New Google Allo features go live today

Last month Google started rolling out an update to their messaging app, Google Allo, that included code for several new features. As was noted at the time, Google had written things so that new features could be turned on via the server side instead of relying on users repeatedly update their app, although it appears these latest changes may require a client update. The fruit of all this work was realized today as Google announced two of the new features were going live along with another one that had not been identified or discussed earlier.

Sprint’s Magic Box is a quick and small solution to building out their network

Sprint talks up their reliability next to Verizon, but when it comes to coverage and speed, it’s really tough to spin Sprint’s network as anything but mediocre. They’ve struggled to build up their network to stay competitive with the big guys, and T-Mobile has overtaken them from behind. Despite all of that, however, Sprint might have just found a magic bullet for its wireless woes.

HTC U Ultra review: HTC is almost back in the game

The U Ultra might not be HTC’s flagship for the year, but it’s still a high-end device you should pay attention to. The company vowed to switch its focus to premium hardware in 2017, and the U Ultra is just one culmination of the efforts. It really is a premium device with most everything you’d expect out of the a flagship — powerful hardware, a gorgeous display, a large battery and so on.

Hulu introduces live TV streaming service alongside redesigned look

Today’s a big day for Hulu. The video streaming service shared a revamped look, fresh programming, and an entirely new service. Hulu’s goal, now more than ever, is to build an all-in-one spot for people who just love watching television shows, movies, documentaries, and more. These changes and additions give Hulu momentum as an increasing number of people in the United States are seeking to ditch traditional options and choose a online-based service provider.

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Right now there isn’t a home-based digital assistant as popular as Amazon’s Echo. Why? Alexa, the mind within the device, is capable of responding appropriately to anything you say. Over the last two years, Amazon’s ecosystem for the technology has grown and left the competition behind. Developers are flocking to the Echo and Alexa because the user base is massive and the possibilities keep growing.

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Nokia 6 receives FCC certification as it heads for the U.S.

Nokia made a splash during MWC 2017 when it announced its new Android smartphones, the Nokia 6, Nokia 5 and Nokia 3. High-end, midrange, and lower end, respectively, Nokia is aiming to bring strong Android phones globally at lower costs. For those in the U.S. hoping to get their hands on the beast of the trio, the Nokia 6, you may not have to wait much longer as the device has popped up for FCC certification.

ZTE Axon 8 may have surfaced on TENAA site

A new device showed up on the TENAA site, the Chinese equivalent of the FCC database with information about device’s submitted for certification, and it may be this year’s ZTE flagship smartphone. The device is listed in the TENAA database as the A2018. The ZTE Axon 7 was originally listed as the A2017. Besides the model number similarities, the design revealed in ¬†photos and overall size point to this device being the successor to the Axon 7, which is likely to be called the Axon 8.

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