Nexus 7 price goes down to $179.99, new model on the way?

Nexus 7

The Google Nexus 7 is the standard, in terms of affordable tablets. Today it becomes even more affordable, as Staples has slashed its price to $199.99 for the 32GB version, and $179.99 for the 16GB device. As a reminder, the Nexus 7 has a 1280 x 800-pixel LCD display and runs on a Tegra 3 quad-core processor with the latest Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean and constant updates.

The Nexus 7 is almost a year old now, so could the price cut be signifying a new model on the way? I’d think so. Hold off if you’re in the market for a new tablet to wait and see what the Nexus 7’s successor has to offer before making a decision.

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HTC One “Google Edition” passes Bluetooth SIG again, this time with Android 4.3 and Bluetooth 4.0 LE


HTC’s flagship device, the HTC One, has made its way through Bluetooth SIG again, this time its the “Google Edition” and its running Android 4.3. As we can tell from the model number (PN071) this is a stock device available exclusively from the Google Play Store.

As to why this phone is going through Bluetooth SIG again, its likely related to Android 4.3’s inclusion of the exciting new Bluetooth 4.0 LE (Low Energy), which allows phones to sync with everything from your Bluetooth headset to heart monitors and the like. Bluetooth 4.0 LE is also said to be far more efficient on battery life.

Are any of our readers planning on snagging a “Google Edition” HTC One, or does this news just get you more excited to get your hands on Android 4.3. Let us know in the comments!

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LG confirms August 7th G2 launch with new teaser vid



As we get closer and closer…. and closer to the LG G2’s upcoming release, we are finally starting to get an idea of when the masses can finally expect the device to hit store shelves. In its latest teaser video, a fine gentleman is seen roaming through the various New York City boroughs, seeing various “To me, you are perfect. From G.” hints. As if that isn’t enough– the end of the teaser sees LG going ahead and confirming it will have an event in New York City on August 7th, indicating it would be “Great 2 Have You” and pretty much confirming what we already knew. It looks like it’s a pretty safe bet that LG has pretty much given up trying to keep its new toy a secret and is as giddy as we are about the new smartphone.

So there you have it friends, go ahead and mark your calendars for the August 7th unveiling of the G2 smartphone.

More LG G2 front and rear images leaked


Leaked images of the LG G2 are coming in like they’re out of style. We’ve already showed you multiple pictures of almost every angle, but today we have a few more. Twitter account leakschina tweeted out a couple of images showing the front and back of the G2. Nothing we haven’t seen before, but reinforces the unique design with the volume buttons on the back.

After all of the leaked photos, I’m excited to see the real thing, which should be coming soon. Stay tuned.

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HTC One in Glamour Red surfaces in hands-on video




We already had an idea of its imminent arrival, but we’re finally getting our first live glance of the HTC One smartphone in its Glamour Red color, thanks to the gang at BestBoyz. While the Glamour Red edition of the One is pretty much identical to the original, it showcases an awesome finish– while giving off a sort of bold character in the process. Unfortunately for those of us out here in the States, we probably won’t see this edition anytime soon, though UK residents will be able to order the phone through online retailer Phone4U sometime in a few weeks at least.

You can check out the full hands-on video below.



source: BestBoyz
via: Android Authority

LG G2 leaked photo shows how it looks from the side


We’ve seen a few photos of the front and back of the LG G2 that have leaked, and today we get to see the side. From the picture above, you can see that it doesn’t look as if there are buttons on the side, since the buttons have been moved to the back, as we showed you last month. It’s a very interesting design, and it will be interesting to see how a phone like this will be perceived by users, being so different from the norm we have become accustomed to.

As a reminder, the LG G2 has a 2.3GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor, Android 4.2.2, a whopping 13MP camera, and a 5.5-inch full HD display. And of course, it might become one of the first phones to come with 3GB of RAM.

Source: TechTastic

Possible Motorola DROID ULTRA image leaked


We recently saw a leaked image of a possible Motorola DROID MAXX, and if that wasn’t enough excitement for you, today we see the DROID ULTRA. XDA poster xavierk75 shows us a white version of the ULTRA with a title of “Motorola Droid Ultra XT1080 is Here!”

From the picture, we can tell that the ULTRA will have three capacitive buttons, and a sort of chin at the bottom of the phone. With all of the leaks piling up, it shouldn’t be too long until we officially hear more about eh new DROID phones for Verizon. Stay tuned.

Source: XDA Developers

The new Tablified update makes finding tablet apps sexy yet again


Ever since we first discovered Tablified and its simplified way of finding apps designed for the bigger screen it has been one of our favorites. It comes recommended as one of the very first apps you should download for your new tablet. If you can believe it, good just got better. The gang behind Tablified took to Google+ to announce a complete visual revamp to their already gorgeous app and made it even sexier with a new Holo theme. Here’s what you’ll get with the update:

V4.5.8 – BETA

Complete user interface overhaul!
[NEW] sliding navigation drawer for 7″ tablets
[NEW] holo icons thanks to Holo Icon Pack
[NEW] lots of apps added!
[NEW] better portrait layout for 10″ tablets
[NEW] roboto font throughout (slow roll-out)
[NEW] easier access to youtube videos
[FIXED] youtube videos play in background after pressing back
[FIXED] ‘blank white spaces’
[FIXED] some missing app icons (a work in progress)

It looks like better screenshot handling and the removal of small icons are in the works but that extremely minor. If you haven’t checked out the best way of finding tablet apps then I highly suggest you check it out. Your tablet isn’t complete without it. Download link and QR code are after the break.

MoDaCo Switch will offer both stock and Sense on your HTC One


Do you have an HTC One and want to try out stock Android, but aren’t willing to take the plunge and lose Sense? Well, popular modder Paul O’Brien is at your service, as he is developing a new feature called MoDaCo Switch, which will allow users to seamlessly switch between HTC Sense and stock Android. Via the image above, you can see just how easy it will be to switch.

The feature is a work in progress, understandably  as it must be difficult to load two full operating systems and the ability to switch into a ROM. You’ll need to be rooted, and run the MoDaCo ROM on your One for this to work.

Source: @PaulOBrien
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Yahoo! announces end of Astrid task management service, officially shutting down August 5th


The Astrid task management service, which was purchased by Yahoo! back in May, has officially announced it will be shutting down on August 5th. Through an email to all of their users, the Astrid staff let them know that they have a month to back up all of their data, and gave instructions to head to a special data export page, and make an easy migration to services such as Wrike, Wunderlist, Sandglaz, and The Astrid app has become extremely popular, with over 4 million downloads, so there are surely going to be some pretty unhappy people come August 5th. Check out the full email from the Astrid staff after the break. Happy exporting, folks!

Apple tops customer satisfaction survey results in “Samsung territory”


A bit of irony for your Saturday night— in a recent customer satisfaction survey carried out by a Korean-language news site, Apple stood atop the standings with a 52% satisfaction rating. The Korea-based Samsung fell a bit short of their main competitor, with a 50% satisfaction rating. LG was able to manage a 46% rating. The poll surveyed over 44,000 smartphone owners, so its definitely a large sample size. The companies were also graded on a point scale, in which Apple managed 711 points, Samsung garnered 695 points, and LG was able to pick up 682 points.

Source: Naver

Motorola Droid X2 shows serious privacy issues, may affect other Motorola devices


With more and more privacy problems popping up, especially in portable technology, everyone is paying more attention to what information their phones have access to and how they’re handling it. The latest problem may come from Motorola, as a Droid X2 owner has found out that tons of information is being funneled through Motorola servers from the device.

According to a bit of snooping done by Ben Lincoln, his Droid X2 was sending information about apps, files on his phone, login credentials, and even the types of photos uploaded onto the internet to a Motorola server, which is a scary thought. Although Motorola does claim to get a little invasive in their privacy policies (which absolutely every other company in the world does, too) there’s some concern that Motorola might be extending its reach a bit with user data.

Of course, there’s nothing to suggest this is malicious, and it may not even affect other devices aside from the Droid X2, Regardless, it’s a great reminder that when you’re dealing with the internet, true privacy is hard to get.

source: Beneath the Waves

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Several new pics of Moto X surface, shows front plate of device


We’re only a few days away from seeing how accurate the July 11th prediction for the Moto X is, but that’s not going to stop the leaks from coming. The latest set of pictures show what appears to be the front plate of the Moto X. No internals, but it’s a good shot of the cosmetics of the device, and it matches up with most of the other leaks we’ve seen in the past several weeks. Personally, I think these plates have a more rouned, Nexus-ish aesthetic to them that isn’t seen in Motorola devices, so they could definitely be the result of a Google and Motorola collaboration. Hopefully we don’t have to wait too much longer to find out. Hit the break below to check out some of the pictures.

MetroPCS to announce Galaxy S 4 next week, teases through Vine


MetroPCS sent out a Vine on their Twitter account yesterday that teased a release of the Galaxy S 4 for the carrier coming next week. The Vine showed a Galaxy S 3, a “+ 1” sign, and a question mark. It’s pretty obvious what they’re hinting at, especially because the device with MetroPCS’ specific radios already passed through the FCC. Check out the link below for the Vine. More details to come next week.

Source: @MetroPCS