Leak Hints at April 6 Launch for 16GB Verizon Galaxy Nexus, April 26 for Droid Incredible 4G

Based on previous leaks, we already knew Verizon Wireless was going to be carrying the 16GB version of the Galaxy Nexus at some point, in both grey and white variations. The only question is when? According to a tip received by our friends at Droid Life, it looks like the half-pint GNex will arrive on all channels at the beginning of next month, April 5th to be exact. Since the storage size has been reduced by half, one can only assume the price will be similar to that of the recently reduced 16GB Droid Razr, which retails for $199 on contract. Nothing in this leak confirms any color options, though. We will just have to wait to see how that one pans out.

Along with the Galaxy Nexus leak, comes details of a April 26th launch for the Droid Incredible 4G (aka HTC Fireball), and a March 29th launch for the LG Lucid (previously reported, LG Cayman).

source: Droid Life

Samsung launches Galaxy Player 70 Plus – Dual core PMP

Samsung’s Galaxy line of devices have been a monumental success for the Korean giants, the Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab range of phones and tablets are critically-acclaimed, household names. Despite this success Samsung is yet to make a huge splash in the Personal Media Player (PMP) market, however it appears that they’re working hard to turn that around. We introduced you to the forthcoming Galaxy S WiFi, announced at the Mobile World Congress last week, well Samsung is set to bolster its PMP range with the release of the Galaxy Player 70 Plus for South Korea.

The Galaxy Player 70 Plus pays more than a passing resemblance to the original Galaxy S (I9000) and the highlights of the device are :

  • Android 2.3 Gingerbread with TouchWiz skin
  • Dual-core, 1Ghz processor
  • 5″ LCD, 800 x 480 touch screen
  • 5MP rear camera with  front camera for video calls
  • 2500 mAh battery
  • 16GB or 32GB storage options with micro SD slot
Android has plenty of flagship phones and tablets on the market however we are yet to see an Android PMP challenge the success of Apple’s all-conquering iPod. Could Samsung’s Galaxy Player line swing the momentum? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

source : sammyhub

Samsung files for flexible display patent, Still on track for 2013

Last week we told you that Samsung would probably release devices with flexible displays within a year. No we have information about the patent they are seeking.

Samsung’s patent FIGS. 1A and 1B (pictured above) shows an example of a roll-up flexible display. Fig 2 (below) shows an overview of a flexible display apparatus, which includes a flexible display unit 10 which is controlled by a control unit 40. They also show examples of flexible displays taking on a Cylindrical shape and mimicking a book (see source link for more images)

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Review: WIMM One Smart Watch – Part 1 – Initial setup and functionality [Hands on Video]

I recently had a chance to get my hands on the new WIMM One from WIMM Labs, which is an Android-powered module that becomes a smart watch when it’s inserted into the accompanied watchstrap. Over the last year, there has been several Android watches released, but the WIMM One just might be the cream of the crop. The WIMM One can work as an extension of your phone, but it’s powerful enough to also run apps. The WIMM Labs Micro App Store Beta opened only about a week ago, but you will already find 30 or so apps ranging from games, lifestyle, and productivity. I expect it to continue to grow exponentially.

The WIMM One measures 1.26 inches by 1.42 inches and is 0.49 inches thick (about 12.5mm). It has a 1.41-inch (160 x 160) TFT capacitive touchscreen display, a Samsung ARM11 processor running at 667 MHz, 256MB of RAM, 2GB of internal storage, WiFI, Bluetooth, an accelerometer, a magnetometer, a GPS, and is splash resistant. It’s priced at $199, which includes the WIMM One 330 Module, USB charging kit, and a black watchstrap.

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How to Root, Unlock, and Flash Recovery to the ASUS Transformer Prime [Video]

OK guys, I finally got around to creating this how-to video on getting your ASUS Transformer Prime all ready for modding! In this video you will find directions on how to root, unlock, and flash ClockworkMod Recovery to your tablet. This all-in-one tool, ViperMod PrimeTime v4.5, will do everything I just mentioned and can even unroot your Prime in case you need to send it in for service. This tool works on any version of ICS, and will even work on Honeycomb. For those of you OG Transformer owners, you can even use the root tool as well but do not try to flash recovery. Reports show that trying to flash recovery will bork your original Transformer (TF101).

Once rooted, you will not loose the ability to receive future OTA updates from ASUS, but it is highly reccomended to grab Voodoo OTA RootKeeper from the Android Market to prevent any future updates from breaking root. You can find the download link at the end of this post.

Big thanks to ViperBoy for creating this super easy tool, it’s by far the easiest method available for doing any or all of these steps. You don’t have to complete every step if you dont want (i.e. remain locked), and if you are already rooted or unlocked you can still use the tool’s other features as well. I will include brief instructions below, but for a more detailed walk-through refer to the video. You can also find the necissary download links at the end of this post. Ready? Lets get started! 
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Samsung Denies Galaxy S III Launch Rumors, Says Watch Twitter For Official Details

We recently told you that the Samsung Galaxy S III was on track for an April launch but then followed up the next day with insider reports that conflict with that theory. When dealing with rumors and speculation in the mobile industry it is always hard to know what can be reliable, and obviously the best thing is to wait for some sort of official word from the respective manufacturer. Well that’s what we have today, an announcement from Samsung denying that an April launch was anything but confirmed. According to @samsungtomorrow’s Twitter account, the highly anticipated Galaxy S III’s launch date isn’t set in stone, causing one to believe the device may see a later announcement. That doesn’t mean to say we need to rule out April all together, but Samsung says they will once again take to Twitter when everything is finalized.

Samsung issued a statement to The Verge reiterating what we already know, that the Galaxy S III “will be unveiled in the first half of the year.” Given that announcement, it could technically be up to 4 months before before we see anything official. If you’re anything like me,  you like the sound of April much better. I guess we will just have to keep our eye on the @sumsungtomorrow Twitter account for official details.

source: Twitter
via: The Verge

Galaxy Nexus Sees Improved Screen Performance

The Galaxy Nexus smartphone no doubt has a stunning and sexy display to the casual Android user. However, there are some crafty individuals who believe you can always squeeze out just a little more from what you have. That’s why XDA Forums member mumchristmas was out to improve the display for interested Galaxy Nexus owners. He was curious of the actual screen performance of the phone, so he decided to do some investigating. Using the Voodoo Screen Test application, a x-rite i1 Display 2 Color meter and HCFR software, he found some startling results:

  • “Average Gamma value is about 1.9, far from the ISO stand 2.2. So the color is just too bright (I’m not saying screen brightness).
  • The shadow part (0-40% gray level) of 3 color curve were almost out of trim. In another words, inaccurate color balance.
  • As the color unbalance. The color temperature is starting from lower than 5500K to 6500K, which the ISO stand is 6500K at any color level.”

To sum it all nicely: the results are underwhelming to say the least, but he decided to do something about this. While he couldn’t change the gamma value, he fixed the color balance and color temperature by using a custom kernel with ColorControl function and added a new file to the Android structure. The outcome was a much better color balance. Exciting news indeed. Be sure to hit up the XDA Forums at the link below to find out even more specifics of this impressive find.

source: XDA Forums
via: XDA

HTC Sensation Seen Running Around In Custom ROM With Android 4.0 And Sense UI 4.0


Own an HTC phone, but can’t get enough of the latest dessert with the smooth topping? Well cheer up kids, we have a follow-up to the custom Endeavor ROM we previously saw on the HTC Sensation . The ambitious Virtuous team managed to snag an early build of the HTC One X software (also known as the HTC Endeavour RUU 0.96.401.2 build) and created an S4X ROM for the HTC Sensation smartphone. While the ROM is unsurprisingly buggy and some features are missing as the ROM is in its early stages, you can see in the video below that Sense 4.0 runs just fine on the Snapdragon S3-based phone. So much for HTC only bringing a diet version of Sense to the older smartphones when they are updated to ICS.

While this is only a ROM, you can see the positive outlook in the direction HTC is taking with its Sense UI. Among the apps that are highlighted are Tasks, Notes, PDF Viewer, Video Editor and the new Car Mode. But Enough of my jabber, why don’t you see the Sense 4.0-based ROM in action by checking out the video below?


YouTube Preview Image


source: Mobile Syrup

ASUS could be manufacturer of choice for upcoming Google Nexus tablet

There has been a lot of speculation on a Google Nexus tablet over the last year or so, and things really started heating up this past week when news came out that Google is working on a 7-inch tablet to go head to head with the Amazon Kindle Fire and Barnes & Noble Nook series. If this in fact true, the big question is who is making it? Well the latest rumor from Android and Me suggests that ASUS could be the lucky company.

This really isn’t surprising because not only does ASUS have the most innovative tablets, but they also update them timely. The Transformer Prime and the original Transformer already have ICS. There’s also the fact that ASUS said they expect to be one of the first manufacturers to offer the Android 5.0 Jelly Bean update. There’s no question they are working very close with Google, so this rumor adds up in my opinion.

Wait!! There’s even more good news: It’s expected to be priced at $199, have the quad-core Tegra 3 (4-Plus-1) processor, and have a 1280 x 800 display. Production is expected to start in April with a June release. This really doesn’t seem out of the realm of possibility since ASUS recently showed off the MeMo 370T at CES, which is a 7-inch Tegra 3 device that’s expected to retail for $249.

I think we will see this tab at Google I/O for sure, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was this year’s gift handed out to attendees.

source: androidandme



Fotolio is a Photo Portfolio For Tablets

Looking for a lightweight photo gallery and portfolio app that takes advantage of the larger screen of your tablet? XDA member Apachi2k was, and when he was not satisfied with what he found, he wrote his own and called it Fotolio. Optimized for 7 or 10 inch tablets, Fotolio was created as a way for photographers and artists to showcase their portfolios. The developer explains:

I am a photographer and know a little bit of programming from high school days. I love the Xoom tablet and first thing I thought of using it for was for my photography portfolio. I soon realized that the built-in gallery is way overkill for something like a portfolio which gave me an idea to develop a simple app suited to showcase art or photography portfolios.

The app is pretty no-frills with the only real options being what folder you want to browse, what layout to show, and a slide show mode. This helps keep the app running smoothly while getting the job done. Check out screen shots and download links after the break.

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