HTC to get help from Qualcomm to market the HTC One


Even though HTC has recently been engaged in a bit of guerrilla marketing directed at Samsung, some help for the sinking smartphone manufacturer is on its way thanks to Qualcomm. Citing HTC’s close partnership with Qualcomm and their willingness to be one of the first manufacturers to adopt the new Snapdragon 600 quad-core processor, Qualcomm has agreed to produce some advertising films that highlight the HTC One. The choice to highlight the HTC device was made even though other devices from LG and Samsung use the same chip. The promotional videos will be presented during the Game Developers Conference 2013 according to Shen Jin, vice president for Qualcomm Greater China.

This partnership between HTC and Qualcomm should help HTC a bit with their bottom-line as they can shift some advertising costs off their books. The major benefit though will result from increased interest in the HTC One due to this selection, which HTC hopes will translate into greater sales. Although this move doesn’t display the antagonistic nature of some more recent HTC moves, it is consistent with what appears to be a new strategy to expand their marketing reach.

source: DigiTimes

When To Expect Samsung’s Galaxy S 4 Accessories And For How Much


Samsung’s Galaxy S 4 will launch towards the end of April and with that comes a number of different accessories. Most accessories will be out before the S 4, though the Game Pad won’t hit the market until July. Here are all the details:

  • S View Cover – $69.99 (April 1-6)
  • Flip Cover – $34.99 (April 1-6)
  • Protective Cover+ – $19.99 (April 1-6)
  • S Band – $129.99 (TBD)
  • Pouch – $59.99 (April 7-13)
  • Headset – $29.99 (April 7-13)
  • Body Scale – $129.99 (April 7-13)
  • HRM – $79.99 (April 7-13)
  • Wireless Charging Pad / Cover – $49.99 (April 21-27)
  • Game Pad – $99.99 (July) Read more

HTC Butterfly to get successor, could this be the DLXPLUS for Verizon?


The HTC Butterfly (aka J Butterfly and DROID DNA) is an incredible phone and it looks like HTC wants to build upon it. Focus Taiwan is reporting that they are working on a successor, and it will be marketed under the Butterfly name. Apparently HTC wants to capitalize on the growing consumer interest for larger screens, but the original Butterfly is only .30 inches larger than the HTC One.

Nothing was mentioned on what the next generation Butterfly display size will be, but I can only assume it will be a little larger for better differentiation. What surprises me is that they would go with the “Butterfly” name again. Wouldn’t it make more sense for the name to have “HTC One” in it? It’s okay to have a second major phone that’s larger (like Galaxy Note and Galaxy S), but the naming scheme should be unified. Let’s hope they will call it the HTC One Butterfly. I’m not sure if I love the name, but at least it keeps the brand unified.

It also raises the question on if this updated Butterfly will be the DLXPLUS for Verizon that we reported on a couple of weeks ago?

source: Focus Taiwan

Lockscreen security flaws seem to be contagious as Sony Xperia Z becomes next victim


Up until now, the majority of lockscreen security issues regarded Samsung phones, but it seems as though the Sony Xperia Z is suffering from something similar. With a few simple steps, you can bypass the lockscreen on any Xperia Z and get full access to the phone. From what I saw at CES, the Xperia Z is a really nice phone, but this is now the second major issue. Many users have reported their Xperia Z would suddenly die with no way to turn it back on. Sony did issue and update for European owners for that last week, but it looks like Sony software engineers will be hard at work again for another update to rectify this situation. Hit the break for the step by step video tutorial of how anyone can bypass the Xperia Z lockscreen.

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HTC One to get software update in April to improve camera performance in lighted conditions


When HTC announced the One, they touted how their new UltraPixel technology would dramatically improve the camera in lower light situations. They hit that one out of the park, but most reviewers are complaining about the quality when taking photos when light is sufficient. Thankfully it isn’t a hardware issue as HTC will update the camera software in April.

HardwareZone in Singapore was able to get their hands on the official update and it looks like their is a dramatic improvement. However they did notice some inconsistencies with different ISO settings. It’s uncertain whether this leaked update will be the final update. Most likely not, which means we can expect more improvements. Hit the break for some before and after examples.

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HTC Desire P and Desire Q Images and Specs Leak


Although the HTC One has been hitting the spotlight lately, HTC has not lost sight of upgrading its low to mid-range smartphones for those of us with shallower pockets. Examples of these are the HTC Desire P (pictured above) and Desire Q (pictured below), which are rumored to be just over the horizon. Thanks to leaked images we get a good look at the overall design and specifications.

The Desire P (T326h) will be released in China, and will have:

  • A 4.3-inch WVGA display
  • Beats Audio Technology
  • 8MP rear camera/Front-facing camera (Unknown MP)
  • Dual-core 1GHz processor
  • MicroSD card support
  • Available in Red and White
  • Price: ~$365

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Digg Outlines Focus on Creating an Improved Google Reader Replacement


In answer to Google’s latest decision to drop the Google Reader, Digg has announced their efforts to replace it with a reader of their own.  In a recent outline released by Digg, they hint at what their new RSS feed reader design goals will be.  According to Digg there are four “key points” behind the basis of the design:

  1. Keep it simple, stupid (KISS)
  2. Make it fast (lightning fast!)
  3. Synchronize across devices (the more, the merrier)
  4. Make it easy to import from existing Google Reader accounts (key to a successful replacement for sure)

Although Digg gives Google’s product props for being a solid reader, they claim it left some definite “room for meaningful improvement.” They claim the improvements they bring to the antiquated reader will be “clean and flexible…blending easily and intuitively to the needs of different users.”  Which is exactly what Google Reader’s followers really need, a new twist on an old classic! Read more

TalkAndroid Daily Dose for March 25, 2013


With hectic schedules, it can be hard to keep track of everything in your news feed. That’s why we created the TalkAndroid Daily Dose. This is where we recap the day’s hottest stories so you can get yourself up to speed in quick fashion. Happy reading!!


Evernote Launches Version 5 For Android: New Camera, Document Search And More

Pac-Man + Tournaments hits the Play Store for free


T-Mobile’s UNcarrier Simple Choice no-contract plans now live


Say no to Google Glass while driving says West Virginia lawmaker

King of Chrome Leaks François Beaufort Hired by Google

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Motorola X Phone rumor updated


Earlier today we reported on some rumors concerning the Motorola X Phone. Since the news broke, folks have been working to try to verify as much of the information as they could and we now know some of that information was not entirely accurate. The possible release date was the subject of much of the research, with sources indicating the device is on track to be announced at Google I/O. The X Phone should be available for consumers by July. If accurate, this would seem to rule out the presence of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 processor. Earlier reports also appear to have overstated the battery size, with more recent data pointing toward a 3,300 mAh size battery.

We’ll continue to watch to see how many of these rumored specs turn out to be accurate, especially with the rumor mill getting into full gear regarding this forthcoming Motorola smartphone.

source: PhoneArena

King of Chrome Leaks François Beaufort Hired by Google


François Beaufort has been doing a great job giving us a sneak peek at upcoming features to Google Chrome. They’ve ranged from Google Now notifications on the desktop to the high class Chrome Pixel. Of course these peeks were never official in capacity. Well that’s going to change as Mr. Beaufort took to his Google+ account to announce that Google has snatched him up.

With being hired, it appears that he will be giving us in-depth looks at behind the scenes action and making announcements officially. It’s a brilliant move by Google as it curbs leaks being made and it brings one of the biggest Chrome supporters to the team. It’s bad news for us though as we may see leaks on upcoming features drop to a trickle.

source: Google+
via: The Verge