Samsung IFA app outs Galaxy Tab 7.7, Galaxy Note, and Wave 3

by Robert Nazarian on
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Samsung has been promising us something special for September 1st, which is when the IFA Trade Show in Berlin kicks off. They went as far as releasing a teaser app with the promise that the app could be updated on September 1st to reveal the juicy details.

A tipster decided to look inside the APK and found the three logos in the above picture. We now know they will be announcing the Galaxy Tab 7.7 tablet, a Wave 3 smartphone (with the latest edition of the Bada OS), and a Galaxy Note. Nobody has reported on the Galaxy Note, so we are not sure what it is. As far as the Galaxy Tab 7.7, I think it is safe to say that it is an update to the original Galaxy Tab with a 7.7-inch screen. No other specs were identified at this time.

Stay tuned as more information might leak out, but ultimately, we are going to hear all the details on September 1st in Berlin.

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Motorola DROID Bionic receives a gift; No Samsung Galaxy S II for Verizon Wireless

by Robert Nazarian on
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At one time it was thought that Verizon would be the first U.S. carrier to get the Samsung Galaxy S II, and now it seems as though Verizon has decided to not carry it at all. It has been confirmed by the Wall Street Journal and  Brenda Raney, a Verizon spokesperson.

We know the Samsung Stratosphere is coming, but it will be an Epic 4G variant. Of course, rumors are that the Nexus Prime will show up on Verizon, and since it will most likely be made by Samsung, this could have contributed to the decision.

Ultimately I think it comes down to Verizon wanting to have the DROID Bionic and the iPhone 5 as their featured phones this fall. Verizon will put a lot of money into the Bionic and they have a strong relationship with Motorola. Many thought that if it weren’t for 4G LTE compatibility, the Bionic was dead in the water. The Galaxy S II has been declared the better phone and their is no question that it would’ve impacted the Bionic’s sales and success. With no Galaxy S II in play, the Bionic gets center stage.

I would love to hear from Verizon customers. What are your thoughts? I am on Verizon myself and was already leaning towards the Bionic because of the 4G LTE capability.

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Droid 2 Gingerbread Update Around The Corner? Verizon Makes Change Log Available

by Axl Logan on
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Could Gingerbread 2.3 be around the corner for Droid 2 owners?  Let’s hope so.  Verizon has just made the change log available online and that’s usually a good indication that the update is ready to be pushed to devices.  We knew it was only a matter of time being that soak test invites went out several days ago to support members.   The whopping 106 mb update includes a newer build to Motor Blur, placing it at 4.5.601 along with multi-touch keypad shortcuts and a home screen app dock.  In addition, they’ve added organizational functions to the app drawer, better battery life and a list of other welcomed features.  Click on the picture above for the blow up to see the full change log.  And if you’ve already received the update, feel free to gloat in the comments below.

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FCC Wants More Info From AT&T On T-Mobile Acquisition

by Harold Williams on
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Remember the big document “woops” by AT&T last week saying they could expand their network for about a tenth of what it would cost to acquire T-Mobile? Well, coincidence or not, the Federal Communications Commission has requested more information from AT&T concerning their acquisition of T-Mobile. To be more specific, the FCC wants more information about AT&T’s promise to bring 4G LTE to 97% of Americans. Here’s the statement:

“Requests from the FCC staff for additional information are to be expected given the detailed review they are undertaking,” AT&T spokesman Michael Balmoris said.

“In this case, the FCC is seeking supplemental information on our commitment, following merger approval, to bring 4G LTE mobile broadband to 97 percent of all Americans,” Balmoris said.

It’s worth noting that a source reported the cost of $3.8 billion to expand AT&T’s network on their own was only theoretical. Whether you believe that one or not is up to you. What’s your thoughts on all this?

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Sony Ericsson Announces Xperia Neo V, Android 2.3.4 Update for Xperia (VIDEO)

by Harold Williams on
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Sony Ericsson announced today that their 2011 Xperia smartphones will be receiving Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread updates starting in October. The update will include Google Talk with Video Chat, updated Facebook inside Xperia functionality, support for USB peripherals, swipe text input, and the ability to take screenshots. Another cool feature is the 3D sweep panorama technology. It allows images to be captured and then viewed in 3D by connecting the phone to a 3D TV using the HDMI output. That’s pretty cool for 3D TV owners.

Today’s announcement from Sony Ericsson also includes the Xperia Neo V which will be hitting shelves in Q4 of this year. The Neo V will launch with the 2.3.4 update already on board and will be showing off a Reality Display with Mobile BRAVIA Engine. Inside the Neo V is packing a 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon, a 2GB microSD card (supports up to 32GB), 720p video recording, and a 1500 mAh Battery. Outside you’ll find it rocking the colors white, blue gradient, and silver. I’ll be honest, Sony Ericsson hasn’t really hit my excitement radar as far as their smartphones are concerned. This news has me wanting to check one out though, how about you? A video showing off the update’s features can be found after the break as well as the source link for full details.

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Microsoft Lync Coming To Android

by Jim Farmer on
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Coming to us from TechED in New Zealand, Microsoft is showing off a Lync client for mobile. If you are unfamiliar, Lync is a powerful unified communications system utilized by many businesses. It’s somewhat like an overpowered Windows Live Messenger, but again, intended for business.  The surprising news here is that Microsoft is making their client available to more than just Windows Phone 7. Android, iOS, & Symbian will be able to utilize it. Obviously, Microsoft is making a play for the enterprise and by making it available on the major mobile OS’s, they are trying to fend off potential threats from services like Google voice, Google Talk, & iMessage.

Video of Lync after the break

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More Screenshots Of Sense 3.5 Surface, Courtesy Of The Female Focused HTC Bliss

by Joe Sirianni on
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Say what you will about HTC’s Sense UI, but it seems that it’s going to be around for quite some time.  I often have mixed feelings about it.  I’m truly not a big fan, but also have to admit that it complements a few devices on the market today requiring some kind of a face lift.  That being said, I’ll just try to report the news and keep my bias thoughts to myself.  Courtesy of the female focused HTC Bliss, we’re getting some bright and clear screenshots revealing the new Sense 3.5 UI.  There’s no doubt the device will sport the latest version of Sense, we’re just wondering how different it is from Sense 3.0 as seen on the HTC Sensation 4G?  Due to the CPU intensive graphics and animations, the UI wasn’t backwards compatible, meaning, we’re not going to see 3.0 on past devices sporting single core CPU’s and the like (unless the generous folks over at XDA have anything to say about it).  However, we’re being told that Sense 3.5 will have the ability to run on those older and slower clocked devices should HTC decide to do so.  We’ll take a free makeover wherever we can get one.  Who doesn’t want to see the new UI on the HTC Aria?

According to PocketNow, the device will still sport the same lock ring feature as seen on present 3.0 devices so you can still drag your favorite app and warp speed to the program.  Added features will include notifications and weather information along with a few other tidbits on that same screen.  We can also expect new and different widgets to hit the UI as well as see a polishing of the present ones.  We’ll let the pics do all of the talking from here on out though.  Hit the break to check out the screenshots courtesy of and don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below.   » Read the rest

The UK says the Motorola Atrix 4G is not the most powerful smartphone in the world

by Robert Nazarian on
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Since January Motorola has been telling us that the Atrix 4G  is the world’s most powerful smartphone. The US Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) disagrees. Apparently they received some complaints, and they have come to the conclusion that since the Samsung Galaxy S II has a faster processor, the Motorola claim might be misleading.

Motorola feels that the power of the Atrix is more about its abilities and combined features rather than just the processor. The ASA has not changed their stance and they will only allow the ad to be shown without the phrase.

This doesn’t make sense. There are so many marketing tactics that are misleading. Why is this being targeted all of a sudden? Checkout the ad after the break  and let us know if you agree?

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Should you unlock your HTC Sensation or EVO 3D bootloader with the HTCDev tool?

by Robert Nazarian on
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Recently HTC started locking their devices only to later announce that they will allow users to unlock them. Everyone rejoiced, but is it what everyone expected?

They recently started allowing users to unlock the Sensation and EVO 3D bootloader through the HTCDev tool, but they are not granting S-off status. which unlocks the ability to flash things like radios and hboot versions.

HTC’s method gives you the ability to flash a modified version of a custom recovery, which will let you flash the files needed to root your phone. Of course you will be able to run apps that require root and have read/write permissions. If that is all you wanted to do than HTC’s method is great.

If you think you want to do more, it might make sense to wait.  It is possible that the development community will figure out how to flash ROMs using HTC’s tool, and there might be a chance the boot partition can be flashed. Since HTC has made it impossible to go back after using their tool, you should wait and see what lies ahead.

There are also rumors that HTC will eventually give S-Off status, but that is completely unknown. Stay tuned.

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