ZTE planning to release a new Android Wear smartwatch in 2017


Google made a big splash last year when it announced Android Wear 2.0 with a variety of new features and improvements. However, not much happened after that as manufacturers ended up not releasing any new smartwatches and Google itself pushed back the release of the updated OS until sometime in 2017. In a world of Samsung and Apple dominating the smartwatch business, ZTE has now reignited some of the fire with an announcement that they will be releasing their own Android Wear smartwatch this year.

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LeEco Le S3 review: The budget phone that leaves you wanting more


LeEco has had the spotlight on them a lot lately, particularly because of its aggressive expansion. They’re offering a wide range of products in completely different industries: bikes, TVs, smartphones and even virtual reality. The company might be strapped for cash, but they’re creating some good quality products. We’ve already taken a look at its higher-end smartphone, the LeEco Le Pro 3, but now we’re breaking down its budget handset — the LeEco Le S3.

If you’re looking for a budget phone, be sure to follow along as we show you what the Le S3 is all about.

Leaked images show secondary display for HTC U Ultra


HTC is preparing to hold an event this Thursday to reveal “U” which appears to be the rumored HTC U Ultra smartphone. HTC has released teasers or been the subject of leaks regarding a whole host of smartphones to be released in 2017, so it is unclear which one exactly may be the focus of this week’s event. The latest leak involves some images that purport to show a secondary display on the HTC U Ultra along with some other details and colors for the device.

Videos exist, but is there an HTC Ocean?


A few short years ago, smartphone manufacturers found themselves in a bind when new product announcements were around the corner and all the details got leaked. This would often dull the excitement of the actual launch events. Since then, companies have become much more adept at managing leaks in a strategic manner. In the case of HTC, one of the moves they employ on occasion is the creation of “fake news” to throw off those hoping to scoop the release of a new device. That could be going on with HTC in regards to their 2017 lineup. A new video surfaced for the HTC Ocean despite that device apparently not being in production, at least by that name.

Talk Android Best of CES 2017 Awards


Every year, thousands of people head to Las Vegas during the first week of the year for a global trade show. It’s the Consumer Electronics Show, a week-long stretch of announcements, showcases, and previews of the future. If you’re into technology of all kinds, it’s the one event you don’t want to miss.

The team at Talk Android saw incredible things this year at CES 2017, and so we selected the best of everything shown.

Sprint’s branding relaunch of Virgin Mobile is still coming in 2017


Sprint has struggled to stay competitive in a quickly changing market, especially since T-Mobile has been incredibly aggressive on the lower-end of the spectrum. This has forced the carrier to focus on just one segment of their business at a time, and since Sprint has itself spread over multiple brands, some portions have lost quite a bit of ground to competitors.