Carved Chevron Engraved Maple case review


There’s little creativity in the accessories space, and that’s largely because people are shopping online for the cheapest cases they can find. It’s easy to get a plastic or rubber case for less than $10 and put that on your phone, but you’re not adding any visual appeal with them.

Carved, a company based right here in the Untied States, is bringing style and protection to mobile devices in the form of custom wood cases. Being completely unaware of the brand, I was interested in getting one for myself and seeing if the slight premium is worth it. To be frank, Carved’s products are definitely worth the extra money. The cheaper materials you get from other brands’ products have nothing on the class and precision emphasized by Carved.

Hit the break for our review of a Carved case.

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T-Mobile announces new partners for T-Mobile Tuesdays ‘thanks’ program


T-Mobile announced the addition of some new partners for their T-Mobile Tuesdays promotion. The new companies joining in include Buffalo Wild Wings, PetSmart, Subway, and Shell. They will be joining existing brands like Wendy’s, StubHub, Fandango, VUDU and Lyft as partners with T-Mobile for the program. First out of the gate for the new partners will be Subway starting on September 6th when T-Mobile customers will be able to snag a free 6-inch oven-roasted chicken sub to go with a free Lyft ride and a VUDU movie rental. T-Mobile Tuesdays also include some contests and next week’s features the opportunity for a lucky winner to get free Subway sandwiches for a year. Read more

Facebook Messenger ready to compete against Google Duo


For a long time, Apple ruled the roost when it came to face-to-face video chats via their Facetime platform. Through the years others have tried to compete, notably the major cellular carriers with not much success. This past summer has seen a new wave of entrants eyeing the market led by Google with their new Duo app for video chats. Not to be outdone by their social media platform competitor, Facebook announced today that they are bringing Instant Video to their Messenger platform for face-to-face video chats. Read more