HTC Media Link Now Available from AT&T for $90

We first heard about the HTC Media Link when we were at Mobile World Congress back in February but since then the buzz surrounding the unit has died down a bit. The Media Link is HTC’s way of wirelessly transfering media from your One Series device to your television all with a simple swipe on your device’s screen. Unfortunately, since the One X was held up at the boarder we all but forgot about the Media Link and now that the Galaxy S III craze has died down we can focus more on the little things. This is good timing because AT&T just announced that the HTC Media Link is now available and can be purchased online for $90. Other than streaming photos, video and music, the Media Link can also wirelessly mirror you device’s screen similar to Apple’s AirPlay.

Unfortunately the Media Link isn’t compatible with the One V and only works with the One S and One X. Hit up the source to link for ordering information.

source: AT&T

Google Patents Location-Based Actions in 2011, Google’s Version of Smart Actions Coming to Android?

I am sure many of you have heard about Motorola’s Smart Actions application, an app that triggers preset actions based on your current location. Sure, it’s a great feature but if you don’t own a newer Motorola device you would have to use an app like Tasker to set up your own similar location based triggers. Well, in an effort to make things easier for their users, it seems that Google has been developing a similar feature for the Android OS and filled a patent for it back in September of 2011. According to the Patent documents Google plans to use your device’s GPS and network information along with prior travel habits to trigger various actions much like that of Tasker and Smart Actions. The only difference with Google’s method of doing this is that it may eventually become an included feature on all devices running Android (as long as it goes beyond the patent stages). Sounds pretty good to me! Here’s hoping they are still working on the project.

If you are the type who likes to dig through Patent applications feel free to do so through the source link below. Your bound to find some interesting stuff in there.

source: USPTO
via: Engadget

Come and see the future of Google Maps

As advertised, Google lifted the lid today on exactly what it has in store for the future of Google Maps. Keen to get the jump on Apple who are rumoured to shortly be replacing Google’s ever present Maps application with it’s own iMaps alternative, Google had a lot of new features to show off.

The event fliers invited the world to ‘The next dimension of Google maps” so it came as no surprise when Google announced a huge focus on 3D mapping. Entire metropolitan landscapes will be mapped over areas with a combined population over 300 million people. If you’re wondering exactly how Google intends to accomplish such a lofty goal, prepare to be impressed. I’m sure by now you’re all familiar with the famous Google Street View cars, well get ready to watch the skies for Google’s fleet of Google Maps air-planes!

The 3D mapping may be the headline announcement however Google also announced the three principles that will drive the future of Maps; Comprehensiveness, Accuracy and Usability.

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Qualcomm Working On a Chip To Support Multiple 700 MHz Bands

The popular chip maker, Qualcomm, has announced that they’ll be making a CPU compatible with multiple 700 MHz frequencies.

Furthermore, as shown above, carriers holding Lower A Block or other 700 MHz spectrum have many different band combinations to choose from to meet their customers’ interoperability needs, both within the 700 MHz band and between any of the long list of other 4G bands. A Band 12/17 combination is merely one such combination, and it would be inappropriate for the FCC to mandate that carriers must make this one combination available on every consumer device.

Because of the difficult interference challenges described herein, the fact that existing technology does not offer a solution to these challenges, and Qualcomm’s ongoing innovation and collaboration with all carriers and manufacturers, the commission should not require mobile equipment to be capable of operating over all paired commercial spectrum blocks in the Lower 700 MHz band.

So what does this mean?  It means the company is single-handedly assisting in solving the interoperability problem which LTE operators present in the US.  The new design, also dubbed the MSM8960, will support 7 LTE frequencies in total utilizing the 28nm process.  Qualcomm is seriously fixated on providing lower power consumption and we thing they truly have the means to do it.  According to the company, radios will be shipping to to vendors in July and devices housing them should show up by year’s end.  Furthermore, Qualcomm states it’s against an FCC mandate for LTE interoperability and wants the government to allow the free market to make the choice of which bands get paired.  This will certainly be an interesting story to follow so stay tuned. And feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

source: FierceWireless

HBO Go Now Available for the Kindle Fire, Other Android Tablets Still Left Out

Kindle Fire owners should be pleased to know that the HBO Go app is now compatible with the device. Starting today, you can grab the HBO Go app from the Amazon Appstore and stream videos without having to use your browser. Unfortunately the app still doesn’t support other Android tablets but I imagine that future updates will slowly bring more tablet compatibility. For those of you Kindle Fire owners who also have a HBO subscription you can grab the app from the Amazon link below. Full press release and promo video after the break.

Amazon Appstore

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Best Buy Galaxy S III pre-orders expected to arrive by June 28th

While we are still waiting for a firm date as to just when you can expect to take delivery of a Galaxy S III in the US, Best Buy have given us some hope that it will be before the month is out.

Customers who pre-ordered the device from Best Buy have been furnished with a sales agreement suggesting that the device should be in stores from June 28th. One such customer took the time to scan the document and send it on the team over at Droid Life who shared it with the rest of the tech world.

It’s worth baring in mind that Best Buy have a real hit and miss track record when it comes to launch dates so I’d suggest holding fire before booking that Thursday off work to hit the shops. That said, stranger things have happened so keep your fingers crossed.


Source: Droid Life

Square Enix officially announces Tegra 3-optimized Demons’ Score

Square Enix just posted their presser announcing their upcoming Tegra 3 -optimized title, Demons’ Score. It’s a breakbeat action game that seemlessly fuses music and battles and it was developed using Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 3 to produce high-quality 3D graphics.

“What’s more, the soundtrack has been composed by a number of musicians renowned in the Japanese music industry including Kohei Tanaka, known for his work on the Sakura Wars series, and Yoko Shimomura, whose accomplishments include work on the Kingdom Hearts series.”

The premise is Serenity is just your average college girl, but when her father goes missing, she sets out to find him at the lab facility where he works. All Hell breaks loose when she lays hands on the Demons’ Score, a mysterious program that allows her body to be possessed by various demons. Where did her father disappear to? What’s the mystery behind the Demons’ Score? Serenity’s battle begins with the thunderous tunes of Hell!

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Tom Tom Android App set to Launch soon says Co-founder

I don’t know about most of our readers, but I’m fairly attached to my Google Maps and its navigation features on my Galaxy Nexus. Does everything I’ve ever needed it to do….so far. Maybe this is because it’s all I’ve ever used as a GPS device. Well, there are a few GPS navigation applications out there and there’s another to come.

Tom Tom for Android is just down the road, or is will be launching “fairly soon” as co-founder Peter-Frans Pauwels puts it. Yes, the latest GPS navigation application is on its way, and more insight from the co-founder tells us possibly this summer, although he won’t give any definite answer at this time. iOS users already use their version of the Tom Tom app which has been said to be doing very well. So this app being developed for Android will probably be welcome by many who would love another option for their traveling needs. These days with the power of the Android phones and even the sizes that we’ve seen as of late, there’s almost no need for a dedicated GPS device. And I think the companies developing for that market see this, and are gearing their development more and more toward the smartphone. There’s yet to be any mention of what the price tag on this app will be. Most likely it’ll be in line with the iOS app, which weighs in at close to $40.

source: pocketlint


SCHOTT Xensation Glass Could Replace Gorilla Glass on Your Next Android Device

Look out Gorilla Glass, a company by the name of SCHOTT is ready to try and steal your thunder. SCHOTT, a German based company, have been testing their new scratch and break-resistant glass over the past year and are now ready to bring the glass to the market. Dubbed Xensation Cover glass, this new glass is said to have a 20 percent higher bending strength than “competitor glass types” and even comes in an anti-glare version. SCHOTT claims that manufacturers have already signed up to use Xensation glass on upcoming products but they wont divulge which products those are just yet. The testing manufacturers even went as far as to say that “Xensation cover glass raised the benchmark when it comes to cover glass performance and ultimate strength.”

The first Xensation sporting devices are said to hit the market in the third quarter of 2012 so I guess we will just have to wait to see which Android devices will adorn this new glass. In the meantime, you can check out the Xensation Cover glass promo video and press release after the break.
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