Droid Incredible 4G Launching on Thursday, May 10th?

A few days ago we got a sneak peak at Verizon’s Droid Does landing page for the Droid Incredible 4G. According to sources close to PhoneDog, the device may actually be released in just a couple weeks, on Thursday, May 10th. Unfortunately their sources don’t have any pricing information, but according to what we’ve already seen on the Droid Does website, it should be listed at $299.99 on contract. This is pretty standard fair for Verizon when they release a new Droid device.

As it goes with anything unofficial, we need to take this launch date with a grain of salt. Although the premature showing on the Droid Does website leads me to believe that the launch can’t be too far off, and May 10th is a Thursday which has historically been the day Verizon likes to launch phones. Luckily for us the 10th isn’t too far off and we should know more soon enough – we will keep you posted. Anyone looking to get this new Droid phone?

source: PhoneDog


Dropbox extends automatic photo uploads to PC and Mac and throws in an additional 3GB if you use it

With the Google Drive announcement this week, Dropbox isn’t going to lay low. They already launched a beta in February that enabled automatic uploads of your pictures and video from your Android phone, but now they’ve extended it to any smartphone, camera, SD card, or tablet. With the newest version for PC or Mac. All you have to do is connect your device, and with a few clicks, your photos and videos will be uploaded to Dropbox. Of course, if you have an Android phone, all your photos and video can still be automatically uploaded to your Dropbox account via the beta app.

As with the Android beta version, Dropbox is giving you the opportunity to grab an additional 3GB of storage for free (a total of 5GB). They will give you an additional 500MB for your first upload of photos or video, and then for each 500MB you upload, you will get an additional 500MB up to a total of 3GB. This still works with the Android app, but it now works with the new PC and Mac versions as well.

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DirecTV app now provides premium cable streaming to Android

More and more, people are turning to their mobile devices for a large part of their entertainment. Gaming, movies and catching up on the current events are now more convenient to enjoy when you can have it anywhere. The DirecTV app for Android has now released an update that will allow subscribers to stream premium cable content from HBO, Cinemax, STARZ, and Encore directly to their Android phone or tablet. The app already allowed you to browse and schedule recordings, so with this new update, you will no longer have to miss another Eastbound and Down episode. Hit the Play Store link below to get the goods.


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Amazon’s Kindle Fire Makes Up Over 50% of the Android Tablet Market

According to a recent comScore report, the Amazon Kindle Fire makes up over 50% of the Android tablet market. A recent study shows that the 7-inch slate nearly doubled its sales from December to February 2012, maintaining 54.4% at the end of the month. Samsung’s family of Galaxy Tabs take the second spot and sits at only 15.4% of the market, down from 23.8% in December. Following at quite a bit of distance away is the Motorola Xoom and the ASUS Transformer with a score of 7 and 6.3% respectively, while the Lenovo IdeaPad Tablet K1 holds the bottom spot at only 1% of the market.

Included is the comScore test is Browser statistics, ie. which devices  access the web more frequently. Although Amazon’s 7-inch Fire holds the top spot in market share, it isn’t the one that access the web more frequently. comScore’s report shows that the larger 10-inch tablets are visiting web sites more often, with the 10-inch tablet market holding a 39% higher browser rating than 7-inch field.  This is most likely because of the larger real-estate and easier readability on the larger screens. Click the source link below to see comScore’s full report.

source: comScore

The Water-resistant Panasonic Eluga is now available in Europe


The Panasonic Eluga is now available unlocked via Expansys. Back in February right around Mobile World Congress time we posted an article about this water-resistant device. Stating that it was a very sleek, eye pleasing phone, but it left many visitors to the booth less than impressed. The Eluga is powered by a TI OMAP 4430 CPU. Specs also including a 4.3-inch qHD display, 1Gb RAM, 8Gb internal storage, and Gingerbread 2.3.5, with plans to upgrade to ICS.

This GSM device may not appeal to those state-side as it only runs on 2100MHz and 900MHz bands, which would only get you a decent 3G signal. As mentioned, it can be purchased unlocked at Expansys, at the price of £369 or $590 in the US. If you do purchase the Panasonic Eluga, let us know your thoughts on it in the comments.

source: engadget


Jean-Baptiste Queru’s Answer For Delayed ICS Updates: Carriers & Different Software Framework Found In Android 4.0


In some not-so-surprising news, Android prodigy Jean-Baptiste Queru used Google+ to share why ICS has been a slow update process across all types of Android devices. He begins his opinion by referencing the Sony Tablet P getting the update in a relatively timely manner— 5 months to be exact, despite the major differences between ICS platform and Gingerbread/Honeycomb. He argues Sony has already been a major contributor to the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). They had been working with the ICS source code since it was released and essentially had fewer changes to make for its existing devices than other OEMs typically have to deal with. Essentially, Sony had a “head start” in the development for its own variation of the ICS software. Queru adds other manufacturers hasn’t been “contributing nearly as much as Sony did”, so now the other manufacturers will “have to play catch-up”.

Queru doesn’t stop there either. He stops just short of expressing his disgust and angst for Google-engineered devices not only receiving the latest ICS software build, but having any version of ICS period due to “delays introduced by operator approvals”. Perhaps he is pointing to the Verizon fiasco with the Galaxy Nexus or the lame duck excuses from carriers and their detailed update processes. Despite his feelings, he does express his excitement for Google going back to the basics and selling its Google Nexus line of devices again.

Even though Queru’s feelings are a bit of a rant, he does express what most of us already know: OEMs and more importantly, mobile carriers are seriously slacking when it comes to updating the software. Here’s hoping both will step it up when it comes to getting updates to our devices in a timely manner, just like Sony has.

source: Jean-Baptiste Queru+ 

New Samsung Galaxy S III picture leaks, Could this be the real deal?

Yes I know, for the last 2 months you’ve seen nothing but the “real deal” for Galaxy S III leaks so why is this one any different? The only difference with this leak is that is resembles the sketch of the I9300 that leaked yesterday along with the teaser image by Samsung Denmark. This very well could be the final version or maybe it’s just a body around the “real” guts. Unfortunately only a handful of people really know what it’s going to look like so we can only speculate. We’re less than a week from the big announcement, which will end all this guessing. What do you guys think? Real or fake?

source: phonearena


Sony Tablet S Gets Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

If you own a Sony Tablet S, you’re in for a sweet chocolaty treat. Yes, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is now available through an over-the-air update! This will come with all the ICS goodies we’ve come to know and love, including panoramic camera mode, drag and drop creation of folders on your home screens, native screen capture, and more. Sony has also added their own “Small Apps” for multitasking, which include a calculator, browser, and remote control.

Check out some of these features in action in the video after the break.

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Google X Founder Wears Project Glass During Interview And Takes Picture With Head Gesture

In an interview with Charlie Rose, Google X founder and researcher Sebastian Thrun extolled the virtues of artificial intelligence, higher education, and self-driving cars. A researcher on Project Glass, Google’s wearable augmented reality heads-up display, Thrun said that “the hope [of the project] is to really get things out of your life, not into your life”.

When asked what the glasses could do, Thrun seemed to make a subtle gesture with his head and said he snapped a picture and shared it on Google+. The image he took, seen below, was indeed seen on his Google+ page with the comment “I took this picture during the interview“. His goal is for Project Glass to facilitate interaction between people, citing how “other people can now see through my eyes“.

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Verizon Ice Cream Sandwich roadmap leaked

We all love Android here, but there comes a point where all of us at one time or another are waiting and wondering when the latest software update will finally make its way to our device. Thanks to an anonymous Verizon employee, we now have a leaked list of upcoming Android handsets that can expect to receive ICS very soon. Here is the breakdown:

The tipster goes on to say that Big Red pushes out its OTA over a 14 day period from the release date, “in batches“, so no worries if you don’t see the update on the exact day listed. Hit the source link below for more details.

source: reddit