Google IO 2016 Coverage

[TA Deals] Learn to program with The Complete 2016 Learn to Code bundle

total web development courseIf you’re interested in getting started with programming, we’ve got a packed bundle full of material that should get you started in multiple different coding languages. There’s over 80 hours worth of courses covering everything from Python and Ruby to web development, and an example social media site to create to get your feet wet. It’s hard to get more comprehensive than that. Read more

T-Mobile launching new round of deals for family plans


If you are in the market for a family plan, T-Mobile is hoping to entice you to jump over to their network with a new Simple Choice family plan launching on May 11th. Consumers do have to sign up for at least four lines of service, but if they do they will get 6GB of LTE data on each line at a cost of $30 per line per month, or $120 per month for a family of four. Additional lines can be added for only $20 per month. Read more

Samsung releases tutorial for new Samsung Gear 360


You may not be able to get your hands on a new Samsung Gear 360 quite yet, and we don’t know when the day will come when you can, but while you wait Samsung is providing plenty of material to help you get up to speed on using the Gear 360. The company has posted a page on their web site covering a wide range of topics from the very basics, like charging the battery, to selecting video shooting modes and then sharing your videos and images. Read more

Samsung hopes chip development will help it hitch a ride on the self-driving car bandwagon

Android Auto_Honda_2016_Civic_Sedan_091715_2

Although much of the attention on self-driving cars has focused mainly on Google and to some extent other auto manufacturers that are jumping in the race, Samsung recently launched a new division in hopes of playing a key role in the new market. Sources indicate Samsung has created a task force within their System LSI unit to focus on development of processor chips to be used in self-driving vehicles. Read more