Samsung Galaxy Nexus Gets Inductive Charging Mod, Brings Us One Step Closer To Eliminating Wired Futility


One of the great things about Android phones is the ability to well… tinker with them. While most of the mod attention goes to the software side of things (i.e. rooting, ROMs, etc.), Android owners forget there is also the ability to tinker with a device’s hardware as well. With that in mind, a crafty Galaxy Nexus owner named Fenris_Ulf took some time to tinker with his device’s battery charging ability. Like most other devices, the Galaxy Nexus features a micro-USB output— which is susceptible to some wear, rendering charging of the device virtually useless and exactly what happened to Fenris_Ulf’s G-Nex.

Fenris_Ulf loved his Galaxy Nexus so much, that he bought another one— but this time, he took some precautionary measures in order to ensure his new Galaxy Nexus would charge… with or without the micro-USB out. He went ahead and ordered the extended battery and cover, a few Palm Touchstones, and a Palm Pixi touchstone cover. Using some geek wizardry (and some added luck), he managed to successfully mod the extended cover in order to all the device to charge inductively. OK in plain English: he hardwired some cables directly from the G-Nex’s innards onto the special cover, allowing for the full ability for him to simply place the modded G-Nex onto the specialized terminal and allow for inductive charging, (almost) no cables needed to charge the phone. Pretty cool isn’t it?

I’m sure you’re interested in all the deets, so hit the source link for the full details and instructions.

source: Hard Forum

Ouya launch still on track, dumps Ice Cream Sandwich in favor of Jelly Bean

The developers of the Ouya, the kickstarter darling, say it is already upgrading the yet-to-be-released Android gaming console to Jelly Bean. They didn’t specify whether the update would be to 4.1 or the recently announced Android 4.2, but it’s good news either way. The progress report also stated they’ve been refining the hardware design and are now in the EVT (Engineering Verification Testing) phase. Once hardware testing is complete in the EVT phase, Ouya says it will be on track for a December launch of its SDK (Software Developer Kit).

Ouya’s hardware progress report said the device won’t have the familiar menu, back and volume buttons seen on most Android devices. The Ouya will instead have a single button that will pause and bring up the Ouya menu. This button may be similar to the Xbox 360 guide button gamers are familiar with. The controller is described as a “standard gamepad” and will include a touchpad capable of only single-touch input.  Since the Ouya will come with a Tegra 3 CPU, they suggested eager developers test their games on Android tablets with a NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor. “That’ll give you an accurate representation as to how your game will perform on an OUYA.” It sounds like my Nexus 7 will be my personal mini-Ouya until the March 2013 launch.

Source: Ouya

Enter Nvidia’s Get Tegra-Fied sweepstakes to win new Tegra-powered deices

In celebration of the launch of Microsoft’s new Surface RT tablet, NVIDIA is holding a sweepstakes in which it intends to give away several Tegra-powered devices each week. Among the prizes is a new Jambox portable speaker, a Micrsoft Surface with Windows RT tablet and the ASUS-manufactured Vivo Tab RT. Entering the contest isn’t complicated. Just like the company’s Facebook page and you’ll be automatically entered.

Source: NVIDIA (Facebook)

WikiPad faces delay as team tries to refine the experience

Originally set to make its debut this morning, the WikiPad gaming tablet has officially been put on hiatus in order to ensure the “first product is the best tablet and entertainment experience at launch.” The tablet, originally available for pre-order since September, is a 10-inch tablet running Android that intends to change the scope of mobile gaming.

The company has said that customers who pre-ordered the device up until today, October 21st, will receive “refined and upgraded bundles” when the device is eventually released. The delay is attributed to the company choosing to take advantage of a “last minute opportunity” which will allow them to “perfect the WikiPad bundle.” Of course there’s no word on when the device will hit stores, so stay tuned for the latest updates. Moreover, you can read the official statement after the break.
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US Cellular announces new 4G LTE markets, expands existing ones

Multi-regional carrier US Cellular has announced an additional slew of new 4G LTE markets today, expanding its previous road map in several states. According to the company’s official PR; Wisconsin, North Carolina, Illinois,  Maryland, Missouri, New Hampshire, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia and Oklahoma are all set to receive additional, new 4G LTE markets beginning November 5th. In addition to these expansions, US Cellular has also listed four new markets that are to receive expansions at some point before the end of 2012. In total, the carrier hopes to cover 58 percent of customers by year’s end. Hit the break for today’s press release.
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[Deal] Amazon Wireless has the DROID RAZR HD for $129 and the DROID RAZR MAXX HD for $179

One of the newest members of Motorola’s RAZR family is on sale for a pretty big discount on Amazon right now. If you’re not already a Verizon customer, you can pick up the RAZR HD for $129 with a two year contract. If you’re already with Big Red, you can still get the device for $149 on a device upgrade. You’re saving money either way, as Verizon is currently asking $199 for the device.

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Intel is already developing 48-core mobile processors

Quad-core phones? Old news. All the manufacturers are doing that now. How about a 48-core CPU for smartphones and tablets? Intel’s looking to shake up the mobile market and make that kind of processing power a reality within the next ten years. Intel developers are currently looking into using and managing multiple cores in a mobile processor to really push what our smartphones can do.
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T-Mobile and AT&T agree to let customers share networks in hurricane aftermath

AT&T and T-Mobile announced an agreement today to help customers of both carriers who are located in Hurricane Sandy’s heavily impacted areas. The agreement enables customers of either network to roam on the other network in a seamless fashion as if they were on their primary network. Roaming in the impacted areas will not result in any additional fees. Both networks use GSM and UMTS, making the agreement feasible. The carriers hope this will help customers who are having trouble getting a signal. Hit the break for the full press release.
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Featured Play Store Review: Hands on with Nia: Jewel Hunter [Arcade & Action / Brain & Puzzle]

TvoiNet recently released a really cool puzzler called Nia: Jewel Hunter. You play a girl named Nia, who happens to be your average office worker. Unfortunately an earthquake forces her into unknown worlds. Your job is to get her home, but you will have to find all the gold and gems at each level. Right now there are 9 levels from the desert and 9 levels from the underworld plus 2 bonus levels.

Much like any other puzzle game, Nia is quite easy early on, but will progress pretty quickly. In the first chapter, which takes place in the desert, you will find yourself running around a the outside of a 3D temple with many floors. The floors consist of gold and gems that you will need to pick up. You can jump or fall through openings to get to each level, but it’s not as simple as that. You can literally run around all 4 sides of the building, but the problem is you will be blocked at certain sections by a stone partition wall. There will be certain areas of the building that have a button to push that will help you out. For example, you might be able to move these stone partitions or open sliding hatches that give you access to areas that you need to get to. As far as exiting and finishing each level, the exit door won’t open until you pick up one of the gems. You still want the second jem since you need to collect all gems in order to see the two bonus levels. It’s hard to explain so I put together a hands on video below.

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Thanks to a support page, Verizon’s HTC Droid DNA confirmed

Remember the awesome 5″ 1080p HD device that came out in Japan as the HTC Butterfly J? Verizon has been rumored for a while now to carry the device and thanks to a support page, the name has been verified to be the HTC Droid DNA. Kind of an odd name if you ask me. Either way, this will be one hell of a device with high end specs.

Still no word on availability or pricing, but my guess is sometime before the holidays at probably north of $300 with an agreement. As soon as we find more news regarding the DNA, we’ll be sure to let you all know!

source: Droid Life