Toshiba Thrive 7″ Review

The battle for 7 to 9-inch tabs is getting hot and heavy lately as just about every manufacturer has one. When it comes down to it, you really have to weigh price with what each manufacturer is offering as far as differentiation goes. When I mean differentiation, I don’t mean UI enhancements, I mean the quality of the build and the overall hardware. Does the Toshiba Thrive 7″ offer anything other tablets don’t? This is my full review, but you can also check out my initial hands on video as well.

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Review: Amp up your smartphone with the iFrogz Boost Near Field Audio Speaker [Hands on Video]

I don’t know about you, but I have zero interest in listening to my music through my phone speaker. Up until now you had two choices: either you wire it into a stereo/speaker via the microphone jack or connect it via Bluetooth. There’s a newer third option which doesn’t involve wires, syncing, or Bluetooth. It’s called the iFrogz Boost Near Field Audio Speaker, and it features patent pending NearFA™ technology. All you have to do is place your smartphone or digital media device on top of the Boost, and it will sync the audio signal from inside your device and output it to two 2W x 2RMS speakers.

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Galaxy Emerge, Stellar and Halo Receive Trademark Filings From Samsung

Looks like Samsung is not ready let up on their “Galaxy” branding anytime soon. New trademark filings from the giant handset manufacturer have been listed over at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in the mobile phones and smartphones categories. Among them are the Galaxy Emerge, SN=85558647, Galaxy Stellar SN=85558639 and the Galaxy Halo SN=85558619. No other details have surfaced as of yet but stay tuned as we dig a little deeper. We’ll see soon enough whether or not any of these names actually come to fruition. They’ll be joining the ranks with names such as the Galaxy Axiom, Galaxy Rite, Galaxy Heir and Galaxy Awaken.

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Samsung Is Not Unveiling the Rumored 11.6-inch Tablet Tomorrow, But Instead Opting For Angry Birds Space

We already know that Samsung has plans to make an announcement tomorrow at SXSW and there is a rumor going around about a 11.6-inch tablet that unfortunately is not true. According to a press release we recently received, tomorrow’s announcement is much less exciting than a new HD tablet from Samsung. Samsung is teaming up with Rovio for the (2nd) official unveiling of Angry Birds Space, and the two are also going to provide exclusive content for the Galaxy Note once the game is released on March 22nd. There will also be Galaxy Note’s on demo at the SXSW Samsung booth for attendees to get an early hands-on with the game and a chance to win prizes.

This is a far cry from the unveiling of an 11.6-inch tablet, but just for the heck of it why don’t I tell you about this rumored tablet anyway. Apparently Samsung has a new tablet they have been hiding up their sleeve and the rumored specs are nothing to scoff at. Given that the new iPad was just announced yesterday, this would have made for perfect timing as this new Sammy tablet would put the new iPad to shame. Now before you go saying 11.6-inches is too big, get a load of this. The 11.6-inch tablet is said to have a whopping 2560 x 1600 screen resolution, higher than the new iPad, and a density close to 260ppi. And because the bezel surrounding the screen is so slim, it’s said that the tablet’s dimensions aren’t much larger than the Galaxy Tab 10.1. Other believed specs include a 2GHz dual-core Exynos 5250 processor and will run Android 4.0. This isn’t a long shot for Samsung as they already have a 11.6-inch windows tablet, the Series 7 Slate. Now the question is when will we get to see this thing if not tomorrow?

What do you guys think, could you dig a tablet like this? Jump past the break to see the underwhelming press release.

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Backed by Eric Schmidt, Slice is now available for Android to organize all your online purchases


A new app called Slice just landed in the Google Play Store. Interestingly enough it is backed by Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt. It’s an online shopping organizational app that keeps track of your complete online shopping history. For starters, it will organize all your electronic receipts from both online retailers and supported brick and mortar stores. You won’t have to go into each individual site for your history or try to find email receipts, you can get it all in one convenient place. How’s that for simple when you need to get customer service information about making a return?

Slice will also track all your shipments. You can track detailed information about the contents, where it’s coming from, as well as get push notifications upon delivery.

Last but not least, you can get detailed reports that go beyond your credit card statement.

It’s available now for free in the Google Play Store so hit the break for the download links, as well as more images and the full presser.

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T-Mobile Stores Receiving White Galaxy S II Shipments, Available in Stores Starting Tomorrow

You remember how we told you back in December that T-Mobile would be carrying the white version of the Galaxy S II? Well if you do then you also remember that it was only to be available online. Personally I don’t like only having that option as I love being able to go down to my local carrier store to pick up and play with the device right away. If you feel the same way then you’re in luck. It’s looking like you’ll be able to do just that as it’s being reported that T-Mobile stores are receiving their shipments of the white S II in preparation of going on sale starting tomorrow. It’s also reported that they will be the same price and carry the same specs as the original S II.

Like I said it will be available at T-Mobile stores starting tomorrow so get on down there to get one of the most popular Android phones to date. Also if you’re worried about being stuck with Gingerbread, don’t, because the S II should be getting Ice Cream Sandwich very soon which should make this device even more popular. Enjoy!

source: TmoNews

Amazon To Introduce Two Versions Of Upcoming Tablet For 2012

In case you weren’t interested in the upcoming follow-up to the Amazon Kindle Fire before, this will certainly catch your attention. Hot off the success of the original Kindle Fire tablet, Amazon is planning on making a bigger splash by also introducing a bigger version of the tablet. Amazon is reportedly eyeing a move from e-readers to tablet PCs due to the strong sales of the original Kindle Fire, so it will introduce a 7-inch version for the first half of the year followed by a 10-inch version for the second half of the year. Moreover, as previously highlighted by us– Amazon will outsource production of the 10-inch model to Quanta Computer and Foxconn Electronics. We just keep seeing more and more indications for the follow-up of the Kindle Fire to be unveiled within the next few months, so make sure you stay tuned with us for any further developments or news.

source: DigiTimes

NASA Makes Official Angry Birds Space Announcement… From Space

Today Rovio aired the new trailer for their Angry Birds Space game, and what better place to film than the International Space Station, 240 nautical miles above the earth. NASA astronaut and physicist, Don Pettit, gives us a glimpse at what the new game is going to look like with interplanetary gravity fields at play. By the looks of the trailer, this new game is going to take some serious getting used to and a basic knowledge of physics may actually help. The bird’s flight path will be straight until it enters a planets gravity field, only then will gravity take in to effect. I don’t want to give too much away before you see the video but the Rovio team obviously put some serious thought into this one and Angry Birds Space is going to be totally unlike any other game from the series. It’s gonna be out of this world, man!

Angry Birds Space will launch from the Google Play Store on March 22nd and isn’t going to be limited to the Samsung Galaxy Note. Jump past the break to check out Rovio’s galactic announcement. 
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CM9 Alpha Officially Available For The Nook Tablet


Another obstacle has been overcome— this time the Nook Tablet is CM9′s latest victim. In what can be described as nothing short of remarkable, CM9 Alpha has been ported to the device and while a few features are currently non-functional, the ICS-powered tablet is otherwise running smooth like butter. Here’s a quick rundown of what is non-functional at this time:

  • microphone
  • hw composition
  • hw video decoding
  • Bluetooth
  • FM radio

The ROM is again in alpha status, so it’s expected that some items wouldn’t be working. Moreover, the developers won’t be providing any type of support for those who are brave enough to try it out. This means you’ll have to use the forums as your resource and try to develop solutions with other amateur developers and forum members. You’ve read enough about this, so why don’t you check out CM9 Alpha 0 on the Nook Tablet in action before slapping it onto your own Nook Tablet? You’re going to be mighty impressed.


YouTube Preview Image 


source: XDA Forums
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Google Applies For “snap a landmark, find your location” Patent

Google is adding yet again another possible patent for its up and coming patent portfolio. The “snap a landmark, find your location” application could possibly join other crazy patents like voice actions for your Google TV.  And while it’s possible we could never even see this technology hit devices, it’s still pretty cool to see what Google is trying to do here.  Innovation is the name of the game and there’s no better innovator than the search giant themselves.

Imagine, for some unknown reason you’re unable to use your GPS while traveling. Well, in this instance, all one would have to do is take a snap shot of the nearest landmark around and upload it to Google’s servers for analyses. The o’l Goog would search its millions of images from their geographical database returning your location coordinates and other pertinent information.  This could certainly prove to be an adequate tool for travelers alike.  However, I can’t help but wonder why one’s GPS wouldn’t be working for other than the fact you have no data connection where you’re at.  In that case, if you have no data connection you won’t be able to upload that pic to Google’s servers either, but I digress :)

source: Engadget