Facebook Messenger update lets you draw and type on your pictures


Facebook’s Messenger application has seen a recent update that’s added in the ability to draw and sketch over your photos before sending them to someone. Since Facebook has made Messenger a mandatory install for anyone that wants to chat through the social network’s IM service, it’s good to see that they’re continuing to add in some features to make the switch worthwhile.

That’s pretty much the only addition in the update, but if you like to draw on your pictures or superimpose text Snapchat-style, it’s worth downloading.
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Amazon’s Fire Phone takes a drastic price cut down to 99 cents on-contract


We knew Amazon’s Fire Phone was struggling to pick up traction, but the latest move by Amazon and AT&T might be indicating that the Fire Phone was DOA. After about a month on the market, Amazon has cut the price of the Fire Phone from $199 on contract down to just 99 cents on contract. At least the Facebook First took some incremental steps down to the nearly-free option instead of plunging so quickly. For those of you interested in the off-contract pricing, the Fire Phone has also seen a steep decline to $449.

Those prices reflect the 32 GB version, but the 64 GB has also seen a price drop. On-contract will run $99, while off-contract you can opt to pay $549. If Amazon is struggling to sell any of these phones, though, I doubt the 64 GB versions have gotten any interest at all. However, you do still get the full free year of Amazon Prime with this deal, so there’s still some value in the purchase.
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T-Mobile to offer guaranteed best trade-in values on smartphones and tablets


Have any old smartphones or tablets laying around that you’d be interested in trading in for a new device? T-Mobile is kicking off a promotion on September 17th where they will guarantee that you’ll get the best trade-in value for your used tech. This probably means T-Mobile is going to up its current values for traded in equipment, but there are a few extra things the Uncarrier is willing to do for you.

In case you do happen to find a better trade-in deal somewhere else, T-Mobile will match any competitor’s values, and then give you $50 in bill credit for the hassle. This is easily one of the best trade-in deals any carrier has ever done, so it’s worth checking out later this month.

The promo goes live on September 17th, but T-Mobile says they’ll only be doing it for a limited time. We’ve got plenty of new devices hitting shelves soon, so don’t pass this up if you’re on T-Mobile.
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Spotify for Brands will introduce video ads for free users


There are more than 30 million users that use Spotify for free without much in their way, but that is about to change with new video advertisements. The service’s marketing platform, Spotify for Brands, is implementing two different kinds of video ads from popular brands. The two video ads are Sponsored Session and Video Takeover. A Sponsored Session allows a brand to have a presence on a thirty-minute block of uninterrupted listening if the user chooses to watch a video. Video Takeover consumes a user’s desktop with brand content in the form of an ad break.

Hit the break for a video to see how the ads will work.

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Amazon’s Fire Phone heading to the United Kingdom

Amazon_Fire_Phone_Main_TAFacing lackluster sales in the US, Amazon may be moving toward selling the device in the UK, ending the AT&T and US market exclusive. Although when it arrives in Britain it will continue its network exclusivity by being solely available on O2. According to the Financial Times, the announcement between the two companies is expected as early as next week.

Given its mixed reviews and competitor flagship devices, the Fire Phone is losing ground quickly. Hopefully people in the UK will take to it enough to help Amazon bolster its numbers. Of course, only time will tell.

source: The Financial Times

Metal-banded Moto 360 up for pre-order on Verizon’s web site with a Nov. 11 ship date

VZWMoto360MetalBandWhen the Moto 360 was announced, it was said that metal-banded version would be on its way in the near future. Well thanks to Verizon, we’re getting a bit of a window into when that may actually be. Big Red has the metal-banded Android Wear watch in both silver and black on its web site and if the company’s web page is correct, we won’t see it for a few months.

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Google gives us a peak at winning entry image recognition system

GoogleImageSpotlightGoogle has shown us this morning its winning entry that was entered in an annual computer vision challenge. Those who’ve entered include industry labs and academic institutions. Google has also made its work available to other researchers.

“In this year’s challenge, team GoogLeNet tasks, doubling the quality on both tasks over last year’s results. The team participated with an open submission, meaning that the exact details of its approach are shared with the wider computer vision community to foster collaboration and accelerate progress in the field…”

Google’s self-driving cars is one of the directions the search giant will go in with the technology among apps like YouTube and photo/image search.

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Motorola Migrate update allows data transfer from non-smartphones

motorola migrate logo


Motorola has updated their Migrate application that makes transferring data from an old phone to a new Motorola phone incredibly easy. The biggest addition in this update is the inclusion of non-smartphones, so if you’re trying to get your contacts and text messages off of a flip phone onto a smartphone, this app can take care of it for you. The phone has to have Bluetooth support, but that shouldn’t be a problem in most cases.

All of the other features are still intact, including pulling information from other Android phones and iCloud accounts, but it still only works with a handful of Motorola devices. For the update, hit the link below.
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IKEA promotes its 2015 catalog by using Apple’s style


To help explain the magnificence of its upcoming catalog, IKEA has called upon chief design guru Jorgen Eghammer. He goes over the true power of such a product. It is not a a digital book or one operates with an e-ink display. The 2015 IKEA catalog is a true “bookbook.” There are no cables required as the 2015 IKEA catalog has eternal battery life. And it features tactile touch so users can easily navigate to where they want to go without any lag time.

The style of the video may be familiar since it is something straight out of Apple’s book (and not its bookbook). Eghammer is just like Jony Ive, the man that exaggerates just how revolutionary the design of every product Apple puts out is.

Hit the break to watch the video. You will not be disappointed with its humor.
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