Google Introduces The New Google+: An App With Sense And Soul


Google+ is no doubt one of the more revolutionary social networks available– and that’s why Google is taking the steps necessary to evolve its mobile app for its users. Specifically— Google is interested in transforming the Google+ app into an application that fully utilizes a device’s touchscreen capabilities and high-resolution display. That means users of the app will be able to see a revamped homescreen, crisper fonts, more fluid UI (such as improved response when swiping the screen) and important actions like +1 now float atop the stream, which makes it easy to endorse all your favorite items. The end result of this is “an app with sense and soul” according to Google.

While the new version of the app is available for iOS to begin, Google highlights the app will be available for Android within a few weeks— which will include “extra surprises”.

source: Google Blog

Why the Galaxy S III is a great phone (but why I will not be buying one)


The dust has finally settled in London after Samsung finally unveiled its next flagship phone at the Unpacked event at Earls Court. After month upon month of hype, rumours, mocks-ups and supposed leaks, the most anticipated Android phone of all time showed its hand for the world to see. The Galaxy S III had arrived. It was inevitable really that, in some areas, the specifications weren’t quite as spectacular as many of the rumours had hyped. We were promised quad-cores, Super AMOLED plus screens, state of the art graphics processors, 2GB of RAM, dual boot OS, 12 MP cameras, ceramic finishes and many more bleeding edge features. The response from the tech world was positive for the most part but as ever there were claims that the phone was underwhelming, not a true upgrade from the Galaxy S II and that it was just plain ugly. I was fortunate enough to attend the launch in person where I got the chance to visit the demo stands showing off many of the news features as well as getting a reasonable amount of hands-on time to make some judgements for myself. I’ll come back to that later.


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Samsung SPH-L300 Smiles For The Camera, Sprint Bound

The folks over at Pocket Now managed to get their hands on a screen shot of the UAprofile for the Samsung SPH-L300.  And then our friends over at Brief Mobile managed to dig a little deeper into the RDF uncovering a few new tidbits.  Their source graciously provided a nice pic of the device and overall, it looks promising.  Under the hood there’s the same MSM8960 CPU found in the Evo 4G LTE and the speculated SPH-L710 device (Sprint GSIII).  Some folks are dubbing this as a slight Nexus One look-a-like but Im not seeing it.  There are three hardware buttons that seem to be embedded into the device’s chassis which also looks like an artificial metal coating.  In addition, we know based on the screen shot of the battery that NFC capabilities will be included. The source also claims the device will have the following dimensions, H=12.19cm, W=6.38cm and D=1.204cm.  Furthermore, there will be 4GB’s of internal storage and 1 Gig of RAM.  The display will be WVGA (800 x 480) and there will be a 5 mp camera on board.  Toss in LTE radios & ICS 4.0.4 and we’re looking at a decent little competitor here.  The size of the screen itself is yet to be known but stay tuned, because we’ll certainly find out.  Feel free to speculate further on the device in the comments below or in our forums.

source: Brief Mobile

[Rumor Mill] Is Google in the Process of Developing a Game Center for Android?

Is Google building a Game Center service like Apple’s iOS equivalent? According to inside sources for Business Insider it’s doing exactly that. Like the iOS version Google’s will have leaderboards, a friend finder and will come with an achievement system. It’s suspected that Google+ integration will be at the heart of this social gaming hub. As Google loves to connect all their services together this would make sense. While there are third party game centers like OpenFeint it appears that Google is starting to recognize the need for a native client.

There aren’t details on a name or when this service would see a release however if these rumors have any weight then maybe it would arrive with Google’s new OS Jelly Bean. However only time will tell and as soon as we get something more concrete we will let you know. Again, stay tuned!

source: Business Insider
via: ubergizmo

Hands on with Gestures by Qualcomm for the Snapdragon S4 [Video]

Qualcomm was on hand at CTIA this year and they were showing off their new application called Gestures. This really isn’t anything totally new since Sony is introducing something similar with the Sola. I have a feeling we’re going to see a lot of this from all device manufacturers towards the end of the year. I don’t see a huge need for this except for maybe the kitchen when you’re browsing a cookbook with messy hands, so it’s nice to have the option. Qualcomm showcased this on a prototype tablet, and it’s still in the development stage. They ‘re targeting a late 2012 launch in the Google Play Store, and of course it will only be compatible with Snapdragon S4 devices.

YouTube Preview Image

It’s been a great CTIA this year. In case you missed anything, checkout our full coverage here.

Test your Visual Skills in the HTC One Photo Challenge

HTC is very proud of the shooter on their latest phones the HTC One S and HTC One X. And they should be. There’s been a lot of buzz around the quality of this camera. HTC has taken the opportunity to set up a challenge, should you choose to accept it.  All that is required is for you to head over to the HTC Blog and start the challenge. You’ll be choosing which photo was taken with the HTC One X and which was taken with a professional digital camera. Personally I did not do all that well. I won’t reveal my score, but I could probably think of a few decent excuses why my score was bad. All joking aside, give it a shot yourself and let us know how you did.

source: htcblog

Ice Cream Sandwich for the Galaxy Note Rolling Out Now

You read the title right folks. Android 4.0 is starting to roll out now for the Galaxy Note. However as it is in Samsung fashion it appears that it’s rolling out a region at a time. So while you folks have been waiting for over a month since its first announcement you’ll have to wait just a little bit longer. The download is a whopping 319MB in size. Presumably, this is because TouchWiz is onboard.  It does come with the premium productivity apps Samsung’s been toting.

According to the folks at XDA the build is the XXLPY 4.0.3 build leaked on May 4th. For those of you in Germany, it’s available via Kies so that’s good news for you folks. There isn’t word on when we’ll see it in the U.S. but the good news is, given the roll out in other areas, the wait can’t be too much longer.  We’ll keep you updated when it’s available though so stay tuned!


source: Sammyhub

Samsung And Visa Announce Mobile Payment Collaboration For Summer Olympic Games

Samsung’s late spring/early summer release of the Galaxy S III is no coincidence. The launch will simultaneously mark the festivities of the summer Olympics and Samsung plans on capitalizing on the increased exposure to millions (or potentially billions) of eyes worldwide. In order to kick off Sammy’s moment in the spotlight during the Olympics, it has formally made an announcement it will team up with Visa to work with Olympians in emphasizing the use of the “limited edition showcase device” for making mobile payments using Visa’s payWave mobile payment service. Essentially, the athletes will be able to use the NFC-equipped showcase device to make payments similar to how Google Wallet works. The key difference is payments above £20 will require a passcode, while users will also be able to check their balance and transaction history from the application for added security. The service looks to be in full swing by the time the Games’ begins with Visa having around 140,000 terminals available for use around London.

You can find more details once you jump past the break.
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Samsung Galaxy S III Wireless Charging Kit To Be Delayed Until September

Sammy’s newest toy will officially arrive in just a few weeks, but one of its key accessories won’t be seen until the end of summer. According to UK retailer MobileFun, the uber-cool wireless charging kit for the Galaxy S III smartphone won’t arrive until September of this year. While Sammy doesn’t give a specific reason, it is speculated its new Alliance For Wireless Power partnership with Qualcomm has contributed to the sudden delay of the wireless charging accessory. While the official wireless charging accessory will be delayed until at least September— MobileFun is indeed working on sourcing a third-party alternative in the meantime, though it believes most consumers will prefer the official wireless charging accessory instead of a third-party alternative.

source: Slash Gear

Sony Xperia ST26i Pictures Leak

Sony’s rumored next flagship, the LT29i Hayabusa, was outed in a blurrycam photo yesterday, followed by the official announcement for the Xperia GX and SX. Now another leaked image has made its way stateside from China, but this time it’s for the Sony ST26i, a rumored 4″ qHD, 1GHz device. Unlike the GX or SX, this handset keeps the capacitive buttons. Also, this will be the first Sony device to not have the green globe logo on it since Sony bought out Ericsson.

Other rumored specs include an ST-Ericsson U8500 chipset, 512MB RAM, 8GB internal storage, and HD video. Now we wait for an announcement.

source: it168 (Chinese)
via:  gsm arena