Kantar: Apple Smartphones More Popular Than Android Phones

The Apple iPhone has taken over as the smartphone in highest demand in the U.S. According to research firm Kantar Worldpanel Comtech, the latest iPhone model helped Apple beat all phones using Google’s Android platform in the U.S. smartphone market in Q4 2011, according to data presented Wednesday. It states “Apple’s share of the U.S. market doubled from a year ago to 44.9 percent in the October to December period, just beating Google’s Android smartphones, which slipped to 44.8 percent from 50 percent”.

In addition, Kantar believes Apple gained strong momentum and it looks to overtake Android smartphones as the most popular among consumers moving forward. This is demonstrated by Apple phones outselling Android manufacturers such as Sony Ericsson, HTC and Motorola. According to global consumer insight director Dominic Sunnebo:

“Apple has continued its strong sales run in the U.S., UK and Australia over the Christmas period. Overall, Apple sales are now growing at a faster rate than Android across the nine countries we cover”.

Naturally, Kantar’s recent findings don’t come without question. We saw as recently as last week that established research and measurement firm Nielsen highlighted Android not only having the most market share, but it also holding a whopping 16 percent advantage over Apple phones in Q4 2011. It’ll be interesting to see how Kantar came up with its findings and what its methodologies were used for its research.

Kantar also includes some minor information for some of the less popular devices in its report as well. Kantar mentions how the Windows Phone share in all of the nine key markets it measured remained at less than 2 percent, despite the high-profile launch of the Lumia range from Nokia. Sunnebo adds “The Nokia Lumia 800 still needs to be joined by a number of other competitive Windows Phone handsets before we are likely to see the OS (operating system) providing any real challenge to the likes of Apple, Android and BlackBerry”. Guess the consensus among research firms is not many people are interested in Windows Phones just yet.

I’m sure you all may have a lot of questions or comments about Kantar’s findings, I know I do. Be sure to hit the Comments section, sound off and give your 2 cents.

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O2 UK security hole sends customer phone numbers to websites

If you’re an 02 UK subscriber you might want to read this. Apparently when on the O2 UK network, and you’re browsing the web, your phone number might be exposed to all visited websites. O2 customer Lewis Peckover discovered that his phone number was included in the HTTP headers sent to each website he visited when connected to 3G over O2.

What are HTTP headers? It’s information exchanged between the browser and the web server before the page is loaded. You’re phone number would be included alongside information like your IP address and OS. On the bright side, the header used to send phone numbers is “x-up-calling-line-id” which isn’t normally logged by web servers, but malicious servers could have access to it easily.

This doesn’t have anything to do with Android in general, but this does affect Android users on the O2 network. I’m pretty sure this isn’t something O2 intended, and they did say they are “investigating” the issue. Hopefully it will be resolved quickly without any damage. For now, you can head over to Lewis Peckover’s site to find out if you’re affected. Just click the source link below and see if you spot your phone number among the HTTP headers. Make sure you’re not connected to WiFi, you must be on the O2 network. We’re told that not everyone is affected, but the majority are.

source: lew.io
via: androidcentral

“Dude You’re a Barista” and “You Got Samsunged”, A Quick Compilation Of Samsung Attack Ads (Video)

I don’t know about you, but Im loving the new Samsung commercials which blatantly attack Apple’s iPhone 4S.  Call it being bias if you will, since after all I’m an Editor for one of the hottest Android sites on the planet.  Still though, you can’t help but chuckle at how well Samsung points out those little things about the iPhone like the small screen extremely reminiscent of yesterday’s hardware in addition to the fact that it looks exactly the same as its previous model, the iPhone 4.  You know what I’d love to see?  How about a commercial highlighting all of the iPhone’s new iOS 5 features which were taken from Android such as, drop down notifications, OTA updates and deep voice integration.  It seems like the iPhone 4S finally got in 2011 what Android had in 2008.  If you can’t beat them, join’em eh?  Ahhh, it seems like only yesterday that the iPhone finally received Copy & Paste.  Good job Apple, you’ve certainly come a long way.  At the rate you’re currently going, you’ll have 4G on that handset in no time.

However, I’ll digress for a moment to provide our Android friends with a one stop shop of all of Sammy’s new commercials highlighting some differences between the two industry giants and their flagship devices, while also poking some fun at the Kool-Aid drinking fans that love to stand outside Apple stores three days before a device is released.  Hit the break to check out all of the commercials in order and don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below.  And if you’re an Apple iPhone fan-boy/girl, just know this…….we still love you and we’re just having some fun :)
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Get Gameloft’s Asphalt 6 for free through GetJar Gold

GetJar has been adding to its library and giving away free premium apps to attract customers. The latest partner to their library is Gameloft and to commemorate the partnership today they have been giving away Asphalt 6 Adrenaline for free. Asphalt 6 is one of the top racing games on Android so if you haven’t already shelled out for it, get it here for free. Press release after the break.

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Acer 510 coming in April for €500

Way back in November we got a glimpse of Acer’s upcoming tablet User Agent profiles. Fast forward to January and those same tablets are nearing release. Specifically the Acer A510, a Tegra 3-powered, Android 4.0 Iconia Tab . Acer showed off the tablet at a German event announcing that the tablet would hit shelves in April for €500 ($655). Seeing as how Acer’s A200 retails for around $300, the A500 will likely retail for around $500 when it come to the US. The tablet that should really be on your mind, however, and the one Acer has been keeping quite is the A700 which features a massive 1920×1200 display. Hopefully we’ll hear more from Acer on that at CeBIT come March.

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PSA: CyanogenModApps.com is unaffiliated with CyanogenMod

Recently we wrote about the Cyanogen team wanting feedback about creating a root themed market for Android. Since then a certain URL has been discovered and has garnered the attention of Android users around the web. The site in question is CyanogenModApps.com. The site is clearly a work in progress as evidenced by the multiple “Test” placeholders. This led quite a few people to believe they had stumbled upon Cyanogen’s up and coming website, but that’s not the case. Earlier today Ricardo Cerqueira of Cyanogen posted to Google+,

“‘CyanogenMod Apps’, (cyanogenmodapps.com site, twitter, facebook, and whatever else pops up related to it) is in no way related to or endorsed by +CyanogenMod

So there you have it. We’ll be sure to report when the real site hits.

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Google Consolidates Its Privacy Policies Into One Policy, Shares Information Amongst Services, Don’t Light Your Torches Yet

If you haven’t heard the news, Google came out today and announced that they have updated their privacy settings to reflect the same practice across all of their services. This change, was announced today on Google’s blog and won’t go into affect until March 1st. The way it works is that if you are logged on into any one of their services, the search company can use this information in any of its other services. This can include YouTube, Calendar, Docs and so on. The way Google puts it is this:

Our new Privacy Policy makes clear that, if you’re signed in, we may combine information you’ve provided from one service with information from other services. In short, we’ll treat you as a single user across all our products, which will mean a simpler, more intuitive Google experience.
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Sprint Set To Give Final Salute To Android Legend, HTC EVO 4G Reaches End Of Life

One of the most influential Android devices ever has finally seen its time in the spotlight come to a close. As the first 4G device in the U.S. and perhaps one of the most influential Android devices ever, Sprint has finally decided to call it quits with its HTC EVO 4G device, this time for good. We saw how the white version was on the original chopping block, but now it is the Black version’s time to get the ax this time, giving the clear sign the phone will be out of the picture completely. Starting this Sunday, January 29th, the WiMax-capable device is set to be gradually phased out of shelves and displays from Sprint stores around the country. While there are other Sprint devices set to be phased out as well on that date, none can match the stature and influence it had among the Android community. To prospective or current Sprint customers, here’s your chance to own one of the best and most popular Androids ever. It also doesn’t hurt that it is to this day incredibly developer-friendly. A bottle of champagne is being poured to the ground for a final salute to a breakthrough device. It’s been a great run EVO 4G… it’s been a great run.

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Rumor Mill: Galaxy SIII Specs and Release Leaked

The Samsung Galaxy S II was one of the best phones of 2011 and it’s sucessor the Galaxy S III is already one of the most anticipated phones of 2012, and it’s still only January. Well for those of you interested in the phone there is a new rumor circulating courtesy of the Russian techie Eldar Murtazin. The rumor regards specifications for the device and a possible timeframe for release.  Here is what we’ve got:
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