Sony Shows Off Their Xperia Smart Doc For The Xperia S and Ion At CES 2012 [Video]

While at the Sony event we got to see some pretty cool devices like the new LTE Xperia Ion and the Global HSPA enabled Xperia S.  But joining the two in bringing the UI to the big screen is the new Xperia Smart Dock.  The Smart Dock allows you to toss up Android 2.3 on the big screen where you have full access to all of your applications.  Turn your dumb TV into a Smart TV with your handset as the brains of the operation.  You can add and delete icons as needed such as Google Books or any other application on your smartphone.  The service will also house Sony’s Video Unlimited service so you can search out TV shows and stream it directly to your big screen.  You can even access your Android notification tray or ignore an incoming phone call so as not to interrupt your show.  You can even transfer any 1080p HD content as well so long as your big screen supports it.  The Xperia Team says the service will eventually see ICS, so there’s something to look forward to.  Check out the demo below and don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below.  And if you’ve missed any of our CES 2012 coverage, be sure to check out the rest here.

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Sony Xperia S Hands-On At CES 2012 [Video]

With its other cousin, the Sony Xperia Ion, another newcomer made it to CES this year and that’s the Sony Xperia S.  The Xperia S, another first in the US to sport the “Sony” only branding shows off the cool transparent illuminated element we’ve seen in previous shots.  It does a great job accenting the 4.3-inch display itself, which happens to be 720p.  Like other Sony products, the device offers the usual Bravia mobile engine for the rendering of beautiful rich colors on pics and videos.  The device sports dual cameras like most, however, the front facing shooter offers 720p while the rear can capture in 1080p.  Not a bad combination.  Add to that a whopping 32 gigs of on-board memory, and Sony’s full-on entertainment network with unlimited movies, videos and music and you have yourself a party.

The HD screen, as you can see in the hands-on video, renders incredible video and you can transfer that to any 1080p capable device for optimal viewing.  The handset will not come with LTE radios on-board but will instead be a global phone offering HSPA+ speeds.  You’ll be able to snag the device unlocked to work your GSM carrier of choice here in the US.  Oh, and did we mention the device has NFC?  Check out our hands-on video below along with some screen shots of the device next to its cousin the newly unveiled Xperia Ion.  Don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below and be sure to check out the rest of our CES 2012 coverage here if you haven’t already.

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Motorola Announces It Will Sell Fewer Devices For 2012, We Breathe A Sigh Of Relief

Motorola is using CES to provide a clearer picture of its strategy for 2012. In a roundtable discussion, CEO Sanjay Jha highlights the company intends to release fewer devices this year— not an onslaught such as what we saw particularly in the 2nd half of 2011. Jha himself summed it up best:

“A lot of products that are roughly the same doesn’t drive the market to a new place”.

The end result of that statement is quality over quantity. In fact, Jha himself contends the company plans to pursue fewer new ideas in an effort to make more things stick. What does this mean? It’s simple— MOTO will continue to pour resources into the current lineup of MOTO phones with prompt software updates and enhancements, while making the few anticipated phones for this year be the best they can possibly be. Let’s see Google’s impact on MOTO’s newfound strategy.

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Siri Creators Nuance Communications Create Dragon Go! For Android Devices

Android users have been clamoring for a premium Siri-type program to grace Android devices. Sure we’ve seen an alternative here and another one there, but it seems as though users have wished for the minds behind Siri to come out and develop something for Android officially, not just any developer. Users’ wishes and prayers have been answered as Nuance Communications— the same developers behind Siri— have created a personal assistant app exclusively for Android users called Dragon Go! Nuance Communications outlined it best when it comes to the purpose of Dragon Go!:

“With Dragon Go! you can do more in less time like buy movie tickets as you walk into the theater, go shopping at local boutiques while you wait for your nails to dry, settle a bet at the breakfast table on the square root of Pi, or plan and invite guests to that night’s happy hour – all with just one ask of Dragon Go!”

It’s pretty straightforward too. Just ask it a question and the app will use its servers to provide a solution. Heck Dragon Go! will direct you to services that provide streaming media, social networking, shopping and other online content such as Spotify, Wolfram|Alpha, Yelp, YouTube, AccuWeather,,, ESPN, Facebook, Fandango,, Pandora and Twitter.

The app is available for free for owners of any Android 2.1+ device. If you want to see the app in action before you download it, checkout the video below and then scoot over to the Android Market link or use the QR code to be on your way to having more productivity after the break.


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Verizon Road Map Shows Droid 4 Priced at $249.99

The newest MAP was released recently by Verizon and it includes all the brand spanking new devices released at CES. While we knew the pricing of the RAZR MAXX and LG Spectrum thanks to the press releases the DROID 4‘s pricing was missing. If this list is any indication it appears that the DROID 4 will be going for $249.99 on a new 2-year agreement with Big Red. While it’s not as cheap as the LG Spectrum it’s still better than that of the RAZR MAXX.

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Sony Ericsson Xperia Ion, First Sony Smartphone To Hit The US, Hands-On (Video)

Sony threw a grand shindig at the Encore last night to unveil an awesome treo of devices to be among the first released in the US market after parting with the Sony Ericsson nomenclature.  The Xperia Ion is an impressive 4.6-inch (720p) displayed monster housing a whopping 12 mega-pixel camera with an X4R mobile sensor in place.  This will be Sony’s first LTE smartphone to make it into the states and will be available for launch on AT&T.  The Android Gingerbread device will come sporting NFC at launch and introduces a new technology called “smart tags”.  Smart tags are small devices that work with the NFC technology to allow you to quickly change settings and configurations on the phone.  A sort of quick profile switch-out, if you will.  So, if you’re about to head into the office, just swipe a tag and all of your office documents pop up.  Ready to head to the gym?  Swipe another tag and your music apps and desktop change to suit the activity.  The device will also support 16 Gigs of on board memory.

The device is also set to launch with Sony’s full entertainment network capabilities, such as music and video.  The handset also comes Playstation certified, meaning eventually you’ll have full access to the Playstation store to play games until your heart’s content, making it a small PSP.  Check out the quick hands-on video below as well as some comparison shots next to a white and black Xperia S (Ion is on the left) and don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below.  Be sure to check out the rest of our CES 2012 coverage here if you’ve missed some of it.  More screen shots after the break.   
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Hands On With the Asus Memo 171 [Video]

Before CES even started we told you about a device that would be shown off at the event this year. That device is the Asus Eee Pad Memo. It is a 7-inch tablet running at a 1280×800 resolution. Under the hood is a 1.2GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor. It has 3G and WiFi connectivity and comes with 16GB all the way up to 64GB. Well our very own Robert Nazarian and Stacy Bruce were able to get some hands on time with the device so hit the break to check it out. 
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Hands-On With Sprint Version Of Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Video)

Over at the Sprint event held at Tao in the Venetian last night, our own Rob Nazarian had some one-on-one time with the newly announced Samsung Galaxy Nexus for Sprint. As perhaps highest-profile member of Sprint’s LTE family, it has the same awesome features that we’ve already seen on the Verizon version— just on the NOW Network this time. Yes friends, you can see the gorgeous 4.65-inch Super AMOLED screen with rich colors and deep blacks, 5MP rear & 1.3MP front-cameras and that pure, untouched Android 4.0 UI, but now in Sprint flavor. Boy, talk about being at a Sprint event while getting to play with the Galaxy Nexus being a pure Google experience. Check out the hands-on video below of the phone in action. Oh and make sure you stay tuned with us for our continuous CES coverage.


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Huawei Announces New MediaPad Colors, Throws In Ice Cream Sandwich For Dessert

Huawei continues to make its presence felt at CES. The company graced us with the original MediaPad last year, which of course was among the first of tablets to use Honeycomb 3.2. As fluid and smooth as that tablet was already, Huawei has decided to take the tablet and make it even better by letting Ice Cream Sandwich run the show. They’ve announced all existing versions of the tablet will get the update by the end of Q1. In addition new MediaPads are set to have Ice Cream Sandwich pre-installed as well sometime in Q1. Speaking of new tablets— Huawei also announced the MediaPad color series tablets set to arrive in select markets in Q1. That means you’ll be able to enjoy the 1.2GHz smoothness in a black, brown or even pink variant. Be sure to hit the break for the full press release and details.
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Eco Friendly Sprint LG Viper Unveiled At CES, We Get Hands-On [Video]

Sprint threw one rocking party last night at the Venetian Hotel to introduce a few new tidbits to their lineup to accompany their roll-out of LTE in mid 2012.  Sprint managed to team up with LG on this one to offer the masses the LG Viper, an Eco friendly LTE device with a 4-inch Nova display made out of about 35% of recycled materials.  The device touts a sweet brushed gunmetal aluminum backing to it, offering a pretty nice contemporary design. It also sports a 5 meg camera with an LED flash, front facing VGA shooter for video chatting, dual-core 1.2 GHz CPU, 4 Gig’s of ROM, 512 mb of RAM and Android Gingerbread 2.3 as its OS version.  Check out the hands-on video below for a quick walk around of the device and don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below.   And don’t forget to check out the rest of our CES 2012 coverage while you’re at it.

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