US HTC One hits “several hundred thousand” preorders


Despite rumors of hardware problems and delays for HTC’s One, it still looks like demand for the phone is insanely high. Early reports say the early responses to the phone are “fantastic” and preorders in the US have already hit “several hundred thousand.”

HTC is saying that demand for this phone is the greatest they’ve ever had for a phone, which is some positive news for a company that’s otherwise seen a rough, rough year. Hopefully these preorders get filled in the US pretty quickly, considering HTC said US phone supply shouldn’t be affected by their component restrictions.

source: Focus Taiwan

The Humble Mobile Bundle Is Back: Choose Your Own Price For 6 Android Games

Humble Mobile Bundle

The Humble Mobile Bundle is back again and six Android games are up for grabs. As with any Humble Bundle, you get to name your own price and decide exactly how your money is divided among charities, developers, or Humble Bundle itself. The games available this time around are Contre Jour, Anomaly Korea, Plants vs. Zombies, Bladeslinger, The Room, and Metal Slug 3. In order to receive The Room and Metal Slug 3 as well, you’ll have to pay more than $5.56, the average. At the time of writing this, over 27,000 Humble Mobile Bundles have been sold generating over $150,000. You can watch the video after the break to learn more about the games.

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Samsung Galaxy S 4 ringtones now available for download



Hot on the heels of the wallpaper and its beefed up S Voice being leaked for the masses, we now have the Galaxy S 4’s ringtones available. Our friends at SamMobile have obtained the complete ringtone files that are found in the smartphone and comes in at a not too shabby 11 megs in total size. Best of all, the ringtones— much like the wallpaper— are all inspired by Nature.

We know you’re excited, so hit the link below to grab the files for yourself. Go on— you know you want to.

Galaxy S 4 Ringtones

source: SamMobile

Samsung’s New S Voice Available To Download

S Voice

Samsung’s S Voice feature received an upgrade for the Galaxy S 4 and thanks to a special someone, the new S Voice APK is now available for Android users to download. According to SamMobile, the APK works perfectly on devices running Samsung firmware as one would expect. However, if you’re running an AOSP-based ROM, you may run into some issues. Similar to Google Now, with S Voice you can update social networks, set alarms, create events, open apps, search the web, make a phone call or send a text message, and much more. Galaxy S 4 wallpapers were also released today in crystal clear 1920 x 1080 resolution.

Download Link

Source: SamMobile

Smart connected devices surpassed 1 billion units for 2012 worldwide, smartphones and tablets grew exponentially


These numbers shouldn’t really surprise anyone, but a ton of people bought smart devices in 2012, according to IDC. They bought over 1 billion of those devices, actually. That includes, desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. The leaders there were (obviously) Samsung and Apple, with Apple accounting for 20.3% and Samsung accounting for 21.2%. Pretty impressive for just two companies.

IDC also expects smartphone and tablet sales to surpass PC sales in 2013, which, considering how fast new phones and tabs seem to sell, isn’t all that surprising. They’re predicting PC sales will actually stall to no growth whatsoever by 2017. Four years is a long time, and things can change, but if the market continues on the trend it’s going now, I think that’s a very realistic result.

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New (believable) Google Babble mock-up shows up


We’ve seen some leaks lately regarding Google Babble, and we’ve seen many of those leaks debunked. This time, though, we’ve got a mock-up of Babble that actually looks believable. It was posted on a Dutch site called Skloink, so it’s not official from Google or anything, but it definitely looks like something we could actually see from Google in the future.

It takes on a very Google Plus-esque approach, which is something Google has been pushing hard for lately. There are also cards similar to what we see in Google Now and in the newer versions of the Play Store. So even though this isn’t definitely what Google Babble is going to look like, let’s hope Google sees this and takes notes. It looks like an extremely polished, extremely well done app.

source: Droid Life

via: Skloink

T-Mobile announces the launch details for the HTC One and Galaxy S 4 smartphones


Photo courtesy of Digital Trends

Hot off the heels of its newly-announced 4G LTE network, T-Mobile has finally given up the deets on the pricing and availability of its upcoming higher profile devices. It has announced it will launch the Galaxy S 4 on May 1st, while the One smartphone will launch at some point in April. Additionally, the nation’s fourth-largest carrier will offer each flagship device for the incredible price of only $99 on a 24-month contract. The best news is that T-Mobile has highlighted the 24-month contract for customers can be canceled at any point within the contract, so long as the device is fully paid for.

So now that the juicy details have finally been given up, you T-Mo customers can feel free to make the appropriate plans to grab one of the two awesome devices now.


T-Mobile formally announces its 4G LTE network



In a long-overdue announcement, T-Mo has officially unveiled its full-fledged 4G LTE network. Among the first customers to enjoy the speedy gains are those living in the following metro areas:

  • Washington-Baltimore
  • Kansas City
  • Houston
  • Las Vegas
  • Phoenix
  • San Jose

Don’t think T-Mobile is stopping there either. Complimenting the newly announced network is the announcement of the Galaxy S 4 and HTC One smartphones having full LTE support, while the Galaxy Note II is also slated to have support as well (but you knew that already). T-Mobile also pledges that it will expand its LTE reach later this year and well into next year… but again, you knew that already too.


Samsung Galaxy S 4 wallpapers now available to download


The Samsung Galaxy S 4 will launch towards the end of next month, but you don’t have to wait that long to enjoy Samsung’s newest wallpaper creations that will debut with the phone. There are seven in all, and they continue the Nature UX theme that started with the Galaxy S III. We have the full high resolution versions (1920 x 1920), so hit the break to grab them while they are hot.

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Samsung sues LG for tarnishing brand image



Samsung has taken LG to court in a lawsuit claiming LG “tarnished its corporate image.” The accusation and lawsuit comes after LG ran a series of ads that Samsung says were incorrect and began when LG released a refrigerator claiming to have the world’s largest capacity. Samsung contradicted this claim in a YouTube video highlighting the differences. LG then sued Samsung for 10 billion Won, or $9027720, and began running ads against Samsung. As a result, Samsung is demanding a sum total of 50 billion Won, or $45 billion dollars, in damages from LG.

It will certainly be interesting to see if LG or Samsung will come out victorious in this latest edition of the advertising wars.

Source: SammyHub