Samsung Galaxy S III Will Feature 4.8-Inch Display And Have Simultaneous Launch Globally

We may not be seeing the Samsung Galaxy S III at MWC next week, but we know it’s very much real and on its way. BGR reports that Samsung will not be launching the device in phases as it was done with the Galaxy SII. The Galaxy S III will launch in 50 markets simultaneously around the globe, meaning those of us here in the States likely won’t have to wait 6 months after the initial launch as we previously saw with the Galaxy S II. Moreover, in addition to the sexy thin profile and waterproof design the S III will likely have, it will feature a 4.8-inch screen, meaning it will likely be the perfect compliment to Android 4.0 and an HD display that was previously rumored about the device. Oh and the back of the phone will be made of ceramic, not the glossy plastic we’re accustomed to.

If you thought the Galaxy S II was a major breakthrough in smartphone design, the Galaxy S III is ready to raise the bar even higher. Stay tuned with Talk Android for any future updates or developments in the Galaxy S III saga.

source: BGR

Landmark Victory: Judge Rules In Favor Of AT&T Customer For “Unlimited Data” Throttling


Score one for the little guys. AT&T’s controversial “unlimited” data plan has made some noise in recent weeks. Since announcing they would begin reducing speeds for certain customers with the coveted unlimited data plan last year, it had since gotten an immense amount of criticism from many customers and even the media. After all, how can AT&T throttle data speeds for unlimited customers who pay the exact same a comparable amount to those who are on a tiered data (3GB/month) plan. Of course AT&T thinks its policies aren’t that bad, but one customer believes the policies are atrocious and had enough, so he decided to fight back.

AT&T customer Matt Spaccarelli decided to take action by taking AT&T to small claims court. He has the unlimited data plan and was being throttled by AT&T. He also contends his data speeds were being throttled, despite only using 1.5GB to 2GB of data per month and using by doing some thorough research, laid his claims and arguments before a judge arguing what AT&T is doing is wrong. AT&T countered by highlighting it is free to change the terms of its contracts or even end them outright, if it decided that the subscriber was causing adverse network usage. Judge Russell Nadel accepted the argument of Spaccarelli and granted him victory. Spaccarelli was awarded $850 which will go towards the remainder of his contract— or about $85 for 10 months.

Let this be a lesson for AT&T: customers aren’t happy and they’re willing to do something about your business practices. As an AT&T unlimited data customer myself and the victim of a threatening “text message warning” about my data usage, I can’t help but feel justice for all of us who are bullied by Ma Bell. Let’s hope it gets its act together, otherwise it will continue to lose support and ultimately customers.

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WIMM One open the doors to its Micro App Store

“What exactly is a Micro App Store” I hear you cry. Well it’s pretty much as it sounds, an app store that brings you micro apps for your micro device, specifically the WIMM One Android watch. The WIMM One boasts a 667MHz ARM processor with 256MB RAM and 2GB internal storage. There’s bluetooth and wireless connectivity as well as an accelerometer, GPS module and compass on board. The micro device weighs only 22g and measures in at 32 x 36 x 12.5mm, despite the tiny dimensions it manages to cram in a 1.41″, 160 x 160 capacitive touch screen.

Impressive tech-specs are simply the first step to success, without top notch developer support the specifications may well count for nothing and that’s where the Micro App Store comes into play. Similar to the Android Market website, WIMM’s store pushes the selected app from the web directly to the WIMM One watch. At the time of posting there are around 25 applications ready for download with the promise of many more to come. There’s no infrastructure for paid apps just yet so perhaps it’s the ideal to time to fill your boots with some free apps.

It seems that the mobile device size wars go round in cycles. In the days of the Nokia 8310 it was all about being the smallest, then the original RAZR arrived on the scene and thin was in, now with the 4.65″ Galaxy Nexus and 5.3″ Galaxy Note hitting the headlines, the current trend is all about being the biggest. Is 2012 set to be the year when we arrive full circle as we see the rise of the tiny, smart watches? We had a false dawn in 2010 with the, innovative but flawed, Sony Ericsson LiveView but this year is set to be more promising with Motorola’s MotoActv, the stylish i’mWatch and Sony’s forthcoming SmartWatch all hitting the market.

Check out the link for full details on the WIMM Micro App Store and be sure to let us know if you’re planning on picking up a smart watch this year in the comments below.


source : WIMM LABS

Toshiba Excite X10 up for pre-order


We brought you some hands-on time with the X10 at the CES in January and we also broke the news that the X10 was on sale in the UK (albeit badged as the AT200). Today we can tell you that Toshiba’s super-slim, Android powerhouse has arrived on the Future Shop website, available for pre-order.

The Excite X10 runs Android Honeycomb 3.2 and although Toshiba has confirmed that an ICS update is in the works, there’s no word yet on when it will land. In the engine room is a 1.2 Ghz TI OMAP 4430 processor backed up with 1GB RAM. At a mere 7.7mm, the X10 claims to be the slimmest tablet on the market and packs a 10.1″, 1280 x 800 IPS display. There’s a 5MP rear camera and 2MP front camera to take care of your imaging needs. Pre-order pricing is set at $550 for the 16GB model and $600 for the 32GB model.

source : future shop

New HTC Blog Teases “Something Amazing”

In an effort to give customers a window into all that is HTC, the company has unveiled its new public blog. In a post about Mobile World Congress, HTC Director of Digital Marketing John Starkweather teases us with a picture of some bubble-wrapped devices he calls “something amazing”. What do you think? Does this look like a box full of  HTC One V’s, HTC One S’s or HTC One X’s?

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Rovio Working on a Non-Angry Birds Game


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably played one of the many iterations of Rovio’s extremely popular Angry Birds games. The Finnish company has been very successful marketing this game on all platforms, and merchandising the heck out of the game’s lovable birds and pigs. They’ve been in movie talks and even teamed up with Korean police to help combat bullying. These little guys are literally everywhere… except, apparently, in Rovio’s next game.

In a recent interview, Rovio CEO Mikael Hed spilled the beans that they are working on a new game that is not an Angry Birds spinoff, and it will be out “in a couple of months”. That’s pretty much all he said about it, so no further details are known at this time.

Let’s hope the new game’s characters are as lovable and merchandisable as these birds are. I’d expect nothing less from Rovio.

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Is This the Xperia Play 2?

The folks at Concept-Phones got their hands on a picture of what is rumored to be the Xperia Play 2, Sony’s follow-up to the Playstation-certified, PSP-like Xperia Play. It is unsure whether this image is a concept render or the real thing. Heck, could be a fake for all we know, but it does look fairly legit. Have a look below and decide for yourself.

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Borderlands 2 Confirmed As NOT Coming to Android

I’ve got some bummer news for those of you who were hoping on seeing Boarderlands 2 make its way to Android in the future. Trust me, I don’t deliver this news in vain because all of us here at Talk Android were super stoked to see what it would look like running on a Tegra 3 Android tablet, but now unfortunately it looks like we will never get the chance. According to a statement released by Gearbox Software, the tablet in the demo video we witnessed was only used for the presentation purposes and they have no intention on releasing it on Android. Here’s what they had to say to Android and Me about the confusion:

The news out of PLXLAN is unfounded and Gearbox Software is not developing Borderlands 2 for Android. Per our press release on Wednesday, Borderlands 2 will be available on September 18 for PS3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC. As you know, the new trailer went viral yesterday and has nearly 1 million views as of today – it’s likely what was being shown at PLXLAN on a tablet. Hope this clears up any confusion, please feel free to update your readers.

Well there goes that idea I guess. Maybe it’s nothing that some constant nagging wouldn’t fix. ;-)

source: Android and Me

Samsung Galaxy Note to land on Three UK soon

Yes the Samsung Galaxy Note might just be the biggest thing right now, and I’m not just talking about size. This is one of those phones that really has everyone intrigued. No it’s not for everyone, but just about everyone has a look of “wow” on their face when they see it for the first time.

It looks like the loyal customers of Three UK are going to get rewarded soon because they just announced they plan to bring this beast to the lineup soon. They didn’t announce any specific time frame or pricing, but we do know they will carry the white version.

We are about to release our review of the U.S. version soon, but you can check out our hands on with some of the S Pen optimized apps as well as our quick overall hands on.

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Canonical Releases Ubuntu Demo Video, Shows Seamless Android Experience on Your Desktop

For those of you who are curious about this weeks Ubuntu announcement from Canonical, they recently sent us a video demonstration to better help answer all of your questions. Not only does Ubuntu allow you to seamlessly  dock to your Android device to your TV or desktop display, it even allows you to make and receive calls and text messages.

You can pretty much access your device in almost any capacity when linked through Ubuntu. You can access full screen pictures and video, your contacts, any and all applications, Wi-Fi and network settings, and even movies you’ve rented from the Android Market. On top of that, Ubuntu includes it’s own native apps for you to enjoy. To see this awesome program at work, check out the video below.

YouTube Preview Image