ASUS reveals ‘Next Transformation’ as the Transformer AiO, a dual-booting Windows 8 / Android 4.0 desktop PC

Last week when ASUS teased us with their Next Transformation we kind of knew that it was a dual-booting Windows 8 / Android device. Earlier they announced their partnership with BlueStacks, and I was hopeful that wasn’t the tease. Thankfully it wasn’t as they just revealed the Transformer AiO at Computex.

It’s an all-in-one desktop PC that features an Intel Ivy Bridge processor, a discrete graphics card, and an 18.4-inch multitouch display for Microsoft Windows 8. Nothing extraordinary there, but here’s where things get interesting. If you lift the screen out of its base, it becomes a behemoth tablet. Okay what else? While in tablet mode you will be able to switch to Android 4.0. It can also be used as a Windows 8 device in tablet mode by communicating with the dock by some sort of remote desktop.

As of right now, we don’t know much more as far as any other specs or pricing. I’m sure it won’t be cheap though. The folks over at The Verge are at Computex and they grabbed a quick hands on. Hit the break to check it out.

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U.S. Cellular officially announces the Samsung Galaxy S III, Available in July with pre-orders starting June 12th

U.S. Cellular is the third major carrier to officially announce the Samsung Galaxy S III. If you want their version, you will have to wait a little longer because it won’t be available till July. No specific date was offered, but pre-orders start on June 12. They didn’t offer any pricing either, but did say it will be available on June 12. It will most likely be inline with others, $199 for 16GB and $249 for 32GB.

Interestingly enough their presser refers to the blue version as Pebble Blue while T-Mobile and Sprint refer to it as Metallic Blue, which we believe will be the actual color. The 16GB version will be available in both the Marble White and Pebble Blue (I  mean Metallic Blue) and the 32GB version will only be available in Ceramic White.

U.S. Cellular’s version will be 4G LTE capable and will have the same specs as the other U.S. counterparts.

Full press release after the break:

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Samsung changes Galaxy S III Pebble Blue to Metallic Blue [Updated]

As I said earlier, this must be National Galaxy S III day because it seems like every post today is about the most popular phone right now. Remember last week when we reported that the Pebble Blue version would be delayed from manufacturing issues? Well it appears that they made a change and Pebble Blue is no more. We now have Metallic Blue. In the video below you will see that it has a more grayish look to it and doesn’t look like the original Pebble Blue unless the light hits it ever so right.

Last night’s presser announcing that all five major U.S. carriers would offer the Galaxy S III had “Pebble Blue” as the second color choice (other than ceramic white), but this morning’s pressers from T-Mobile uses “Metallic Blue.” So it’s obvious that Samsung has changed the color, at least ever so slightly. In looking at comments on reddit, there are some that don’t see it as different and other’s that do. It’s also possible that the some of the original Pebble Blues could actually have been sold since they obviously had production units. Not to mention that store demo units in Europe are probably still the original Pebble Blue. Check out the video after the break and you can even learn a little German while you’re at it.

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Verizon’s Galaxy S III Retail Price Set At $599 And $649, Encourages Customers To Have Their Wallets Open And Ready


When it rains, it pours folks. Such is the case with Verizon’s upcoming Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone. We’ve already seen a sign-up page and even leaked shots of the device this morning, but we now have an idea of how much customers will need to fork over if they want to get their hands on the phone. According to the gang at Droid Life, the Verizon flavor of the Galaxy S III will be priced at $199.99 and $249.99 on-contract for the 16GB and 32GB models, respectively. Not too shabby a price if you ask me, but you may recall how we highlighted Verizon will be switching to shared data plans within the next few weeks. This means that those of you unlimited data users will need to be prepared to lose that precious unlimited data should you choose to renew your contract and buy the mouthwatering smartphone.

 However, we realize that some of you covet the unlimited data way too much and would rather just pay full price for the smartphone instead. With that in mind, Droid Life also reports the smartphone will be priced at $599 and $649 for the 16GB and 32GB models— which doesn’t seem all that unreasonable considering you get a premium features which include you know… S Voice and all. There’s no word on when Verizon’s Galaxy S III will be released, but considering Sprint and T-Mobile will be releasing the smartphone in a few weeks, we suspect Verizon’s version will arrive around that time as well.


source: Verizon Wireless
via: Droid Life

Android 4.0 being pushed to LG Optimus LTE in Korea so far

Are you LG Optimus LTE owners waiting patiently for Android 4.0? Probably, but I doubt patiently. That’s fine though, because now it’s here, at least so far for those in Korea. Ken Hong from LG Public Relations tweeted a photo this weekend of his Optimus LTE sporting 4.0.4 as a bit of confirmation.  This upgrade that will soon be rolling out globally will be carrying the latest Android OS, Ice Cream Sandwich, and also the Optimus UI v3.0.

Last week we told our readers the word was out that a number of LG devices would be getting ICS this month, today in fact. So it looks like they are moving along with the upgrades. If you’ve gotten that anticipated notification in your status bar encouraging you to upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich, let us know what you think of the user interface.

source: theverge

Sprint officially announces the Samsung Galaxy S III will be available June 21 for $199, Google Wallet pre-loaded and unlimited data available

Well it looks like Sprint is jumping on the bandwagon as they just announced June 21st as their release date for the Samsung Galaxy S III. The good news is that it will come with Google Wallet and LTE, but the bad news is that Sprint’s LTE network isn’t going to grow any faster. Other good news is that Sprint will offer the GSIII with unlimited data, which is something you won’t find on other carriers, unless you’re grandfathered. They will of course offer the 16GB and 32GB versions priced $199 and $249 respectively, and both colors: marble white and pebble blue (metallic blue was used in T-Mobile’s presser). Pre-orders begin tomorrow June 5th.

The rest of the specs are the same as the U.S variants.

Full press release after the break

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Mysterious Sony ST21i Smartphone Has Been Identified As The Xperia Tipo Smartphone

Ah yes, another bit of news for that mysterious, but well-known Sony ST21i Tapioca people have been talking about. Well apparently Sony wanted to play coy and not give up any details since we had seen additional photos, but we managed to get some information on the smartphone. According to the Indonesian Ministry of Communications and Technology, the 800Mhz single core and Ice Cream Sandwich-powered smartphone will be identified as the Sony Xperia Tipo and no— it’s not a typo. Oh and if you don’t think this is the real deal, check out the screenshot below which highlights the phone’s model number and model name:

Now that we have a name to the device, all we need now is where and when the phone will be released. Come on Sony— stop with the teases already.

source: Indonesian Ministry of Communications and Technology
via: Phandroid

Samsung Galaxy S III jumps ahead of the iPhone 4S as the most popular phone in the UK

The white edition of the iPhone 4S was the King in the UK, but while it has only been available for a few days, the Samsung Galaxy S III is now the new crowned King according to the uSwitch Mobile Tracker. Unfortunately for Apple, the iPhone 4S’s reign was only for a month, which was last month. Before that, the Galaxy S II was the leader for 11 consecutive months while selling 20 million units. Not only that, the Galaxy S II still holds the three spot even after 15 months of it’s first sale.

Where’s the HTC One X you ask? Well they came in at number 4. I think that’s a little disappointing when you consider it’s behind the Galaxy S II. I would expect that by this time next month, it will at least have moved into the three position. The HTC One S and One V show up in spots 8 and 9 respectively just behind the black edition of the iPhone 4S, which was at 7.

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ASUS And BlueStacks Team Up To Bring Android Apps Preinstalled On ASUS PCs


BlueStacks and ASUS are about to embark on a major collaboration which will entice more than the average PC user. So what does this major collaboration entail you ask? Well if you recall, we had mentioned to you earlier in the year that BlueStacks would be bringing Android apps to PCs. The beta has not only brought Angry Birds to desktop users, but massive buzz and appeal. Well ASUS caught wind of that and decided to bring BlueStacks on board to work with its asus@vibe unit. Essentially, the new collaboration will bring specific asus@vibe Android apps too the entire line of ASUS products including the Eee PCs, notebooks and desktop PCs. So this means that if you plan on owning an ASUS-brand PC in the near-future, you can look forward to seeing Android apps being preinstalled on your computer, courtesy of BlueStacks. BlueStacks is more than excited about the collaboration too. Here’s President and CEO Rosen Sharma offering some words on the partnership:

“ASUS has created a phenomenal software experience on PCs. Launching with ASUS at Computex 2012 solidifies BlueStacks’ leadership position as the sole provider of apps for consumer electronics and PC manufacturers worldwide. Our strong portfolio of apps from top developers, combined with our unique monetization engine makes this a revenue-generating opportunity for PC OEMs. This is a winning proposition for the entire PC ecosystem. App developers who have already built for Android can now just run their apps on Windows PCs through BlueStacks. We’ve done the heavy lifting for the benefit of all.”

 For now, users of this will get free access to the asus@vibe Android apps for 6 months, though there’s no word on specific pricing after that. Hopefully it won’t be too much of a pinch in your penny. We know you’re itching to get more details, so be sure to hit the break to get a gander of the full details of this new collaboration.
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T-Mobile officially announces the Samsung Galaxy S III, Available June 21st

Looks like we were off by one day. It was rumored that T-Mobile would launch the Samsung Galaxy S III on June 20th, but they just officially announced it as June 21st. No pricing was offered, but from Samsung’s earlier press release, it’s likely to be $199 for the 16GB version. They will offer both 16GB and 32GB, and of course both color options, ceramic white (what happened to marble white) and metallic blue (pebble blue appears to be eliminated due to manufacturing issues). Of course this version won’t have the Exynos quad-core, and instead have the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4. Last but not least, as expected 2GB of RAM will be onboard as opposed to 1GB with the international version. Everything else appears to be the same.

“We have a tremendous history of working with Samsung to bring cutting-edge devices to market, and we know our customers are excited to get their hands on the Galaxy S III,” said Brad Duea, senior vice president, product management, T-Mobile USA. “As we continue to aggressively compete, this device is yet another example of how T-Mobile delivers amazing devices and 4G experiences to our customers.”

Full press release after the break:

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