My favorite tech from CES 2012 is Liquipel

Water, the precursor for all life on Earth and yet, incidentally,  looming doom for the gadgets we can’t live without.

It really doesn’t even make sense when you figure Earth is 70% covered by water. So why aren’t are gadgets water proof already, or at the very least safe from sweat and rain. Alright so there are a few of those devices, but realistically every electronic device should be impervious to water. Up until recently the best way to accomplish this feat has been to take rigorous measures to seal the device, but seals wear and impair wireless usability. There’s got to be a better way. Enter Liquipel.

Liquipel repels water at the molecular level. Now we’re talking! The process entails placing your device in a vacuum chamber then subsequently pumping it full of Liquipel formula as a vapor, allowing it to permeate all aspects of the device. After which the vapor is molecularly binded to your device’s materials and what you’re left with is a device not unlike any other of the same type, to the naked eye. The Liquipel treatment is only visible under a microscope.

Trust me, as cool as that sounds, its even more fascinating on video. Take a look at this. 
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Samsung Galaxy Nexus Users Affected by Reboot Bug

The new Samsung Galaxy Nexus is an extremely amazing phone. I love mine so much my sweetie fears that I will run off with it. It’s the first device to run Android 4.0 and the first “Google Experience” device on Verizon’s network. However being that it’s a brand new device with a brand new OS it’s sure to have its own set of bugs and problems.

As it is, numerous users are reporting that there is a bug that causes their devices to randomly reboot. Most that are reporting the bug are those with the GSM model, however, Verizon’s CDMA model isn’t free of it. There isn’t a pinpoint cause for the bug as it can happen while streaming music, playing games or even when the device is idle. Users are finding that the frequency of the issue happens more and more as time progresses but Google has indicated that they are aware of the problem and are investigating the issue. Are you guys having these issues?

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Rumor Has It that Verizon and Sprint Will Get the Samsung Galaxy Note, Possibly Under a New Name

Wait till you hear the latest rumor circling the interwebs right now.. I know it’s definitely got me excited! According to the Examiner, the highly controversial Samsung Galaxy Note is heading to both Sprint and Verizon after it makes it self at known with AT&T. Industry analyst, Paul Mueller,  told the Examiner that the device will be available only any one of the big three carriers in 2012. Mueller claims “It will possibly be called the Galaxy Journal. But it is certainly coming to both Sprint and Verizon during the first half of the year.”

Some of you may hate the thought of this device because of its massive 5.3-inch screen. To be honest, when it was first announced in 2011 I was a bit skeptical myself, but after seeing it in person at this years CES, I fell in love. There is something to be said about having that much screen so readily available (yes, it does fit comfortably in my pocket) instead of always relying on toting around a 7 0r 10-inch tablet. Don’t get me wrong, the Note will never replace the joy of using a tablet, but for those like myself who use the web and multimedia all day on their phones — this is a great portable compromise.

Hate it as much as you want, but unless you have personally held one in your hand and have tinkered with its usefulness, you should refrain from bashing it until you have. If this rumor holds any truth, and is indeed heading to Verizon, then, well… anybody want to buy a Galaxy Nexus?

What about you? Do you have any interest in Samsung’s 5.3-inch phablet?

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Recent “Security Update” For HTC EVO 3D Removes Carrier IQ

It looks like there’s more to the “security update” feature of the the recent HTC EVO 3D update than we previously thought. There is no longer Carrier IQ according to reports from users. Owners of the device who recently received the update confirmed this by checking in the Manage Applications tab have noticed that “HTC IQAgent” and “IQRD”— both of which were Carrier IQ-related apps– are no longer present on the device after the update.

This development shouldn’t be too surprising considering Sprint announced they would stop using Carrier IQ’s services. The real question now is how many more of Sprint’s devices will see the removal of Carrier IQ with additional updates.

[via Android Central]

Samsung Epic Touch 4G Gets Official MIUI ROM

MIUI is one of the more popular ROMS out there. While at first one would confuse it with that of the iOS it’s so much more than that. Well until now those with a Samsung Epic Touch 4G on Sprint weren’t able to play with this ROM. In order to run this ROM you need to make sure that you are rooted. So hit the source and get your taste of MIUI. Let us know what you think.


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SteelSeries Announces Ion, A Bluetooth Gaming Controller You Can Easily Put In Your Pocket

As popular as Android gaming has become, it’s no shock that the company SteelSeries wanted to make a gaming controller that you can comfortably put in your pocket. The new SteelSeries Ion gaming controller is just that. It works off of Bluetooth technology and is no larger than a deck of playing cards (18mm), yet maintains all the functions you would find on a PS3 controller. Sounds pretty cool for the more serious gamers out there, or those who simply don’t like playing with touchscreen controls.
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US Cellular Clears FCC Hurdle For Samsung Galaxy S II

A “Samsung SCH-R760″ has just gotten clearance from the FCC. Judging by the photo above and what specs are highlighted in the diagram, the “R760″ features evidence of a CDMA/EVDO antenna and WiFi chip. By the looks of this diagram, this appears to be the long-awaited Samsung Galaxy S II going through the last rounds of tests before it arrives to US Cellular. Of course US Cellular US still won’t confirm it’s getting the Samsung Galaxy S II, but at least we know the device arriving to the regional carrier is very much a reality.

Of course we already know US Cellular plans on bringing an LTE phone in the not-too-distant future. However, we shouldn’t hold our breath on this “R760″ device being the first LTE phone as there’s no indication of an LTE antenna being included. That means we’ll have to wait longer for that mysterious Samsung LTE phone to make an appearance another time.

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Notion Ink Adam Receives Alpha Ice Cream Sandwich Build, Also Teases A New Device (Video)

Well, it’s been a while but it looks like it’s officially official.  The Adam has received it’s very own Alpha build of Ice Cream Sandwich.  Keep in mind with alpha this is extremely in its infancy as many of the features aren’t working yet.  Count on plenty of bugs along with the camera, 3G, USB storage, USB flash drive and light sensors not to work at this time.  In addition, the blog states that there are some video playback issues and HDMI sound bugs along with the device not waking up properly from sleep mode.  Nevertheless, ICS is on board and it’s open to the public for anyone feeling frisky.  In further Notion Ink news, the company’s blog states that they will be making some changes to the site along with an addition of a new device:

Post the mentioned public release, we will be starting another blog. It will focus only on development, and we will again see a new device coming to life. Unlike last time where the hardware was mostly done out-house, this time every resistor, IC, bus lane, etc is designed and selected on the very computer working on this blog. We will try to involve as many professionals as possible so the new blog can become a reference for new developments!

We’re looking forward to seeing what Shravan and the boys cook up so stay tuned to TA as we dig a little deeper.  In the meantime, check out the lengthy 18 min or so video of the ICS demo in action.

YouTube Preview Image

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Rogers, Fido And SaskTel Drops Galaxy Nexus Price To $99.99

The Canadian mobile carrier wars are beginning to heat up for 2012. Since the initial launch of the Galaxy Nexus, we’ve seen the $159.99 price for a 3-year contract with Virgin Mobile, Bell, Rogers and Telus. However, Telus first went aggressive in a stunning move by recently offering the phone for only $99.99 which not only drew attention, but also perhaps additional customers for its mobile services. Rogers, Fido and SaskTel did not want to sit idle and has since matched Telus’s price of $99.99. Bell and Virgin Mobile are holding serve by keeping the Galaxy Nexus at $159.99, but at this point, it wouldn’t be too much of a surprise to see them drop the price down to $99.99 sooner than later. Nothing wrong with some friendly competition by the carriers, right?

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