Next generation of DROIDs will most likely be unveiled on July 23


Verizon has sent out invites for a July 23rd event in New York City. We know the emphasis is going to be on a few devices because they said, “will unveil the next generation of one of their most popular family of devices.”  This could only mean one thing and one thing only: The DROID Ultras that we have been hearing a lot about. We don’t know if they will go under the RAZR branding as well, but we will know soon enough.

What’s most interesting about this invite is that a manufacturer name isn’t mentioned alongside the invitation. All recent DROID announcements were partnered with the manufacturer, which has generally been either HTC or Motorola. In this case, it would be Motorola, but no logo whatsoever. We will know for sure in exactly one week.


T-Mobile on AT&T Next plan: ‘They’re charging you twice on the same phone and calling that a good deal’


Earlier today, AT&T unveiled their new early upgrade plan called Next, but T-Mobile CES John Legere called it “smoke and mirrors” and a “poor copycat.” AT&T’s new Next plan allows customers to pay for devices in 20 monthly installments and also allows an upgrade each year. The only problem is that monthly payments aren’t discounted for those that opt for this route. “They’re charging you twice on the same phone and calling that a good deal,” said T-Mobile executive Andrew Sherrard.

The problem has always been that those that want to pay the full price (off contract) for a phone gets penalized by paying the same monthly price as those that pay the subsidized on contract price. AT&T does nothing to rectify this situation, but T-Mobile does. Now if you are willing to pay the entire upfront cost, AT&T does offer the GoPhone prepaid service, which gives you unlimited calls and texts as well as 2GB of data for $60 per month. That is a pretty good deal, but again, you will have to pay the entire purchase price of the phone. Why AT&T didn’t add the 20 month installment plan to this GoPhone monthly rate, I will never know.

Verizon will announce their Edge plan soon as well, but how will that stack up?

source: CNet

Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 DUOS leaked for your viewing pleasure



You know that since we saw the Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 DUOS leak yesterday, it wouldn’t be long before we saw a 5.8 DUOS leak too. Well the folks at GSM Insider (via the fine team @leakschina) stumbled upon the dual-SIM variant (SCH-P709) of the larger-than-life Galaxy Mega 5.8 smartphone. The device is expected to feature a dual-core processor, qHD display (sigh), an 8MP camera and Android 4.2.2 fired up on the device. Judging by the leak, it looks like it’s headed straight for China Telecom as an exclusive device, so you’d best not hold your breath and expect this variant to hit other markets at this time.

source: GSM Insider

Huawei announces MediaPad 7 Youth as latest member of tablet series


Huawei announced today the launch of the Huawei MediaPad 7 Youth as part of their MediaPad line of tablet devices. The device appears to be aimed at younger users, especially those in school. To help make it sturdy enough for that use, Huawei built it using an aluminum metal unibody making it both strong and light. At just 9.9mm in thickness and only weighing 350g, the device should easily slide into the typical student’s bookbag and be able to handle the abuse it will suffer in there.

The MediaPad 7 Youth is equipped with a 7-inch full HD 1080p capable screen driven by a 1.6GHz processor. Power comes from a 4100mAh battery that Huawei says will last almost two weeks in standby mode. Running Android 4.1, Huawei will be released with support for HSPA+ networks and WiFi support.

Huawei did not release pricing information, but they did indicate the device would be available during Q3 of 2013. Unfortunately for North American customers, it looks like the device will only be made available in Russia, China, Asia Pacific markets, Middle East markets, and in Europe.

source: Huawei

Google Glass may be getting Play Store support thanks to some new features of the redesign


One of the weirdest quirks of Google Glass is its inherent lack of Play Store support, despite running a version of Android. According to some slightly hidden features in the Play Store’s latest redesign, though, Glass may be getting Play Store support after all.

When installing applications from the web, you can manually select which devices tied to your account you want to send the app to. Now, users with a Glass device are having Google Glass show up in that list alongside their other phones and tablets. Right now, it’s completely useless, as Google makes developers upload apps to a completely different service to get them loaded onto Glass, but it could hint at being able to install apps onto Google Glass with the Play Store down the road.

Nothing’s set in stone yet, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated.

source: Phandroid

Samsung patent reveals possible plans for Asus PadFone competitor device


A recent filing out of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office by Samsung has recently been approved for a “wireless communication terminal.” It only takes a couple seconds of looking at it to realize that it resembles the Asus PadFone, however Samsung’s design is a bit more “T-shaped” than their competitor’s. The patent didn’t seem to have any sort of special smartphone to come with the tablet, so it looks like it will be standalone…for now.

Obviously this is the only information we have on it for now, so don’t expect any kind of specs, name, release date, or price for a little while. Check back for updates as it arrives. Look after the break for another image from the patent filing. Read more

Samsung looks to release inexpensive Galaxy Folder in Korea with clamshell form factor


The innovation of the clamshell form factor was the first revolutionary change that the mobile phone market saw years and years (and years) ago. And now it looks like Samsung wants to bring it back with their new “Samsung Galaxy Folder,” which will be an inexpensive, low-end device that will launch exclusively in Korea.

It’ll be Android-powered, naturally, and feature the good old T9 phone keypad, LTE support, Snapdragon S4 dual-core processor, and a new UI specifically designed for the obviously different form factor of the device. The display is rumored to be a small 800 x 480 pixel display.

The photo featured above is not of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Folder, but rather a luxury “Jackie Chan phone” that launched in China and was ridiculously expensive, at about $2000-3000 USD. (We’re still not sure how they managed to sell any of them.)

However, the new Samsung Galaxy Folder is expected to be very cheap, and will be a good test for the flip-phone market. If it does well enough in Korea, perhaps we’ll see an international launch in the near future, or at least a  similar device from Samsung later on.

Source: Unwired View


AT&T announces “Next” plans, allows customers to upgrade device every 12 months

AT&T_NextAT&T is making a big step to start serving the needs of the tech-lovers in the world, who constantly need the latest and greatest devices to feel like they’re “in the know.” Before now, AT&T users had to pay full retail price for phones if they wanted an upgrade before their contract expired, or simply had to wait a full two years to get their next device.

With “AT&T Next,” customers can get a new smartphone or tablet every year with absolutely no down payment, no activation fee, no upgrading fee, and no financing fee.

Customers simply choose the smartphone or tablet they wish to buy, and the price of the device is split into 20 monthly installments and added onto your monthly statement from AT&T. The only add-on cost is sales tax. After 12 months, you can trade in your smartphone or tablet and select a brand new one.

AT&T will surely lure some customers away from other carriers with their new offering, however we expect many other major carriers to follow suit with similar plans.

Source: AT&T