More info about OnePlus One successor surfaces


This past September, information leaked indicating OnePlus was already tossing around ideas and plans to launch a successor to the OnePlus One sometime during 2015. That really was not a surprise given the way the industry works even for a phone as difficult to obtain as the OnePlus One has been. Now a source familiar with OnePlus’s plans has shared some more details about what is being considered.
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NVIDIA offering some SHIELD specials for Black Friday


Besides the new Nexus 9 and some of the older Nexus tablets, did you know that NVIDIA has already released the update to Android 5.0 Lollipop for its SHIELD tablet? If not, you may want to reconsider NVIDIA’s tablet offering and if you are a gamer, you may want to check out the company’s SHIELD portable gaming device. To help entice you to do so, NVIDIA will be offering some special deals on Black Friday for both devices.
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Some Samsung phones experiencing crashing problems when running Material Design apps

Samsung_Galaxy_Note_4_Main_02_TAGoogle’s new Material Design look for apps is a big step up from what we’ve previously seen, so many developers want to try to implement that bright and bold three-dimensional look on their applications. Fortunately, they can do that thanks to a ported library of assets from Google that developers can ship with their apps, so even older versions of Android get to enjoy Material Design aesthetics.
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Amazon kicks off Black Friday sales with cheap on-contract phones

amazon-logo-bannerAmazon is starting off their Black Friday deals with a ton of phones for a dollar or less on all three major carriers. These are obviously on-contract devices, but if you’re planning on starting up a new line of service or upgrading any lines, these are some pretty great deals. You can snag a Galaxy S 5 for just a dollar, or an LG G3 or HTC One M8 for a penny. Some of the deals vary depending on carrier and whether or not you’re going for a new account or upgrade, but the deals are¬†worth looking through if you’re in the market.
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T-Mobile adds 14 new music streaming services to Music Freedom, including Play Music and SoundCloud

t-mobile-storeOne of T-Mobile’s more popular decisions¬†lately has been to remove music streaming from what counts against a customer’s data caps. This Uncarrier 6.0 move meant users could stream as much Spotify as they’d like and it wouldn’t count against any of their monthly data allotment, which is great for heavy music streamers.

The carrier has slowly been adding new music to what’s covered under that Music Freedom umbrella, and today they’ve announced 14 new services that you can now stream without worrying about data usage, and Google Play Music has finally made the cut.
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Google rolls out new shopping features for Search in time for Black Friday

google shoppingJust in time for Black Friday, Google Shopping results have gotten several new features to make your Black Friday shopping that much easier. According to Google, nearly 50% of holiday shoppers between the ages of 25 – 34 use their phone to buy other things while standing in line, and Google wants to take advantage of that to help you find the best deals as quickly as possible.
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Samsung considering management changes as Galaxy S 5 sales fall 40% short

Samsung_Galaxy_S_5_Back_Camera_Samsung_Logo_TA_02Samsung’s profits have slowly been declining all year, and we’ve heard multiple reports that the company is working on changing their business plan going into 2015 to try and turn things around. The latest information comes from the Wall Street Journal and claims that Samsung is considering a drastic change in management after the Galaxy S 5 completely missed its original sales target.

Early reports say Samsung is planning on moving J.K. Shin out of his role as co-CEO and head of Samsung’s mobile division. Shin currently leads that part of Samsung’s business, and he’s been around since Samsung gobbled up tons of early market share with the first few Galaxy S phones. To replace him, Samsung is looking at giving one of the other co-CEOs, B.K. Yoon, control of the mobile division. Yoon currently runs Samsung’s home appliances and television business.
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Nexus 10 owners reporting no audio from any apps after Lollipop update


A lot of Nexus 10 owners lost the ability to hear any audio after receiving the Lollipop update. This includes all sources, whether it be apps, or even music stored on the device.

The good news is that there appears to be a fix at the user level. Some people found that just rebooting the device several times in a row (5 or 6 times) did the trick.

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Luxury watch makers are feeling threatened by smartwatches


Smartwatches are at their infancy, but 2015 could be an explosive year once Apple jumps on the bandwagon and more Android Wear smartwatches become available. One of the coolest things about smartwatches is their ability to change watch faces. You could literally have a different watch face for each day of the year. Very cool, but luxury watch makers don’t think so.

You may have noticed that there are already thousands of watch faces available thanks to apps in the Play Store like Facer. Many of those faces are replicas of actual luxury watches, giving you the feeling of owning one without dropping thousands of dollars on one. But now companies like Rolex are trying to stop these replica faces from being available.

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