Google Play Games will have multiplayer support in both Android and iOS


Prior to the start of the Game Developer’s Conference, that starts today and runs through March 21, Google accidentally released a blog post announcing some new features coming to Google Play Games (GPG).

The first aspect that’s new for GPG is the fact that players can send in-game items as gifts to other players. This can be done with people in your Google+ circles, or through a player search aspect. On top of that, GPG will feature 18 new categories that will make it easier for gamers to discover new games.

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Galaxy S 5 camera has a new six-lens optics that Samsung is having trouble producing


It seems that almost every year, with a new generation of the Galaxy S series, there’s always a story involving Samsung and its struggle with keeping up production. First it started with a fire, that all but destroyed the factory that made the printed circuit boards used in the S5. This time around, Samsung appears to be struggling with the six-lense optics on top of the camera sensor.

This new 6-element lense requires fitting into the same camera lens as before. The issue here is the molding of the optics to be precisely centered. As an industry insider put it:

“On a thin lens, even the slightest flaw results in a considerable optical distortion. To make plastic lens thinner, a more accurate mold technology is necessary.” 

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HTC Desire 816 gets more than 1 million pre-orders…kind of


Today it was announced that HTC‘s new midrange device, the HTC Desire 816, received more than 1 million pre-orders. This news comes after the upcoming Nokia X also reached a similar number of pre-orders.

While that may seem like huge news, there is a rather big catch to it. Pre-ordering the device doesn’t actually commit you to anything. While it is great for generating interest in the device, the number of people who actually buy the device will be far lower than 1 million.

Source: Weibo
Via: GforGames

HTC’s newest technical translation video explains Zoes


HTC’s fourth “technical translation” video explains Zoes. Zoes are a feature that allows your camera to snap up to 20 pictures and a 3 second video at the same time, including images occurring one second before you even press the shutter. After the pictures are taken, you can stitch the images together to create a video highlight reel.

Enough words though, check out how it works in the video past the break.

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Video showing HTC Sense 6 leaks, shows a slew of “Motion Launch” gestures


The All New HTC One (or the HTC One 2014) is coming on March 25. While we have gotten plenty of looks at the hardware, the software has remained out of the spotlight… until now. Over on YouTube, someone posted a look at what Sense 6, HTC’s software skin, will look like. The video did not go too far into things; however, we now know that HTC will certainly be utilizing motion gestures.

Like the LG G2, the user can wake the device by double tapping the display. Also, swiping to the left will bring up the widgets panel and swiping to the left activates HTC’s BlinkFeed. Swiping up will bypass the lockscreen (if you do not have a password).

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Phones 4U starts advertising The All New HTC One


The All New HTC One has garnered a lot of attention with all the leaks it has faced recently, and as if we haven’t had enough, an ad poster for the The All New HTC One was placed outside one of the Phones 4U store, a British phone retailer.

The poster displays a pixelated photo of the device with a large banner on it hinting at the announcement date , March 25th. The poster also confirms that the new device might be called “The All New HTC One”.

The only thing that’s left to be known now is of course the pricing and the availability date. Considering the rate of leaks of this device, this information might be leaked soon.

Source: Android Central

Nokia X’s Chinese pre-order total may not have actually been one million


Slow down there, Nokia. Over in China, it was announced that more than one million pre-orders were made for the upcoming Nokia X. But now it looks like that it was all a sham. Reportedly, retailer in China did not require any money to be laid out when pre-ordering because it was actually a contest being held. Hitting ‘pre-order’ was an entry into the contest; therefore, it looks like the Nokia X was not an automatic pre-release hit in China just yet.

Source: LiveSide
Via: WMPoweruser

TalkAndroid Weekly Recap for March 10 – March 16, 2014


Things continue to heat up regarding the HTC One 2014. Does HTC have a chance to wow us on March 25, based on the fact that we know so much about the phone before its unveiling? On top of that, ZTE plans on trying to steal the spotlight by making a big announcement on the very same day. We continue to see new Chromecast apps, but most of the major music and video apps are non-existent. We continue to hear rumors about an Amazon phone. Will they ever come out with one? and will anybody buy an updated Galaxy Beam? Could Flappy Bird make an encore appearance? and what the hell is the OnePlus One phone all about? It’s time to get caught up and get ready for another exciting week in the world of Android.


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Samsung launches “Specialized Usability Accessories” for the Galaxy Core Advance customers

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Samsung unveils Samsung Cloud Print and NFC Printers for small and medium-sized businesses

Smart Alarm Clock gets comfy and takes a snooze in the Play Store

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LG G Pro 2 to be available in red color as well


LG G Pro 2 was announced last month in Korea in three colors : black, white and titanium. The company is now planning to release the red color version of the device as well.

LG Electronics Singapore announced that the G Pro 2 will be available in red color when the device will be up for sale in the land of Merlion on March 29 though there’s no information if the red model will be available in global markets as well. Those interested to get the G Pro 2 can buy it from Telcos on a 2 year contract or purchase the SIM-free model for $654. Read more

Google files patent application for a new radial menu feature in Android


The radial menu gesture was first introduced in Android 3.0 Honeycomb, which made it easier for users to perform various browser tasks quickly. A similar concept was introduced in the Galaxy Note 3 known as the Air Command.

According to a new report, Google has patented a new radial menu concept with a sub-menu feature. The radial menu consists of a circular menu, each corresponding to various commands that is initiated upon a user’s selection. Instead of making use of a one finger gesture, this new radial menu implementation requires two fingers, the thumb which acts as the first anchor point, and your second finger which opens up a sub-menu with a circular list of options to choose from. Read more