ZeroLemon Battery Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 5 review


Battery cases can be useful for extending the battery life of your device without having to lug around an extra external battery, or having to bring along a second charged battery for your phone. In the case of many, many newer smartphones, you can’t even swap the battery out, so that eliminates the latter right off the bat.

The Galaxy Note 5 is a perfect situation for that kind of case; it doesn’t have the best battery life, and you can’t change out the battery yourself. That’s where the ZeroLemon battery case comes in by offering a whopping 8,500mAh battery in a protective case, which should keep your phone going for days. Read more

Carphone Warehouse lists the Google Pixel early, notes a microSD card slot

google pixel by google

Carphone Warehouse is more excited for the Google Pixel than we are. Earlier this morning the site accidentally listed Google’s upcoming smartphone for the world to see, revealing some specs a features just a little bit early.

None of the listed features are shocking, since pretty much everything has been leaked by now, but it’s nice to see an unofficially-official confirmation ahead of Google’s event. Read more

Allo improvements possibly on the way per Google developer


Last week Google launched Allo, the latest messaging platform from the company. Although it was hyped at Google I/O earlier this year, the Allo release was widely panned with the app frequently described as “half-baked” (which is probably on the generous side). Although Allo does have some nice features, most notably the Google Assistant artificial intelligence technology, some missing functionality could be causing some issues with adoption. In hopes of showing that they are listening and perhaps suggesting fixes are on the way, a Google developer involved with the Allo project recently tweeted about some of the top requests.

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[TA Deals] You can listen to books on Audible free for 60 days


It’s Friday, and you want to just get home and relax all weekend long. Why not enjoy an audiobook while you’re free? It’s a great way to rest and entertain yourself simultaneously.

On Talk Android Deals, a 60-day Audible membership is available for¬†free. Because you’re shopping with us, you can get access to one of the best audiobook providers at no cost.

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This Android-Windows hybrid from CHUWI is actually pretty good


If you’ve never heard of CHUWI before, you’re not alone. Its tablets are sold, for the most part, overseas; however, you can purchase them in the United States and elsewhere through select retailers.

The first time I became familiar with the company was earlier this year when they reached out about a new product launching, but now I’m getting direct experience with a CHUWI tablet in the form of the Hi12. But it’s not just a tablet. The Hi12 is actually a both a laptop and tablet since two operating systems are present.

The CHUWI Hi12 runs Android and Windows, and you can switch between them in seconds. I’ve been using this device for a couple of weeks and have an surprising takeaway to share with you.

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The Keyword is Google’s new main word for words


Mirroring their apparent product strategy and a charge leveled by critics regarding the Android ecosystem, Google’s methods for sharing updates and news spans a wide number of sources, mostly separate, discrete blogs on a variety of subjects and products. Some counts indicate Google maintains well over 50 separate blogs covering products like Chrome, Android, YouTube, Translate and others. All of those are on top of the main Official Google Blog. Describing Google’s outlets for updates and news as “fragmented” is probably an understatement. To help fans find updates easier and quicker, Google launched a new blog called The Keyword to serve as a central location for these items. Read more