[Deal] Mattel’s View-Master discounted by Amazon, Walmart, and Target


Multiple retailers are currently selling Mattel’s View-Master for a few dollars less than its $30 price. Amazon, Walmart, and Target have all lowered the price of the virtual reality headset that is a modern-day take on the original View-Master from 1940. While Target has the new View-Master Starter Pack for $25, Amazon and Walmart’s sales have the price down to $20.

The Starter Pack includes the View-Master itself, one preview reel, and one adapter for your friends that have iOS devices. Additional reels can be purchased separately, but remember that you can take advantage of the virtual reality offers from the Play Store that are tailored for Google Cardboard viewers.

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Verizon starts rolling out much-needed maintenance update for the LG G4


It appears that Verizon has at last been listening to its customers as it’s now rolling out a much-needed maintenance update to all its carrier-branded variants of the LG G4 located in the United States. The upgrade addresses some severe touchscreen issues that have been present on the handset ever since its launch back in April which resulted in user’s frequently having to restart their device just restore usability. It also introduces a new slow motion option in the camera application and unlinks the ringer, notification and system volumes.

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[TA Deals] Learn how to code with this bundle at your own price


If you want to code, you’ve got to start simple. Coding isn’t exactly the easiest thing to learn, but it doesn’t have to be impossible. Today on Talk Android Deals, we’ve got a bundle that takes you from zero to hero in various areas. You’ll be learning AngularJS, Python, Linux, PHP, MySQL, Ruby, and more. The best part is that you won’t be paying an astronomical price. Instead, you can pay what you want.

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