[Video] Unboxing Google Home


One of the devices that didn’t get nearly as much attention as the Pixel is Google’s Alexa competitor, Google Home. Alongside the Pixel, it was up for pre-order on announcement day, but became widely available last week on November 4.

Not sure what it’s all about? Be sure to watch Talk Android’s very own Justin Herrick unbox Google’s new smart home device after the break.

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Best contact management apps


Keeping your contacts straight may just be the most helpful thing your phone does, especially if you have a lot to keep track of. Even if it’s just a few close friends and family, how are you supposed to remember all of everyone’s information off the top of your head? Sorting through duplicates, correcting numbers, connecting the right numbers to the right emails and then to the right addresses can all be done for you by simply finding and downloading the right contact manager app for you.

That’s why we’ve compiled this list of contact managers, to help you stay on track, all while saving time and unnecessary frustration so you can focus on what matters most to you. So without further ado, here’s what we think are the best contact managers for Android.

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Quick Charge 4.0 is just around the corner, promises 28W of speed


There’s not a single phone on the market that has battery life that any of us really want. Sure, some phones can squeeze two days out of a single charge with perfect usage, but for most of us, we need to be mindful of where a charger is most of the time. Manufacturers have countered that with things like Qualcomm’s Quick Charge capabilities, where you only need to plug in for a few minutes to juice up most of your battery. Read more

BlackBerry CEO confirms presence of a physical keyboard on upcoming handset


BlackBerry’s last device to feature a physical keyboard was the Priv since then we’ve seen the company switch its attention to touch screens and outsourcing its manufacturing, as seen with the touch-screen DTEK60, a phone made for BlackBerry by TCL in China. It looks like many other Android smartphones out there except it sports a BlackBerry logo on the rear panel. If you were lamenting about the lack of BlackBerry’s physical keyboard, though, it seems that there is some good news for you, straight out of BlackBerry CEO, John Chen’s mouth.  Read more

Samsung publishes a bunch of ‘how-to’ videos for the Gear S3 ahead of US launch


Samsung first announced its Gear S3 Classic and Frontier smartwatches back at IFA 2016 back in August, and it’s taken a while for the pair of wearables to become available to purchase. It seems that there isn’t too much longer to wait, though, with Samsung today launching both variants in its home market, South Korea. It’s expected that the Gear S3 will begin its global rollout from November 18th. In the meantime, join us after the break to check out these ‘how-to’ videos that Samsung has published to show off the features of its latest wearables. Read more

HTC Bolt specifications


So you’re a Sprint customer looking for a new phone. If exclusives are your thing, look no further than the HTC Bolt. Sprint and HTC came together to build a device bigger and faster than the the HTC 10 while keeping the sleek, attractive design. Inside, things are a little different for the Bolt.

Hit the break for the spec sheet.

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