LG’s V30 should launch on August 31, right before IFA 2017 starts

Ready for IFA 2017? It’ll be here sooner than you think. With devices like the LG V30 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 coming before the year’s end, you’re going to see a lot of rumors and reports on Talk Android this summer. Both devices are among the most popular for the second half of 2017, and their respective makers keep moving up their launch dates.

LG, like Samsung, is expected to launch its next high-end phone in August. It’s a race to beat Apple, who usually announces in September.

[TA Deals] This Bluetooth water-resistant speaker is a steal at $10

The next Bluetooth speaker you purchase should be able to handle moisture, so we’ve hand-picked this one for our featured deal of the day. It’s a water-resistant device that’s priced at just $10 on Talk Android Deals with free shipping. We’re not aiming to take your money and run. Our goal is to simply give you simple products for less than you’d expect to pay.

The OnePlus 5 survives bends, scratches, and burns

The OnePlus 5 launched yesterday with most of the requisite flagship components that we would expect to see in a high-end smartphone including a Snapdragon 835 SoC, 6/8GB RAM and a dual-camera setup. If you are thinking of buying a OnePlus 5 (via the early drop code), you may be curious how the handset stands up to being scratched, burned and bent. Thankfully, JerryRigEverything is on the case and has already subjected the phone to his particular brand of torture. Check how the OnePlus fares in the embedded video below.

PayPal adding an instant bank transfer option to platform

Last week Early Warning Systems announced their new Zelle payment processing system to enable nearly instantaneous transfers of funds for P2P transactions. This move seems to be a response to Apple’s steps to include better P2P features in their iMessage platform on iOS devices. Not to be outdone, PayPal announced today a new feature that will make it possible for users to move money from their PayPal account to their own bank account in mere minutes.

Android Market to shut down on June 30th

Google and Android fans who have watched the company and used their products over the years know that some platforms seem to get cut down despite being popular. In some cases though, Google products hang on long after you may have thought about them. In an announcement today, Google notified the world that they would be ending support for the Android Market effective June 30th. For those who are not aware, Android Market was the forerunner to Google Play.

OnePlus 5 specifications

We’ve seen an evolution of OnePlus, going from an unknown brand making silly mistakes to a mature company creating quality devices. The OnePlus 5 is more than just a pretty phone. It’s a powerhouse. Packed inside is a top-notch processor, a battery with fast-charging technology, and software that’s among the best you’ll find.

Check out the specifications for the 2017 flagship from OnePlus.