Featured Android Game Review: International Snooker Pro THD [Sports]

I remember how much fun it was hanging out in the pool halls years ago, and now it’s so easy to bring the experience with you on your phone or tablet. International Snooker has already been available for Android for some time, but our friends at My Interactive just released a PRO THD version for Tegra devices. It’s priced a little higher, but Snooker and Billiard fans will appreciate the additional features along with enhanced audio and visuals.

The Pro version adds a Career Mode, which lets you compete in 15 tournaments in 14 locations around the world each “year”. As you play the tournaments, you gain credits that you can cash in for better cues or chalk. The gameplay is straight forward and to the point. Just aim your shot by swiping, pick where you want to hit the cue ball (as in what type of spin if any), adjust the power, and shoot. You can quickly see different angles by sliding your finger, and it you want an aerial view, no problem.

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Nvidia talks cheap PCs vs tablets


Everybody has seen how well the tablet market is doing, and it’s no surprise that this is coming at some expense to traditional PCs and laptops. Nvidia Chief Executive Jen-Hsun Huang talked about how the versatility of tablets plays an important role in tablet sales. He noted that most people realize that a “great tablet is better than a cheap PC,” and it’s true. There are very few things a high-end tablet can’t do that a laptop can, especially with Microsoft Office right around the corner for mobile devices. He also stated that Microsoft’s Surface tablet is erasing the lines between the cheap notebook and tablet market.
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Samsung Captivate Glide to receive Ice Cream Sandwich on November 10th


Great news for any AT&T Captivate Glide owners! According to AT&T’s consumer blog, users will be able to download Android 4.0 onto their devices starting on November 10th. From the wording on the blog, it doesn’t seem to be an OTA update, though. More than likely, the update will have to be done through Samsug Kies, since AT&T linked to a Samsung support page for instructions on the update.

Sure, it’s a pretty delayed update, but anything is better than being stuck on 2.2 or 2.3 like many other devices, right? Hit the source to read the full blog post from AT&T.

source: AT&T Consumer Blog

US Gets Sony Xperia Advance AKA the Xperia Go


 The rugged Xperia Go has made its way to the US as the Xperia Advance. The 1 GHz dual-core processor and 512 MB of RAM isn’t going to break any benchmark records but the $249 contract-free price might make it an attractive option for some. It’s designed to be dust & water resistant and its 3.5-inch display will even support wet finger tracking. The Xperia Advance looks like an excellent choice for the cheap frugal and/or clumsy. Our friends to the North should get their chance at the Xperia Go this month as well.

Source: Newegg

EE Delaying Rollout Of 4G LTE SIM-Only Plans For Up To 2 Weeks


While EE has recently begun rolling out its blazing-fast 4G LTE network, it might have encountered a minor snafu for potential customers as it recently announced it’s behind schedule to launch SIM-only tariffs. For many customers in the UK, there was the expectation that the SIM-only tariffs would be available starting today, but EE at the last-minute highlighted the specialized plans won’t be ready for up to a few weeks from now– likely because the 4G LTE spectrum is a bit more complicated than the traditional 3G spectrum. While the difference in wireless spectrum is likely the culprit for the delay, here’s EE’s exact statement regarding the matter:


“The launch of SIM only plans (due Nov 9) will be delayed by a few days as a result of our comprehensive testing process over-running slightly. We know many customers are anticipating these plans and apologise for this short hold up. However they will be reassured that we are determined to offer the very best service possible.


EE then later came out an highlighted the following statement below:


Our 4GEE SIM only plans will now be launching within the next two weeks. We know many customers are keen to get their hands on our SIM only plans and we are looking forward to offering them as soon as our testing process is complete. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.”


Hopefully this delay won’t cause too much of an inconvenience for prospective EE 4G LTE customers. We know most of you are itching to take advantage of those Samsung Galaxy S III phones, so just be patient for just a smidge longer

source: Tech Crunch

Nexus 10 Possibly Available At Walmart Prior To Nov. 13th Release? Sure Seems So


It’s only a matter of days before customers and Android fanatics alike can order what will be the most coveted reference tablet in the game, but it appears that some lucky customers at an unspecified Walmart may be able to grab the tablet sooner than the rest of us. As seen in the screenshot above, a customer stumbled upon what appeared to be a placeholder tag for the Nexus 10 32GB tablet and more importantly— it actually appeared to be in stock! Sadly though, the photo was taken late in the evening and there were no store associates to verify if the in-stock listing was accurate or not. Still, you can’t help but be excited at the prospect of owning the coolest tablet available before all your friends do.

We’ll be sure to stay on top of this story and confirm its accuracy, but in the meantime— if you live near a Walmart and have some extra time and/or money, feel free to check out the store and see if they too have the tablet in stock. Oh and be sure to let us know of your findings if you do hear of anything.

source: Brief Mobile


AT&T offering $100 discount on all tablets with 2-year agreement

AT&T is making a bold and somewhat unexpected move in the tablet market. They are offering a $100 dollar discount on any tablet device when a buyer signs up for a 2-year agreement. This seems to be a bit of a change in direction for AT&T which had previously decided to no longer offer discounts for on-contract tablet devices.

Like all such subsidy deals, one does have to do their math and take some time to decide whether the discount is really worth the additional cost down the road. This particular deal may be attractive to someone already on AT&T who just needs to add an extra data plan and was going to pick up a tablet any way.

The sale appears to be good while supplies last, so don’t delay if this is something that interests you.

source: NBC News

Sony Xperia S removed from AOSP, Sony to keep project alive on GitHub

As many of you are aware, Sony’s Xperia S was recently made a target device in AOSP, which essentially turned it into a pseudo-Nexus device. It wasn’t an official target, but it was a decent option for those willing to tinker around. It was a big move for Sony and Google, and a step in the right direction for Android and manufacturers. It was great while it lasted, but unfortunately, today the plug was pulled and the Xperia S is no longer in AOSP.
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Google’s Barra shares some amazing Photo Spheres

Google’s Vice President for Android Product Management, Hugo Barra, shared some Photo Spheres from some of his friends today. The images come from Barra himself along with Evan Rapoport, Sascha Haeberling, Sacha Arnoud, and Lockey McGrath, all taken with the new LG Nexus 4. Locations are from around the world and include both inside and outside shots.
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