Google could offer a Google+ extension called Tablescape soon, a place for sharing foodographs


I know many of you like taking pictures of your food and sharing them because I see them regularly on Twitter and Google+. If you’re one of those people, you will be happy to know that Google might soon offer something just for you called Tablescape. It’s a place for sharing foodographs.

It appears to be some sort of extension to Google+, similar to the Photos app. What I mean is that it would be a separate app on your mobile device, but it will actually be part of Google+ just like Photos is.

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Monkey King Escape, an endless running game from Ubisoft, released in the Play Store


Games of the endless running genre have a lot of popularity on mobile devices. It makes sense considering the learning curve is basically nonexistent and the genre is rather flexible when it comes to gameplay and environment. From Temple Run to Dinosity, there is an endless running game for everyone. Today, we say hello to Monkey King Escape from developer Ubisoft. Players control the Monkey Key as he avoids being captured by the Emperor of Heavenly Kingdom. The Monkey King, after being told that he would not have a place among the gods, decided to consume the Peaches of Immortality, causing the Emperor to pursue him. Now, the Monkey King must escape Heavenly Garden without being captured.

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[Bug Report] DROID Turbo won’t ring when receiving calls and goes straight to voicemail


I know it’s hard to imagine, but some smartphone owners actually do make and receive phone calls with their devices. If you’re a DROID Turbo owner though, unfortunately you might find yourself waiting and waiting for that girl or boy to call you back.

Turns out there is some sort of bug that prevents the Turbo from ringing when receiving a call and it goes straight to voicemail. I stumbled up on this when a friend, who owns a Turbo, was asking if I knew of a way to fix it. It turns out that many other users are experiencing the same issue.

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Google adds 12 additional countries to its list of supported Play Store Merchants


Google has today broadened the international availability of its Play Store Merchant accounts by adding 12 new countries to the mix. Developers in Bahrain, Bulgaria, Bolivia, Cyprus, Dominican Republic, Estonia, Honduras, Jamaica, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta and Panama all now have the ability to apply for a Merchant account.

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Samsung ready with new eMMC 5.1 compliant memory


As we all know, smartphones and tablets contain thousands of components that make them the miniature computing devices that they are. In the race to one-up each other in terms of specs for all these components, manufacturers often focus on the latest processor technology in an effort to speed up what can be processed and how many items can be processed at once. With processors becoming so fast and powerful, that introduces the potential for other bottlenecks to surface. One of those potential clogs is in the memory included in our devices as those chips try to handle all of the data going into and out of the processor. To address that, a new standard for memory – eMMC 5.1 – has been established and Samsung has announced they are ready with new products that capitalize on the standard.
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Second HTC One M9 wallpaper surfaces


As promised, Twitter leakster @LlabTooFeR has released another wallpaper from the forthcoming HTC One M9 ahead of HTC’s anticipated reveal scheduled for March 1st. The second image is another view of mountains, this time with a bit of a more jagged quality to them.

Like the first image, we cannot confirm whether this image actually comes from the HTC One M9. If you want to grab the image anyway, hit the source link for the download link.

source: @LlabTooFeR

HTC Butterfly 3 could get 5.2-inch Quad HD display


When HTC launches the HTC One (M9), if history is any indication, they will also release a new device in Japan as part of their Butterfly line of devices. These devices typically mirror HTC’s main flagship devices and sometimes have even better specs. A new leak from @upleaks suggests that may be the case this time around.

We have already seen indications that HTC is working on a Butterfly 3 device to succeed the Butterfly 2. New information suggests the device will come with a 5.2-inch Quad HD display. A display that small running 2560 x 1440 resolution should put the PPI up around 565.

Unfortunately, HTC usually limits their Butterfly line of devices to Japan and sometimes a limited release in some other Asian markets.

source: @upleaks