Speedo is partnering with Misfit to produce an activity tracker for swimmers


Swimmers are finally receiving the attention that they deserve. Speedo, a name synonymous with swimming, announced a partnership with Misfit to release an activity tracker that is designed for people that practically live in pools. The Speedo Shine borrows its name from Misfit’s regular Shine. The difference here is that the Speedo Shine features special lap counting algorithms to accurately record a swimmer’s progress. Data collected by the Speedo Shine — laps, distance, carlories burned, points earned — is synced with the Misfit app. The Speedo Fit app will gain support for the Speedo Shine, too, in the near future. And to prove just how accurate the Speedo Shine is, testing was conducted in Speedo’s Aqualab advanced development facility.

The Speedo Shine will be available for $79 through Misfit, Speedo, and Apple stores beginning September 1.

Hit the break for the full press release.

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Lock screen photo messenger Trumpit gets in-house camera after exiting beta


Trading pictures with friends and family is a time-consuming activity. You have a lot of work to do between opening the message, selecting the image to view, capturing a picture of your own, and returning the favor. Trumpit seeks to eliminate much of that fluff by placing pictures messages on your lock screen. Rightfully so, Trumpit bills itself as a “lock screen messenger.” You never have to completely unlock your phone and use another app to swap pictures with contacts. Today, Trumpit is ready for showtime as it has left the beta phase and gained an important new feature.

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Google Fiber Internet coming to Parkway Properties in Atlanta, Austin and Charlotte after new deal

PARKLOGOGoogle Fiber Inc. signed a deal with Parkway Properties, Inc. today to bring it’s Small Business Gigabit Internet service to Parkway customers. Parkway says they will be bringing Google Fiber to their office buildings in Atlanta, Austin and Charlotte. Potentially, even bringing it to their entire Parkway portfolio if Google Fiber can expand it’s services.

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