Xiaomi announces Special Edition Mi Note with bamboo cover


Xiaomi just released their Mi Note and Mi Note Pro this past January, both of which are nicely equipped smartphones with price tags considerably less than you may be expecting. On their initial release, both devices came with Gorilla Glass 3 on both the front and the back of the device. Xiaomi decided to change that up a bit for a Special Edition Mi Note that was announced by the company’s CEO, Lei Jun, today via his Weibo account. The new Special Edition Mi Note comes with a bamboo back cover.
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Listen to full songs from Rhapsody through Twitter


Almost two years ago Twitter tried to jump into the online music streaming market with their own Twitter Music offering, a platform that never took off and was eventually shut down. Twitter appears to be ready to give it another go with the addition of Rhapsody to their Twitter Audio Card feature. Rhapsody users can now share what they are listening to via Twitter and more importantly, followers can listen to the full song provided by the Rhapsody service as part of the partnership.
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Buy a Moto X, get a Moto E in latest Motorola special


Motorola is offering a special deal through their Moto Maker web site if you order a new Motorola Moto X that could net you a Motorola Moto E for free. To take advantage of the special offer, you have to buy an off-contract Moto X Pure Edition. Once you do that, you can add in a second generation Moto E with support for 3G with a retail value of $119.99 to your cart for free.

The offer is good through March 24th and according to reports, only available to U.S. customers. While the Moto E is a budget smartphone limited to 3G, we do rate it as a solid device for a starter phone or possibly as a backup device to have handy when something happens to your daily driver.

source: Motorola
via: Android Authority


Watch HTC’s big announcement right here


Yesterday, HTC Americas president Jason Mackenzie teased a big announcement for tomorrow for U.S. customers. We have no idea what it is. It could be as simple as an official release date for the One M9 or it could be a brand new product. It’s also possible that HTC could launch some sort of special promotion to entice you to buy the One M9.

If you remember, Jason Mackenzie said earlier this month that they will announce something ahead of the M9 launch that will drive M9 sales. Whatever they are going to announce tomorrow, it’s probably something that you won’t want to miss it.

We have the live stream video right after the break so tune in tomorrow (3/18/15) at 12:00 pm ET / 9:00 am PT.

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PSA: Sending a Hangout message using your voice does not work for SMS messages through Hangouts or with Android Wear


We’re not sure exactly when this feature launched, but it appears that you can now use your voice through Google Now to send a Hangouts Message. All you need to say is, “Send a Hangouts message” or “Send a chat message”. You can also add a name to streamline it as in “Send a Hangouts message to Jodie” or even add the message is in “Send a Hangouts message to Jodie What do you want for dinner?”.

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Google improves app review process and adds a new age-based global rating system


Did you know that Google has been reviewing all app submissions? We’re not sure exactly when they started, but the initiative began in order to detect violations to the developer policies. Most developers might not have noticed this because Google reviews apps pretty quickly. In most cases, an app will be approved with hours, but in other stores, like Apple’s App Store, it could take weeks.

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GoogleFeud is a Family Feud-like game that is based on Google Autocomplete


Do you think the creators of Family Feud saw this coming? We all know what Google Autocomplete is by now, but just in case you don’t…..As you type in a search term in Google Search, you will notice that Google starts giving you suggestions bases on everyone’s past searches that you can quickly click on rather then type out the entire search phrase.

With GoogleFeud, you get the first half of the search query, and it’s up to you to fill in the rest. Just like Family Feud, there are several answers, but you get more points (dollars) for picking the most popular ones.

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Google updates the Chromecast to Play and Pause content via your TV Remote


It’s great being able to stream the latest episode of House of Cards on your TV via your Chromecast isn’t it? Although it can be really frustrating having to grab your smartphone when you want to pause the program in a hurry, sometimes it’s just quicker pressing a physical button on the TV remote. Thankfully, Google has updated the Chromecast to allow you to pause and unpause videos with the infra-red remote that came with your TV.
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