Dr. Dre Beatbox Launching March 11th Through AT&T, Press Release States ICS Coming To The HTC Vivid

AT&T will be offering the Dr. Dre Beatbox this week, retailing for a pretty hefty $400. The accessory will offer Bluetooth connectivity, as well as a dock connector for smartphones and portable music players. The Beatbox is powering a 5.25″ woofer, and will most likely offer “an incredible music experience”. I’m not really sure if I want an incredible portable music experience at $400, but I digress. In addition to the Beatbox, AT&T will also be carrying the following Beats accessories: Wireless HD Stereo Bluetooth Headphones,  Beats Solo HD Headphones and the UR Beats In-Ear Headphones.

Also in the press release, which I’m sure will be slightly more appealing, is AT&T’s explicit intention to deliver an update for the HTC Vivid “in the coming weeks” which includes an update to Android 4.0, an updated HTC Sense experience and Beats by Dr. Dre audio profiles. Owners of an HTC Vivid rejoice, you finally get to taste the sweet, sweet, creaminess that is Ice Cream Sandwich. Full press release after the break.

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Android Apps Gain Some Heft: Now up to 4 GB

Android app developers will have a much bigger world to explore from now on. The Android Developers Blog has announced that the maximum size for an Android app will no longer be 50 MB, but 4 GB. This will open the door for apps that need all the resources they can get, like 3D games.

The APK file for an app will still be limited to 50 MB, but now there is the ability to add two expansion files that can be up to 2 GB each. These files will be hosted by the Android Market, and that will translate to savings for the developers as they no longer need to pay for the file serving.

The blog had some good news for people downloading the apps, as well. You’ll now be able to see the total size of the app before you purchase it, and the download of the expansion files should start automatically on most newer devices. Best of all, the 15 minute refund time frame won’t start until after the download finishes. You’ll no longer miss some of your time to consider if you like the app on a lengthy download.

Check out the source link below to get the nitty gritty details of these changes.

source: Android Developers Blog

Angry Birds Space Launching Exclusively On The Galaxy Note?

The most recent iteration of Rovio’s Angry Birds franchise looks as if it’s going to launch exclusively on the most recent iteration of Samsung’s Galaxy line of handsets. Today Samsung released a teaser clip on their Facebook and YouTube pages. The 30-second teaser makes it fairly clear that the game is intended to launch on the Galaxy Note. The game will surely be released for other handsets subsequent to this exclusive launch window. Such marketing tactics aren’t unfamiliar, since Rovio previously released Angry Birds in a similar manner. The way I see it, it’s a win-win situation. It’s great news for Galaxy Note owners and good news for everyone else. What’s a little wait for the rest of us, anyway? Hit the break for the Angry Birds Space teaser clip.

source: facebook

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Xperia Phones Used to Drive Automated Cars on Real Life Reckless Racing Track

We talked plenty about Sony’s Xperia line of phones over the past couple months, the Xperia P and U, Xperia S, Xperia IonXperia Play2 and the Hayabusa(?). Now, it’s time to see what the Xperia name can really do… on the racetrack. The Reckless Racing 2 racetrack. In real life even!

The crazy people behind the Xperia Studio have taken a couple of MGF cars and completely automated them to be driven entirely by the physical buttons of the Xperia Play and the touchscreen of the Xperia S. I don’t suspect this is anything that you think about when shopping for a smart phone, let alone will attempt to do, but it’s pretty bad-ass nonetheless. What you are about to see is a couple of grown men playing with some seriously cool toys. Check out the video below and let us know what you think.

YouTube Preview Image

If you want to see more on this Xperia Studio experiment and others, be sure to hit up the source link.

source: Xperia Studio
via: Xperia Blog 


Isis Takes On Even More Partners, Ready To Combat Google Wallet

So, Isis is already to kick it into high gear as they’ve already announced several banking partners, several carriers as well as handset manufacturers and are all set to take on Google Wallet.  Now, all they need is compatible equipment in the field right?  They’re on it.  The company has recently announced they’ve begun partnering with VeriFone, Equinox, Ingenico and ViVOtech to kick things off right.  That’s a huge portion of the world’s check-out systems.  All of these companies have agreed to work with Isis on getting future hardware up to par with the service and possibly even getting more equipment in the field to work with the application.  We’re indeed in good times, are we not?  The future is here and it will be interesting to watch Isis and Google go at it for the consumer.  Feel free to let us know what you think about it in the comments below.  Check out the press release for more detailed information.  
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Google Brings New Local Search Experience To Your Android Smartphone, Introduces The “Recent” Icon

The official Google Mobile Blog has brought word that the company is making their popular search application for Android even better…..again.  Google is always quick to ensure that their bread and butter, which is search, is constantly effective as possible whether on a PC or on your mobile device. The latest addition to the mobile online application brings us a new “Recent” icon. The next time you perform a search on your Android device you’ll be able to quickly bring up previous results by simply tapping the recent button. The function is available for those who are allowing their web searches to be saved

We provide this new convenience feature for users who have Web History enabled and are logged into Google when doing their search. Start by searching for a place on your PC or other devices, then login to Google.com’s mobile homepage and check the Recent icon. Information about previously searched places will be available under the Recent icon for about a day. 

The new “Recent” icon shows information about places you have recently searched for on any of your devices. Try swiping to the right to see more icons for other categories of places.

This shall certainly come in handy for those who usually attempt to search for something months later while unable to remember the exact details.  Just simply tap the recent button and you’re good to go.

source: Google Mobile Blog

Boid for Android brings Twitter client to Ice Cream Sandwich devices

If you’re one of the lucky 1.6% to have Ice Cream Sandwich on your device and you’re bored with the various Twitter apps out there, then you might want to check out Boid for Android. It’s the newest Twitter app, and it’s only for Android 4.0 and higher devices. Boid is in the Alpha stage, which means there’s going to be some bugs that need to be worked out. The developer, Team Boid, is asking that you give feedback and bug reports via email, Twitter, or Google+.  They also list the following as coming soon:

  • More bug fixes
  • A complete tweet composer
  • A tweet viewer (including retweeting and viewing conversations)
  • A home screen widget (in donation version)

So far, I had a tough time just getting my account linked, and it doesn’t appear that you can open up URL links from individual. These things are minor and I’m sure they will be worked out soon. It’s a nice start. We have a few more pics and the download links after break.

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LG F160L benchmark leaks, ICS and Snapdragon S4 processor on board

It looks like LG has more muscle up its sleeves, in addition to the quad core Optimus 4x HD.  A benchmark for an otherwise unnamed, LG F160L, has leaked. Of note, this new device looks to be running ICS right out of the box and like the Optimus, it also sports a quad core. However, where the Optimus packs a Tegra 3, this unknown device will have a 1.5Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 “Krait” processor. The benchmark also tells us that the device will be pushing a 1280×720 resolution screen. Beyond that, the remaining qualities of the device remain unknown.

It seems like LG is attempting a shotgun approach to the market. Currently we’re anticipating release of the L3, L5, L7,  Optimus 4X HD, and now this F160L.  Whether or not that will benefit them, time will tell. Most other manufacturers have grown past this stage and have since vowed for fewer, better, devices.  HTC and Motorola come to mind.

I think given a choice between the two, the Tegra 3 would still win my wallet. Agree? Disagree? Let us know in the comments!

source: GLBenchmark
via: Androinica

OverSkreen lets you multitask while browsing

With the advent of tablets and phablets, the gap between desktop computers and handheld devices is narrowing. A new browsing app, OverSkreen, is making the web browsing experience a lot more like your laptop. The app features floating panes, allowing you to open the browser over top of other apps, while also having the ability to open, close, move or resize the panes. It’s essentially a multi-tasker’s dream. The app developer, MBFG, has also brought us AirCalc and Stick It!, which allows you to watch videos over top of other running apps.

The app also features Adobe Flash support on Android 3.0 and above, system wide bookmarks, various user agents, and a suggest-while-typing URL bar. Flash player may cause the browser to crash on Android 2.2.x/2.3.x due to a known bug in Adobe Flash Player.

Snatch up this app at the link below now, since it’s $1.49, 50 percent of its regular price.

Android Market Link

Google Wallet Unsupported on Rooted Devices

The idea of using your phone as your wallet is a great one, but Google Wallet is proving to be a bit of a security nightmare. It looks as though Google has thrown up their hands on rooted devices, at least for now, and put a warning in the Google Wallet app of unsupported devices. The problem is the ability to perform a brute force hack on rooted phones, where a thief could crack the pin code on Google Wallet and proceed to use your phone to make purchases with your credit cards.

Google had issued a statement encouraging rooted users to seriously reconsider using Google Wallet. To make sure everyone received the message, Google has also decided to make this information into a warning message at the top of the app. If you tap the link, you’ll see an explanation of the unsupported device policy, which basically comes down to: “Don’t use this if your phone is rooted”.

While the capability to root your phone is one of the great things about Android, it does take away the control and therefore the responsibility from the carrier, the manufacturer, and Google. We hope that Google is still working on a way to secure Google Wallet on rooted phones, although that is a huge task given that they have no control over a ROM they did not produce.

Let us know in the comments if you’ve received this warning message, and if it has changed your ability to use Google Wallet.

source: Droid Life