-day calendar view, and custom gestures. Microsoft asks that users forward them bugs and suggestions to issue updates as quickly as possible by contacting support from within Outlook.

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Google becomes a wireless carrier with Project Fi


Today, Google announced that it would become a wireless carrier with the introduction of Project Fi. Rather than going through the very expensive and exhausting process of building a network, Google opted to utilize two existing networks. Project Fi takes advantage of service provided by T-Mobile and Sprint whenever a WiFi connection is not available. Project Fi also supports calls and texts over a WiFi connection in the absence of LTE service.

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New Samsung Galaxy S6 ad highlights the vivid display


Samsung consistently produces advertisements between commercials and high-profile displays to promote its flagship devices. It certainly helps that Samsung has massively deep pockets to do so. So the new Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge are going to receive plenty of Samsung’s attention through the rest of 2015 and into next year. The latest ad focuses on the vivid 5.1-inch display that has 2560×1440 resolution. Those numbers translate to the Galaxy S6 having nearly six hundred pixels per inch.

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