Nintendo’s Zelda franchise on the way to smartphones

The Legend of Zelda, one of Nintendo’s marquee titles in their game portfolio, may be on the way to your smartphone according the a new report in the Wall Street Journal. Sources indicate Nintendo and co-developer DeNA have a new Zelda based title in the pipeline to be next up after Animal Crossing is released. Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima has indicated in the past that the company hopes to release two or three major smartphone titles per year and a Zelda release after Animal Crossing would line up with that strategy.

Moto X branding returns with Moto X4 according to fresh leaks

Over the weekend new leaks sprung regarding an upcoming Motorola smartphone that some had been referring to as the Moto X 2017, but now appears to be branded the Moto X4. The Moto X series of devices were the flagship level devices for Motorola at one time, but Motorola shifted that distinction to the Moto Z line last year. Since then fans have been waiting for Motorola to resurrect the Moto X line in some fashion.

Audi, Volvo to add Android Auto to new models

There are many paths to using Android Auto in a vehicle including aftermarket systems that support the framework natively, using a cable to plug your smartphone in and run Android Auto through a vehicle’s system, or running the Android Auto app on your smartphone. Probably the best option though is having access to Android Auto through a vehicle’s built-in system. The latest manufacturers to announce support for Android Auto in their systems straight from the factory include Audi and Volvo.

[TA Deals] Take 33% off this stand to charge your phone while it’s docked

Charging your phone is a pretty dull experience, but you can spruce it up by getting a dock. There’s a charging dock on Talk Android Deals that stands your device up for better visibility. All you do is connect your phone to the integrated USB-C connector and the stand keeps it upright. This is especially handy, too, if you have a phone that uses an ambient display for notifications. That way you see notifications at any angle without taking it off the stand.

Features on iOS we want to see on Android

Google’s Android has a lot of great phones in the ecosystem, as well as plenty of excellent features from phone-to-phone; however, there are a handful of features that I, and many others, would no doubt like to see become official Android features. This isn’t speaking in terms of one OS is better than the other, but that iOS has some features that would make using Android a whole lot more seamless and enjoyable.

I also think these features would win them a lot more customers, because they’re everything that people really admire about iOS. Even though iOS is smaller in a lot of ways, it is really easy to use, which means Apple is going to be the go-to who for people who want their use of technology streamlined.

Here’s just a few of the features from iOS that I’d personally love to see implemented on Android.

[Sponsored] Take 26% off BESTEK’s 12-outlet power strip surge protector with 2 USB ports

It’s 2017. Now everything in your life needs to be connected for power whether permanently or temporarily. You need so many outlets and ports for all of your devices. When you’re sitting down relaxing in the living room or working at the desk in the office, you’ve probably realized over and over again there’s just not enough space for everything. Often you’re prioritizing what should be plugged in.

BESTEK, the maker of various high quality power-based solutions, has a 12-outlet power strip surge protector that you could use to connect and/or charge pretty much everything simultaneously. Let’s put a stop to the constant connect-and-deconnect and let you give power to everything that needs it without compromise.

Inside sources say T-Mobile, Sprint merger talks have resumed

Although they are at a very preliminary level and informal in nature, inside sources says officials with both SoftBank Group and Sprint have contacted Deutsche Telekom, majority owner of T-Mobile, about a possible merger. The resumption of talks may have been triggered by an April 27th deadline passing that concluded a spectrum auction blackout period for participants to pursue deals. Investors were told this week by both SoftBank’s chairman Masayoshi Son and Deutsche Telekom’s CEO Tim Hoettges that they were open to the idea of a merger. Earlier this year T-Mobile’s John Legere indicated there was still interest on his part as well.