Samsung Galaxy S III Revamp Will Bring Upgraded Display, Wireless Charging, And Bigger Battery

Samsung Galaxy S III

With the Samsung Galaxy S IV being announced in just a couple days, that’s not all Samsung will be talking about. The Galaxy S III is said to get a refresh and will feature a better display, wireless charging, and 2,400 mAh battery. This news comes from Russian journalist Eldar Murtazin who more recently was reliable with providing the day Samsung would unveil the Galaxy S IV. As far as a better screen, there are no details on what resolution and the bigger battery is just 300 mAh more than what’s in the current Galaxy S III.

Source: Eldar Murtazin’s Twitter

The 10 Android Tablet Apps You Shouldn’t Live Without


I have had my fair share of tablets over the years in both the 7-inch and 10-inch varieties. With each tablet purchase, I discovered that I had a growing list apps of that I couldn’t live without. Over the years that number has increased, and while I could go through each app and its purpose, I narrowed the list down to the ten apps I use almost daily. At the touch of a fingertip they provide access to my friends, social networks, work, and news. Hit the break to see what they are.

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Nuance Dragon Mobile Assistant Adds Location Sharing, Safer Texting

Dragon Mobile Assistant

Nuance has released an update of its Dragon Mobile Assistant app which brings new features such as location sharing and hands-free texting. Utilizing your phone’s GPS, users can let friends know where they’re at and set how long they want to share their location. Texting is now safer thanks to reading incoming messages out loud, and allowing users to easily send new text messages by voice. Another new feature connects with your calendar and will notify you before you have a scheduled call which it can then dial the number directly. Read more

Sony may unveil two new Xperia devices in Russia on March 18th


We’ve been keeping up with two budget-level Xperia devices lately; the dual-core, 4.6 inch Xperia SP and the 4.3 inch, 8 megapixel-toting Xperia L. Supposedly, the launch dates for both devices were scheduled for March, but we’re halfway through the month with no word from Sony about either device.

Well, it turns out Sony Mobile Russia is holding a press event on March 18th. There’s no official word about what’s being announced at the event, but we can put two and two together, especially with the rumor mill churning around both of those devices lately. Keep an eye out for any details on the 18th, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated when anything gets announced.

Source: Xperia Blog

Samsung Galaxy Note III May Drop AMOLED For LCD To Enhance S Pen

Samsung Galaxy Note III

AMOLED displays have been a favorite of Samsung’s for several years and according to industry insiders, could be replaced by an LCD screen in the upcoming Galaxy Note III. Company officials have been hearing through the grapevine that Sharp’s latest LCDs are the best to date. This news comes less than one week after Samsung purchased a 3 percent stake in Sharp. Switching to a Sharp LCD will supposedly improve the experience of using S Pen which is one of the Galaxy Note’s biggest features. Whether that claim is true or not has yet to be made official by either company.

Source: SamMobile

Prescription Lenses No Obstacle For Google Glass


Google put everyone with less than perfect vision at ease today by announcing Glass will work with prescription lenses. Google posted a picture of Glass team member Greg Priest-Dorman sporting such a pair. This news is not exactly a surprise as a prescription lens equipped set was spotted in NYC earlier this year but it’s nice to hear something official.

Google said Glass will support both prescription lenses and frames. For the mega-stylish among you this likely means designer frames will also be a go. Unfortunately the initial “Explorer Edition” release version will not accept the alternate lenses and frames. If you wear glasses you’ll have to go with contacts or just wait. Google said the prescription version will be available later this year.

Source: Glass on Google+

doubleTwist updated to v2.0, adds streaming Magic Radio


doubleTwist released a new version of their Android app today that adds a streaming music service named Magic Radio. The new v2.0.0 adds a personalized, streaming music service with access to over 13 million songs. According to doubleTwist, the doubleTwist Player app will examine your music library to create new, infinite playlists from the streaming service. Users can also create their own streaming playlist based on songs in their library or from scratch. Magic Radio is a $3.99 per month service that does not use ads so you can enjoy your music uninterrupted. However, in adding the new Magic Radio service to the app, it appears doubleTwist has removed the Internet Radio feature judging by reviews left in the Google Play Store. If that was an option you enjoyed and used, you may want to hold off on updating until we see whether doubleTwist has a change of heart and adds it back in. Read more

T-Mobile/MetroPCS FCC approval may be near as vote date approaches for MetroPCS


With MetroPCS scheduled to vote on a merger with T-Mobile only a couple weeks away, the deal appears to have moved closer to obtaining FCC approval. An attorney for the Communication Workers of America Union claims the deal will be approved “at the bureau level instead of the commission level.” The union is watching the proceedings closely as they have concerns about the merger and this apparent move by the FCC to usher approval on through does not sit well with the union. Debbie Goldman, a director with the CWA refers to the possible FCC decision as “outrageous” and “unprecedented.” Despite the CWA’s concerns, others see this latest development as positive news. David Kuat, an analyst with Stifel Nicolaus & Co., believes the lack of commission level action reveals the deal to be “basically non-controversial” and that “no one thinks this is going to be blocked.”

source: TmoNews

Google Now Making Its Way To Windows And Chrome OS, Dev Browser Shows

Google Now

We’ve talked about Google Now integration coming to Chrome and thanks to a reference in the latest Chromium release, integration on Windows and Chrome OS is coming. Developer François Beaufort discovered the reference and posted about it on his Google+ profile. Found in chrome://flags of Chromium, users can now enable Google Now if they know the relevant server. Also, François shared the photo above of a Google Now extension that is currently inactive. With the cat now out of the bag, it’s only a matter of time before Google announces when Chrome OS and Windows users can expect to see Google Now in Chrome.

Via: The Verge
Source: Chromium Code Reviews

AT&T to begin rolling out Jelly Bean OTA update for Xperia TL


If you own an Xperia TL on AT&T, you’ll definitely want to keep an eye out for updates on your device in the next few days. AT&T has announced they’ll begin rolling out the Android 4.1 update to the TL, which includes all of our favorite Jelly Bean features like expanded notifications and Google Now. You’ll also get some new camera features, including a better auto mode and HDR, as well as AT&T’s DriveMode app, which auto replies to texts if the phone detects you’re driving over 25 mph.

Keep checking for the upgrade, and let us know in the comments if you’ve received the update.

source: AT&T